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multiple screen names

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hi my name is mike, this is my wife sadie's screen name and i was wondering how i could set up a screen name for myself on the same computer

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Hi Mike!

Well, have you registered? That's the first step. After you've registered you'll have to log in whenever you come to the boards. To do that scroll down to the very bottom of the discussions home page. On the bottom right you'lll see a log in window for your username and password. Once you've logged in with your username you should be able to post as you. Your wife will need to follow the same procedure whenever she wants to post too.

Another option is to set up separate Windows User ID's within your computer - one for you and one for your wife. That would preserve the cookie information for each of you individually and theoretically save you from having to log in and out of the boards each time. Click on the Start button and then on Help. This will take you to the Help and Support section of Windows. Under What would you like help with? click on "Personalizing your computer" taking you to another page. There click on Setting up your computer for multiple users and follow the guidelines there.

Hope this helps! And welcome to the MotheringDotCommune!

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thats what we'll do... thanks!
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welcome to the boards...we have a few hubby and wife teams....I hope you have fun!!
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I'm having the same trouble with registering as somebody else on this computer. Oh, by the way, I'm the husband of "violet".

When I try to register I get this message:

"Our records show that you have already registered at this board under the name of violet. If you have lost your password, click here. If you would like to modify your profile, click here."

So that foils the first option that was suggested. Then when I added myself as another Windows user on the computer, I still got the message above when I tried to register.


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I'm not sure how much I can help here as these are only ideas that I'm assuming will work or are the problem. When the issue is an end-user one it may be necessary to have someone come in and actually manage things from your computer to sort it out.

Log in and make sure that the settings for your identity are not simply a copy of violet's. Locate your cookies that are set for this identity. You may have to use your help tool for that. Clear out all your cookies. Then log in to our boards. This should place cookies for your username and password within your separate computer identity on your computer. When you've finished, make sure you log out of your computer. And when you turn it on again make sure you are logged in as yourself and not as your wife - on your computer I mean.

You might also try PMing grisletine and see if she had any luck setting this up with her husband.

You might be able to individually log in to our boards as you both come and go. You would have to turn the Browse board with cookies? feature to "No" in your settings though which you would do in your user cp -> edit options. But you would have to log in each time you visit the boards so that the system can clear your cookies and load new ones for your username and password and allow you to post as you. Your wife would have to do the same each time she visits.

I'll check into this more when I visit our software company's support forums. Sorry for the hassle. We enjoy the contributions of fathers on the board so hopefully we can make it easier for you!

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my husband set up a separate account on the computer and signed in fine - as flagon dry. he never has the "time" to post though.. we had no problems
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You have to be sure to log out from the previous user, which is not set up in a very user-friendly way. It's a tiny little link at the bottom right of the main page.

Once you log out, you should be able to make another screen name and switch back and forth without having to toss yer cookies or anythjing like that. I felt compelled to change my screen name not too long ago, and that's how I did it -- logged out and started fresh. I still have to log in under my old screen name occasionally to retrieve PMs people have sent me on the old name. I switch back and forth between screen names just fine by using the log in/log out link.

PM me if you need further advice.
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Hi Baby Phat!

I'd be most grateful if you'd close your old username. We prefer people use only one name unless there's a valid reason for another (which you can PM me about for approval).

To change your screen name all you have to do is contact me and make the request and I can do it for you. You don't have to go through the registration process again.

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Bumping this up for friend of mine.
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If you are still having problems after trying all of the above try using a different browser. I usually use Netscape but if I have problems doing something I switch over to IE.
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