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Grilled salmon with dill and lemon, couscous with roasted veggies (red peppers, yellow squash, and zucchini)

Carne asada burritos, spinach (steamed, put in Cuisinart with a little half-and-half and nutmeg)

Shrimp sauted in butter and garlic, rice and veggies

Grilled chicken breast (rubbed with cumin and turmeric), Israeli couscous with roasted tomatoes, salad

Salad nicoise (lettuce, hardboiled egg, green beans, tuna, potatoes, tomatoes)
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Alright, so the last five dinners that I actually made and the kids actually ate:

Vegetable noodle soup and Potato, zucchini, turnip pancakes
Green Beans, zucchini, carrots and soba noodles with peanut sauce
Pasta Salad with beans, corn, and olives and Brushetta with broccoli and greens
Irish Stew in the crockpot (white beans, potatoes, carrots)
Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and carrots with ranch

For brekkie lately, I've made:
Peanut Butter Pancakes
Pumpkin Corn Bread
Peanuty French Toast
WW pancakes
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sausage, au gratin potators
bbq chicken, rice
hamburger pie
turkey and mashed potatoes
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I cook all of our meals from scratch...so this is not just dinner....

1.Fried Tilapia in pastured lard
steamed broccolli
garden salad w/ homemade viniagrette
organic baby carrots

2. Leftover Cabbage Rolls in tomato saurkraut sauce(is this cheating?)
3. Rice pudding made with bone broth and lots of coconut milk and organic blueberries.

4. The original cabbage rolls and spinach salad
5. Wild Fresh Caught Salmon patties w/ peas and sliced tomatoes
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Celery root and wild rice chowder, herb salad
Beet Risotto, green bean salad
Thai red curry w/ tofu, butternut squash and green beans, jasmine rice
Whole wheat pasta w/ roasted sweet potato, leeks, spinach and feta
Beet soup w/ chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans, homemade focaccia rolls
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Ohhh, you hit me on a good run; I'll play!!!

Fri-veggie wraps w/hummus, fruit salad, squash baked sweet (butter/sugar in the oven)
Sat-spaghetti w/meatballs, extra pasta w/alfredo sauce for the kids, galic bread, dinner salad
Sun-apple glazed pork chops, stuffing, mac n cheese
Mon-shrimp scampi, breaded clam strips, pudding and fruit parfaits
Tue-lasagna, dinner salad, pudding w/fruit, garlic bread w/cheese and zuchini bread for dessert

I do my stuff from scratch also. ANyone have a good meatball recipe????

I have no clue yet what I'm making tonight. I was thinking maybe something simple in the crockpot like chicken w/carrots and taters.
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Baked fish/noodles/corn
Chili dogs/fries/salad (BAD, busy night)
Sub sandwiches/veggie tray (didn't actually make this, had it at my dad's)
Vegetarian chili
Tatertot casserole
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What a fun thread! I just have one question:


So here's ours:

White bean, swiss chard and sausage soup, homemade WW bread
Chicken and black bean enchiladas
roast chicken, stuffing, gravy, peas
Dahl (from a mix; it was ) with brown rice
Broccoli-cheddar soup, more WW bread

Not one of my most stellar runs. Tonight's even less impressive: tuna-noodle casserole : But I think I'm also going to make some homemade corn tortilla chips and black bean dip, for snacking on during Lost tonight.

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Let's see...

Tuesday - hungarian goulash and rice, side salad
Monday - tacos and refried beans
Sunday - homemade pizza (wheat crust)
Saturday - we went out and the boys at spaghetti with their grandparents
Friday - honey mustard pork scallopine
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Hmm, I'll try to remember. Supper only, right?

Tuesday - Cheese garlic bread, sweet potatoes, mixed green salad
Monday - Left over turkey dinner, roasted broccoli
Sunday - Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, stuffings, mashed potatoes, buns, fried lotus root, broad bean and fennel)
Saturday - Got Subway sandwiches for dinner
Friday - Chicken wings, kale soup, raw veggies with dip
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chicken tetrazzini with spinache
pinto beans with rice
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We cook from scratch too (DH and I both do the cooking) so we made everything from scratch except the pasta. We also grew the tomatoes, green beans, kale, and zucchini we used in a bunch of the recipes. Here are our last five dinners (minus the trip to Applebee’s with my parents in which we ate junk food) :

Tues- Black bean veggie burgers and sweet potato oven fries
Monday- Blackeyed pea and kale soup with WW bread fresh from the oven
Sunday- Whole wheat pasta and cheese sauce (hollandaise sauce for the babe, who is allergic to dairy) and green bean and tomato salad - we took this to a family dinner with the IL’s
Friday- Vegetable Chili and skillet cornbread
Thursday- Vegan lasagna (with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese for those interested)

I would be happy to share any of the recipes, if someone wants them.
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tuesday pasta with white clam sauce
monday potato chowder with homemade french bread
sunday crock pot chicken, sweet potatoes, mashed potates
saturday three cheese, potato, onion pizza
friday black bean chillaquilla (sp?)
thursday black bean chilli and homemade cornbread
wednesday sushi ( I do not make sushi!)

I hope this helps for ideas.
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Fun : )

I love to talk about food! What a fun thread!
My meal preparations are spotty since I work out of the home and it's only me and my 4 yr old son.

Tonight's menu:
Grilled veggie pizza

Last night (Tuesday):
Hummus, spinach and sundried tomato tacos (corn tortillas). Mango pineapple smoothies for dessert.

Monday night:

Guacamole and whole-grain crackers as an appetizer
Linguine with mushrooms, tofu, bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic

Sunday night:
Portabella mushrooms sauteed in garlic/olive oil. I think this is all we ate..? Oh yea! Bowls of cereal with rice milk for bedtime snack. That doesn't count as meal preparation does it? :LOL

Saturday: Raw feast! Nori "tacos" and salad
Spring greens, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, avocados, nori, fresh tomatoes, onions
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anyone else hungry now??
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Originally Posted by phishmama
anyone else hungry now??
um, yeah!! and also feeling SO boring with my menus. <sigh> but this is giving me great ideas. I may be PM'ing some of you for recipes!
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ummmm, i'll try to remember

beef barley soup (inspired by goodpapa!)
trader joe's lentil stew with garlic naan
whole grain spelt pasta with meat sauce
chicken BLT salads
chicken tacos
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Cauliflower and broccoli pakoras
Vegan lasagna, rolls and a huge salad
Asparagus and potato soup with a baguette
Pinto beans (cooked with some veggies and spices) over brown rice w/ avocado
Noodle soup (Made veggie broth overnight with lots of garlic, onions and leftover veggies... strained and added nutritional yeast and salt and pepper and noodles) and toast (3 out of 5 of us had the stomach flu)
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It's rainy and nasty out which makes my food obsession soar! This thread is perfect therapy. Here goes:

"Cream" of Brocoli soup made with broc, and 1 green pepper from our garden & Grilled cheese sandwiches (I thicken with roux made with skim milk but I defy you tell the difference!)

Straight up cheese lasagna

Baked acorn squash stuffed with bacon, walnuts, apples, onions and breadcrumbs

Potato leek soup & toasted peasant bread spread with pesto

Burgers and dogs on the grill, the last BBQ of the season

I would REALLY like the rice pudding w/ bluberries and white bean, swiss chard soup recipes posted please
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Chicken fajitas, with lots of peppers and onions.

Braised pork loin with root vegetables and squash.

Roasted chicken stew with dumplings.

Penne with a sauté of plum tomatoes, garlic, white wine, fresh basil, and chicken breast.
(with lots of parmesan)

Honey-soy-ginger chicken served over cold peanut-lime-sesame noodles with basil.

My, we eat a lot of chicken!

Tonight I'm making a roasted chicken with root vegetables and cream cheese/chive smashed potatoes.
I wish we were having anything with baked beans, instead. Sigh.

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