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Microfleece Liners vs. 100% cotton-- which one?

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Okay -- so I'm now cd'ing my second baby. #1 is all done (yay for us!) -- but with her, I really wanted "nothing but natural cotton" on her bottom 24/7...until she started sleeping thru the night at 22 months (when we night weaned) THEN I decided to go with Fuzzi Bunz so her bottom would stay dry through the night.

What I am wondering is this -- SHOULD I do micro-fleece SOONER with this baby? How many of you are die hard cotton-only lovers, and can you give me any liner tips that will help me keep my newborn's bottom as comfy as possible? Do you just HAVE to live with the fact that their dipes will need changing quicker than if you use a artifical material (aka microfleece) liner of some sort?

Or is microfleece REALLY not the manufactured evil I once thought it to be? Hell, if it staves off moisture and diaper rashes, who am I to judge, right?

But seriously, I'd love feedback from all sides. When I've used cotton liners/doublers in the past -- it just kind of seemed like I was adding one more layer of WET stuff to her diaper, kwim? It didn't protect her at all. (Guess it helped protect the bed by not leaking as quickly). Anyhow, I'd love advice!!!

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I have heard that rice paper liners can help with moisture control- as well as cotton valour

I am a microfleece lovin gal- I tired the 'only cotton on the skin' thing for the first few months, tried one fleece lined diaper and couldn't go back...

what if you got all cotton diapers and just made/ bought fleece liners/ pockets for overnight when it actually matters- that way over 50% of the time it is cotton
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I started baby #4 on FB full time (after ditching the sposies) in order to keep her dry and rash free. Well, it wasn't but maybe a month before the rashes started up. Come to find out the microfleece was attracting the detergent and baking soda (despite following FB instructions to the tee) and causing repelling and rashes. I had to strip, strip, strip. Now I realize that this is not everyone's experience as we have hard water which contributes to the problem.

I started using Kissaluvs mostly cotton terry with a sherpa finish and dd almost never has a rash now. Yes, she does get wet, but not sopping wet. They really soak up the moisture and are oh so soft.

Now I am making my own dipes with the sherpa terry sold at the OSDS in hopes of having the same experience I have with the Kissaluvs.
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I have only ever put natural fibers against my kids' sensitive skin, and I have never had a problem with rashes. I believe that natural fibers are healthiest for my little ones (as well as for me) and for the planet. Polyester fleece is a synthetic fabric and a petroleum product, and I believe in avoiding it wherever possible.
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I understand....I have had the same thoughts with this baby. I put her in cotton lined dipes some during the day when it's no biggie to change her frequently, and then a FB or Wonderoo at night and when we're going out.
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