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I Am Soooo Confused!! Please Help...

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I am so confused as to what is going on with my body. I thought that someone might have an idea. This is what is happening. I am a nursing mom who also has her period (I was at a three day birth a number of months ago that brought it back).

I was supposed to get my period about 4 or 5 days ago. On X-Mas (the day I was to get AF) I started to spot one small pink strip then nothing. It was kind of egg like in texture. Then the next day a dark brown splotch with a little red. Then nothing all day. Then off and on, light brown and nothing. Then today, red, like a burst capalary, then nothing. The thing is, I have tested twice and they are negativ BUT!!! I think that I ovulated late, like on day 22 - 25? I wasn't paying attention as I thought that I had already O'd on day 14 or so. I even made the comment that it felt like I was O'ing twice. The only time that we had unprotected sex was around 22 -26 days. The same time that I thought I was O'ing again. I am not trying to get pg as I have a 10 month old and a 2 year old that are 15 months apart. It would be fine though, of course. The only thing that I can think of is that the spotting is implatation ( I did have very sharp pains Needle like) before the first of the spotting. So the implanation would be about 7-8 days past supposed ovulation. And that means the tests would be negative until.... this Thursday? HELP ME LADIES!!!
What do you think? I didn't keep good track. We did the duty a couple of times with nada so it is possible... I am a doula! I should be more careful!! HAHA! Can you bleed from implantation?
Thanks all...
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You can definately bleed from inplantation. It sounds like it might be the case. I bled when my AF was due but just like you described it. Light and mostly dark brown. I found out I was pg about one week later. I don't know how regular your cycles are though either. It could just be a light non-productive cycle. It's a coin toss but if I where you I would do everything as if I was pg until finding out for sure.

Good luck. I know I wasn't much help but it is that "iffy" time right now for you!
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An update... Now I am having some very light bleeding and it is off and on. It is very veiny looking. I think that this just might be a missed period for no other reason then I am nursing?... I usually have very heavy long periods though. Who knows. With the light bleeding though, I don't think that a pregnancy is likely. I could also be that the egg didn't attach correctly. I just have no idea. I bled with both of my children, one until 14 weeks and one until 16 weeks off and on light brown and red. But never this early. Nature - you said that you can "bleed" from implantation?
Or just spot?
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I've been charting while nursing my now 21 month old DS, and I have definately had cycles where it looked like I 'tried' to O and didn't, only to O about a week later. Of course, I had the same dark brown discharge during implantation, too, so I am no help to you as far as figuring out whether or not you are pregnant
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My best bet would be that you are having an anovulatory cycle. Bummer! My first two cycles after DD were anov, and I am still nursing, too.
About implantation bleeding, some women have spotting, some have real red blood, and lots of it, but it isn't quite the same as a regular period, some don't have it at all. It's one of those things where we are all different. Did you have spotting with #1?
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I did have a little spotting with #1 and bleeding with them both. I do have AF now. She seems to have come in full force and I tested negative again today (although it is still early... I think that it is accurate) so thanks everyone for your advice. I hope to wait a little longer until babe #3!!! Thanks! Sarah
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