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Restricted diet-need ideas

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My son has aspergers and we are trying a few different dietary things to see if there is a connection. We have seen definite reaction from these foods-so we are going to try to eliminate them altogether and see how he does. I am looking to do once a month cooking. We are still eating meat at this point, so recipes dont have to be vegetarian.

So right now we are eliminating:
Salicylates-artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, berries, tomatoes, grapes, apples, almonds,peppers, and some other things that we dont usually eat anyway
i want to get into some ethnic cooking. AMyone have any wonderful ideas?
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OH, have I ever been there!!! This is NOT an easy, or fun, diet to stick to. But I've learned a lot of tricks over the last half year that might help you. I'll try to have the energy to post them later, but in the mean time, I'll send you my phone # via PM, bcs. what I have to share with you could get really long, esp. if you want details like brands, types of foods, "hidden" allergens (for instance, if you're scanning an ingredient list for "corn", you should also look for "maltodextrin", "modified food starch," etc.)

With all the pain in the neck that it is for me to not eat ANYTHING with a corn product, it is still worth it for the benefits of being able to tolerate what I eat!

Good luck,

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I have a "Corn" avoid list for my little brother's grandmother. She is passive agressive about corn. She KNOWS all the stupid names for corn, but feeds them to him anyway!!
Now, my brother is just allergic to corn, not trying an Asperger's diet, but he had a tenative Asperger's diagnosis for a while, and corn-free for two years -- Asperger's has been ruled out. So, while I don't think he had Asperger's in the beginning (that's why it was tenative), the corn - allergy was cause him to have anger behavior that mimic-ed certain traits. Not trying to go on and on, just trying to give you hope that you're on the right track too!
The biggest one on the list is Natural Flavors. I work in the food industry, so I communicate with flavor companies on a regular basis. Most flavors have corn-alcohol in them, a possible sourse of corn-allergens. Many flavors have caramel color as well, a definite corn source. I would chose to avoid Natural Flavors for at least a little while to see the reaction to them when he is fully on the diet.

As far as cooking, I'd go to Barnes and Noble, if you have one, and sit down in the cookbook section and read all the cook books until you find one that has good recipes.
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