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Wearing twins

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I had some questions for those of you that wear/wore your twins. My plan was to put them both in the same pouch when they are tiny, then switch to wearing 2 ring slings at once. Do you think it's ok to wear them in the same pouch? What are some easy ways to wear them both? Was it hard when you were wearing both and one wanted to nurse? Did you take them both off or just nurse one while you wore the other? I can tell this is going to take a lot of practice!! :LOL I would LOVE to hear your advice, experiences. Thanks!!
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Oh I think I found something!! This looks perfect. Check it out: www.theslingset.com
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Originally Posted by nancymom
Oh I think I found something!! This looks perfect. Check it out: www.theslingset.com
I saw the slingset and it looks great!

I put my 2 little ones in 1 ring sling or 1 mei tai carrier when they were really little. I could not nurse 1 while wearing the other.

Now I carry 1 in my arms and 1 in my mei tai.
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Hi Nancy! I have seen the sling set and it looks pretty cool. I want to get it...and get all the others slings and wraps that look so cool!! :LOL I am addicted!!

Anyway I use ring slings. I use one for both babies when they were tiny. I started this when they were about 2 wks old. They were both facing me tummy to tummy. They were small girls. 5lb7 and 5lb12 when born. So this wasn't very difficult but I did not nurse them like this when together. I never tried it. They always just fell right asleep once I put them on so I guess never really needed to. I did nurse them when wearing one however.

When got a bit bigger I'd put them each in their own sling in cradle position but down lower and to the side more so I could wear them both. Then when had more head control I'd wear each in own sling on each hip with fabric pulled up high on their back and neck for support till their head control was better.

I was also able to wear one on front and one on back with the ring slings. But I hear mei tai are much better for that. I keep wanting to get a Kozy carrier for this position!! And I also just tried a Ergo on the other day. Man was it comfy! Not as pretty but the weight is more on hips rather than shoulders. But you can only wear one baby in it. I had my 15 mos twin dd on back in an Ella Roo wrap and 2 1/2 yr old ds on front in the Ergo. And was able to bend down and change other 15 mos dd diaper on the floor!! Whew!

Hope that helps! Enjoy wearing those newborns when they come!
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Thanks so much, ladies! I am feeling more and more confident about wearing my twins. I am really looking forward to it.
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