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Dilated anyone?

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After spending the day in urgent care on Monday for n/v/d, chills, fever, swollen glands (obviously having caught my kids' flu to a more severe degree) was told I also have a nasty sinus infection (totally blocked) and pink eye. I have never been this sick.
Went to MW today and found out we're 2 cm dilated, she can feel the head and just starting to thin ...
I have two 36 weekers so I was given all of my homebirth supplies but OMG I'm so not ready for this baby to come while I'm this sick.
My MW said in her experience the babies usually do hold out until Mom is better. I can't imagine labor, birth and a newborn while I still have this flu and they're saying this darn flu is taking about TWO weeks to clear up! Ugh. I've loaded DH up on Vit C because he CANNOT get it. Cannot. Not right now.

So ladies, be forewarned ... the flu season is here so use care. I have never been this sick before. And the worst feeling.... having a BH contrax while you have the chills.

Stay well everyone!

so is anyone else dilated???
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get well soon!! ginger tea is great for sickness.. stay in there baby till momma is ready!!
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I would suggest also loading your DH (and yourself, but talk to your MW) up on Zinc, B complex vitamins and echinacea! Have you ever heard of Esberitox? It's a chewable echinacea blend (I think wild indigo is the other ingredient). I swear, I have fought off more colds with this stuff than anything else!

I haven't had any internals (and won't without good reason), so don't know if I'm dialating yet or not (probably not, but I'm only 34 weeks!).

I hope you feel better.

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OMG I'm so sorry you are so sick!! That sounds like torture.

I am totally anxious to find out from my MW tomorrow whether I've dilated recently or not. I have been having these bouts of contractions like you wouldn't believe. I've been trying to figure out how to check my own cervix, after reading helpful threads here on MDC. I've never really been able to reach it though, just the lip of it, otherwise it's felt like it's facing backwards. Two nights ago, after an hour of sudden contractions 3 mins. apart, I tried checking again just for the heck of it, & now I swear I can easily find my cervix, put 2 fingers right in it & wiggle them around!! It's all very confusing.

Early this morning I contracted harder (SO painful!) than I ever have, *exactly* every 10 mins., lasting 1 min., for 90mins. I was freaking out, then they tapered off. Isn't that weird?! I had a trillion BH cx with both my previous pregnancies, but not at all like this! I just don't get it....

My dd was born at 35 weeks but was very ill which is always why I thought she came early, my son was born right on time at 40 weeks. I don't know why this baby would come early, but I just can't imagine my body keeping up this level of intense contractions for another entire 6 weeks! It's all weird & confusing.

ANYWAY, I'm sorry for using your thread as my venting place!

I'm sending your baby "Stay in!" telepathic messages right now!! At LEAST until you are feeling human again & not like a blob of grody viruses.
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I would highly recommend Emergen-C. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals. I just got over a sore throat/cough. But I took Emergen-C at the first sign of it and it only took a few days. On the other hand, DD & DH have had it for over a week.

I don't know/think that I am dialated yet. I am 34 weeks. I had my OB appointment today and she didn't check. I would prefer not to be checked anyway. With DD (my first baby) I was dialated at 1-2 for a couple of weeks. You never know.
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I was dilated 1 1/2 cm at 31 weeks (2 weeks ago). I had my midwife check , bc I was having so many strong contractions. My mom dilated 2 months early with her second child to 4cm., and my first daughter was 2 weeks early, with strong contractions and dilation 4 weeks before that, so I wanted to make sure it was nothing major. I haven't had as many contractions since then, but I've been trying to slow down! It's not very easy when you have a 16 month old to chase around! I have another appt. tomorrow, so we'll see what the midwife thinks about it all then!
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I'm 33w3d and a "loose" 1-2 cm dialated and my cerivix is not very effaced, but "mushy." And, the baby is at a -2 station, so the head is engaged. This is all as of this morning, when I went in a got checked because I've been feeling "off" and having bouts of regular contractions. Last time I was 3-4 cm at 34 weeks and managed not to give birth until around 38 weeks (I actually was still walking around and not in labor for a few days at 6 cm dialated!) - so it doesn't mean you're about to go into labor neccesarily. I reccomend LOTS of water to drink (dehydration is the number one cause of PTL, and getting dehydrated can also cause oxytocin levels in your body to become more concentrated when you're considered "full term" making your body go into labor) and stay off your feet as much as possible. I'm supposed to be "taking it easy" and laying down as much as possible, avoiding stairs, no sex, no lifting, etc until 36 weeks.
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Best wishes to you, mama, try to get some rest and get better. That sounds so awful! I've also been sick, maybe it's the flu.. I have had a fever off and on. Anyway, no idea if I'm dialated, just wanted to give all you other sick mamas a big . Try to keep those babies in!
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Awww, poor dear Hope you feel better real soon.

I dunno if I am dialated or not, my cervix is back pretty far... and I can only feel one side of it.
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I do hope you feel better! The night I went into labor with Sam i was up puking and having diarrhea all nght and no one knows if being sick made him arrive or if that was just the delight of early labor for me. So I have a good idea of how you feel.

Don't know if I'm dilated or not - I have not had any internals and don't plan to check myself because I honestly wouldn't know what I was feeling for.
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Oh, ick. Sorry. That's awful. Apparently if you have pinkeye, you can put your breastmilk in it... (no really, someone told me this)...but it sounds like you're not so up for that right now.

I'm with Samsmamma - I haven't had any internal checks, and don't know what to check for myself. But maybe at today's MW appt I might ask. 'Cos I'm the christmas box-shaker...
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My mw said that if your cervix is really far back then its probably not dialated very far at all... when you start making dialation/effacement progress it almost always swings forward.

I don't have a problem with internals before membranes have ruptured - I like to know what's going on, too. No one has ever been able to explain to me why they're such a "risk" when sex is fine during late pregnancy. On one hand you have a trained professional with a sterile glove and lubricant gently inserting a finger or two to asses the interior contours, on the other hand you have a bare penis (much bigger than a finger in most cases!) thrusting in and out repeatedly and finally leaving a load of prostaglandins directly on your cervix. Seriously - how could the second be perfectly okay and the first be a huge risk? I'm a biologist and I just don't get the logic... If sex has been advised against, then I would understand a little better, but it seems that I see/hear/read so many women talking about how risky internal checks are during late pregnancy in every case.
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
but it seems that I see/hear/read so many women talking about how risky internal checks are during late pregnancy in every case.
I've heard a lot of talk from midwives and online about how there's a theory that it's easy to introduce GBS/infection via too many internal exams? Just because it's introducing new bacteria, even on supposedly sterile gloves, that the woman isn't used to?

I have no idea. I know my MW is not real hip to them, and she is pretty crunchy. I might ask for one today anyhow, even though I know she doesn't like to do them.
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I hope you feel better soooooon!!!
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I do hope that you feel better soon and that the babe stays inside until you are both ready!

I take an all natural immune booster when I feel sick...can't remember the name of it though...BioAlign or something like that. It comes in a white bottle at Whole Foods with a light blue lable. I have been taking it for two years and don't get sick very often or miserable when I am sick...I SHOULD know the name, eh?
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I hope you are feeling better!!
It turns out that my cervix has swung forward & is uber soft, but is still not dilated, which is very good, but leads me to believe that my body is completely weird & I have no idea why I contract as hard & often as I do.
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
I'm a biologist and I just don't get the logic... If sex has been advised against, then I would understand a little better, but it seems that I see/hear/read so many women talking about how risky internal checks are during late pregnancy in every case.
My issue with internal exams is that they do not predict anything and merely tell you what your cervix is doing at that specific time and that time only. I have had clients walk around dilated 3-4cm for weeks. I had a client who was closed tight go into labor the next day and dilate completely in 3 hours. Even in labor, exams can frustrated a mom who doesnt think she has made "enough" progress.

The other risk is PROM, which you really dont want if your body is not ready to go into labor, as for most women it sets up a timetable, interventions, etc.
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I was at the MW yesterday: I'm 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and -1 station.

Last time I walked around at 4.5 cm for about 11 days before my son was born.
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Im still 50% effaced & only dialated by a fingernail from my visit to the MW today. Just have to rest one more week so I should be able to have my HB with no problem.
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35 week internal

At my 35.5 prenatal tonight...

I was 50% effaced and at +1 station but barely dilated...like 0-1cm. Mean anything?
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