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Saw A Heartbeat

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I just wanted to post an update and let you all know that we saw a heartbeat on our little bean today...and there's only one baby in there! This is so reassuring after so many m/c's and now we can be hopeful that this pregnancy will be a success! Thanks for all of the support, mamas!
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What wonderful news Nichole!!! to you and little bean!
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Thats wonderful! I hoping to see the same on the 27th
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Thats wonderful! Keep growing little one your mama is waiting for you to grow big and strong. s glad to hear everything is going well.
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Awesome news Nichole! I'm so happy for you
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: Nichole!!! That is great news!!
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How awesome! You can be very hopeful indeed!!! I am so happy you got such a great u/s. Fantastic news Nichole! This little bean is a sticky one!
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Yay, Nichole! That is the coolest!
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That is wonderful news Nichole! I'm so happy for you guys
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wonderful news!
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