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PP bleeding?

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I'm just wondering how much is normal for 3wks pp. I won't bleed at all until I stand up, then I can 'feel' it. Or if I sit on the toilet, it actually pools in the bottom and is bright red. This happens 1-2 times per day. My dh is starting to get worried and I'm just trying to trust my body, but I don't remember what happened after #1. This was #2, planned HBAC turned hospital transfer, then c/s...

Thanks for any advice!
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Hmm. I think that is fairly normal. I'm 4 weeks PP and still have the "gush" sensation every now and again. But I'm not sure.
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nak...not sure if you worried you can always put in a call
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i'm 3.5 weeks pp and my bleeding is nearly identical to what you explained...i wouldn't worry if i were you.
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sounds the same to me, too, though i didn't have a c/s. I find it can change a lot -- a clot will surprise me, and then I'll have almost nothing, like the end of a period. Then more. It looks redder in the toilet. If you have any pain besides the normal cramps, if it smells odd, or if you have a fever -- or if your clots are bigger than a golf ball, call your HCP. Otherwise, sounds normal. I totally understand your nervousness, though.
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Thanks ladies... I remember it going on longer than I thought it would with my first, but I forgot the consistency of it... I also bought some cotton pads from the health food store to use instead of the chemical laden ones, maybe that will make a difference....
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