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U/S update!

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Well I went to the doc today for the 2nd time and I found out somemore
info.....Ok well he found out why I have been so sick he said it was bc
my thyroid # was off a little and that was what was causing me to be so
sick he said it shouldn't last but maybe another 10 days and it should start
getting better. The thing on my ovary is a cyst as far as they can tell and
it is the size of my fist!! He said he wants to keep an eye on it bc it is so
big but that he feels it shouldn't cause any problems and will probably go
away on it's own. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another u/s to see if
it is getting any bigger or changing in anyway. Ok now for the pic here
is my u/s pic......

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wow Ellymay - that's a BIG cyst! I hope it goes away pain free...I am glad they think you will feel better soon. Hooray for that.

I never know what I am looking at on a US. LOL.
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Well to give you an idea in the middle of the black starting from the right is the head
and to the left is the end but there is a little ball at the end and that isn't the baby
but the other is and on the sides are little white dots those are the arm buds.
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BTW the heart beat was 175bpm up from 171bpm last week.
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Oh yeah and my uterus is still facing my spine! I asked her if it would correct it self and she said since I have had other children that the muscles that hold it up are
loose and my uterus just kind of flops around! How wierd. She was trying to move it
so she could see better and that felt strange.
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Huh, I guess that makes sense! Congrats on such good news, and I hope the cyst does go away quickly and easily. I'm interested to hear about the thyroid issue - I had half of mine removed many years ago and wonder if my #'s might be off. . .
Well, thanks for the update and the pic!
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he said that if it was a problem I had had for awhile that I wouldn't have had 3 pregnancies by the age of 22. He did some more blood work to see if he could
figure out what about the pregnancy is causing the # to be off.
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Hmmm again. . .so maybe it won't be an issue for me. Except that I haven't had to take meds for it, but I'm always thinking that if it gets taxed it might not handle extra pressure very well.
Good luck!
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Wow, that sounds good. You must be relieved. Isn't it wonderful to see the little bean on that ultrasound screen?

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Yes it is wonderful and I got to hear the hb so that was great. I
was so happy that the lady took a pic for me bc the u/s was only
supposed to be for the cyst but I asked her since she was already
down ther could she PLEASE take me just one little pic and she
did so I was happy. I was about in tears when they told me I wouldn't
be able to see the baby.
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How exciting to see your little beanie!
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I'm so glad everything went well.
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