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About to start IVF

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I've been lurking for a little while but I'm in need of a little help and info. I'm sure most of this has been answered a million times so please bear with me.

A little background. I'm 41 years old, have a 2 1/2 year old DD and after 3 miscarriages, my OB sent me to a fertility specialist. DH and I have had EVERY test known to modern reproductive man and everything is perfectly fine, normal, negative, uneventful. Lovely. So why can't we get/stay pregnant? After some minor surgery to remove a dermoid cysts on my ovary, I'm waiting for my next period to then start Lupron and whatever the 2nd drug is, which escapes my mind at the moment. Based on my anticipated schedule, I'll be doing the actual procedure, probably Thanksgiving week.

Here are my questions. Exactly how awful is the Lupron? How bad is the hormonal hell? I'm scheduled to work the week before Thanksgiving and if I'm just going to be a raving B*&ch, then it's certainly not worth pissing off everyone I've ever worked with. Should I really be laying low and resting? I haven't gotten into those specifics with my Dr. yet because we're not there yet, just close. I've gotten the broad strokes from her, but not the nitty gritty details.

I read OhMeOhMy's thread and I'm sorry you're going through all the nausea. I'm sure I'll be joining you soon. Anyway, any insight, advice, suggestions would be extremely helpful. And please be honest. I really need someone to tell me how it really is, not my doctor's medical explanation.

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Infertility can be so frustrating.

Lupron will probably make you a bit wacky. I get incredibly hormonal. I will tear up about 10 times a day at the most random things. I get hot flashes to the point of ripping off my clothes (assuming I'm at home) :LOL. Then I'll start to shiver. I don't think everyone reacts like this though, so you may get off a little easier.

Personally, I find it's easier to go along your mostly normal routine, while taking it a little easier. If you just sit around doing nothing, you'll probably drive yourself mad with anxiety and hormones. At least, I would. At the same time, I wouldn't take on anything that you don't normally handle. More stress would not be a good thing. So I would do what I normally do, but get a little extra help.

I hope that this cycle works for you!
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I didn't get too hormonal - that I noticed, of course I was in a bad situation, and hated work...sooo, I could have been but it got lost in the other drama occuring.

I found I got really tired and didn't want to do anything at all. Just super lethargic. I think that everyone's reaction is slightly different.

I hope everything goes well!
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I felt yucky on the Lupron, but nothing too bad. I was hot and a little crabby, but then I went on the estrogen and I felt awesome!

I didn't find the hormones too overwhelming in general. I actually didn't mind the process at all (even though it didn't work). It felt pro-active to me, it felt like we were DOING something. I liked that part. Plus, our team was so great. They all seemed so genuinely invested in our getting pregnant.

I wish you the best of luck!!!!! And don't worry about the Lupron too much, it isn't that long a stage anyway.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your responses. I spoke to another woman tonight who's going through her 5th IVF (one full term successful) and she also advised to keep up my normal routine as much as possible. She said she was feeling fine on day 3 or 4 of Lupron but her DH might beg to differ. :LOL Obviously, everyone reacts a little differently but thanks for giving me some insight on what to expect. I still have to decide if I can work during that time. With some long hours and when exactly does my doctor need to see me, I might not be able to work. My hours get long sometimes (12+ hours) so if I need to be going to appointments and then back and forth to work, it might be too much. I'll find out when I get my period and we can determine a more exact calendar.

Anyway, thanks again for your reponses and support. I'm praying it all works, obviously, but I'm also really scared of all the unknown.
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Lupron can be hell. I know you must be desparate to go through with it. :
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I didn't have much trouble on Lupron the first time. The second time I got some really bad hot flashes! Told my mom I felt for her!!! (She was going through menopause at the same time...so we could commiserate! LOL) Also, I felt REEALLLY sleepy about 30 mins after taking it! Like early pregnancy couldn't help but zonk out standing tired. But, I started taking right before I'd lie down for bed, and then I didn't notice...was glad to be sleeping so well! I did feel 'premestrual' sorta, but not crazy hormonal. Once they added back in the estrogen I felt much better! Though, I was nauseous the first day or so and had a bit of a headache.

I was able to keep up all regular activities, but I'm also an at home mom, so I could have slowed it down if I needed to.

Will you be doing the PIO injections? Or using suppositories? I did both!

Good luck mama! I've never personally been through the pain of infertility, but I saw it via the whole process with the babe I carried parents (I was a gestational surrogate.) Anyway, my med protocol starts out basically the same as IVF, and ends the same....just skips the egg retrieval part for me! If you feel too crazy and need some one to chat with, feel free to PM me.
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I found being on birthcontrol BEFORE lupron to be what made me an emotional wreck... otherwise, I didn't feel too bad till just before Egg Retrieval.. when I felt like my insides were gonna fall out I was so bloated.
I wish you luck.. feel free to PM any of us that have btdt. having people who have walked before you makes all the difference!
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May I join you? I just received confirmation from my insurance company that they will cover 1 IVF cycle. I've been on the BCPs for a week now, and will start the Lupron on the 9th. Then I'll add the Gonal-f and Repronex. I am going to be doing a day 3 transfer.

HockeyLover, you must be well into the lupron at this point. How is it going?

I find that the BCPs make me queasy, perhaps it is all psychosomatic? I've never used any form of contraceptive in my life. Now to get Pg I need to start?

My RE says I don't need any bed rest or even 'quiet time' after the transfer. What have any of you been instructed to do? My DP is actually leaving for 2 1/2 months in Dec, so I am doing this as a single parent. I'm wishing I could have a day or two of lying in bed after to let the little guys settle in comfortably.

I'm excited to be moving forward, but also scared to take on such a big involved procedure. I want to get this right.
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My RE gave me 2 days of bedrest, but because my work (chiropractor) involves heavylifting and dropping my body on people all day, I took 5. It was good, cause I ended up catching a little cold, and was couch bound anyway.
The 2 days they give, wouldn't' allow me to stand up to make my own lunch, or take a shower... i wasn't allowed to go up and down the stairs. I had to pick a floor and stay on it! The extra three days, I spent just being relaxed ( and havinga cold )... lots of movies, knitting etc.
Heck, it worked. 9 weeks today!
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Good luck with everything!
I have to agree that everyone seems to react differently. Someone I know commented that Lupron made her 'loopy', while I didn't mind it at all. What made me crazy were progesterone suppositories! But the progesterone injections didn't bother me. Don't expect the worst and just remember that if you're feeling wierd or awful, it's only for a short time.
For our 'big' miracle, we had to use IVF with ICSI. All worth the effort! (DD is now 16 months and what a little person she is!!!!! )
It's not easy, but take time for yourself and keep eating healthy!
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Lupron didn't affect me at all...none of the infertility drugs we used did. And I got pregnant on our first IVF cycle...I know hearing that from someone else really gave me hope when I needed it.

Good luck!
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Well, thanks again for all the support and sharing your stories. It's REALLY helped. I'm on day 7 of Lupron. I was delayed 9 days because I had follicles developing and they were too big (12 and 15 mm) for my doctor to start me on the drugs. So another week on BCP and they went down enough to start. So far, I'm feeling actually fine. I really expected a lot more of "something". I'm just tired by the end of the day, yes, kind of like that first trimester.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for an ultrasound and check up. Not sure what they'll tell me but hopefully that everything is cruising along as planned. I'm scheduled to start Repronex and Follistim on Saturday. Yay, 3 shots. So far, I've just been given the progesterone injections, no suppositories yet but I'm sure that could change.

Chiromama, thanks for the advice on the bedrest. I knew I'd have to lay low for a few days but I'll milk it as long as I can. My DH goes out of town about 6 days after I'm scheduled for the transfer so I'm definitely going to need babysitters to help with my DD while he's gone. There's no way I can lift or even begin to keep up with her.

New Mama, I'm totallly channeling your vibes and hoping this all works the first time.

Thanks again everyone and I'll keep you posted!!
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Good Luck Juls... I hope it's all going well, and leads to great success! Keep us updated as to how many follies, eggs and what not! We'll be rooting for you!!
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I certainly will keep you posted since you've all been so supportive. Went to the Dr. today. Everything is right where it's supposed to be. I start the stim drugs on Saturday and go back on Wednesday. So they're not making me crazy with "come in every day"... yet. I know I'll be going a lot next week since the retrieval is scheduled for the following week.

Crossing my fingers and toes...
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I think I am a few days behind you. I've been on Lupron for 2 weeks and start the stims tomorrow (friday). I've been a basketcase , but I don't think it is the drugs but my MIL visiting for tooo long, the fact that my partner leaves for 24 days on Sunday, only to come home for a short visit at Christmas, before being gone for several months. Also, I feel a great deal of pressure to "succeed" since this is costing so much money, but I know I won't have even a few hours of rest after the transfer since I do have two youngish kids.

I'm trying to go with the flow since I know stress is detrimental to the results we want. Breathe......
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Please let us know how it goes.

Mumm, wow, all that time without your dp, hang in there mama and come here for support.

By the way, enjoy this stim drugs. I felt like an earth goddess with all that estrogen in my system .

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Earth goddess? You must have had different drugs than me. I felt like someone poured about three quarts of fluid in my lower abdomen and that my uterus was going tofall out of my vagina!.... but it was allll worth it.
Mumm, sorry your partner won't be around to help. Do you have any friends that can come over so you can rest? Just for a day? If you lived near me I'd come help you.. cause you need the rest.
Good luck ladies! I'll be thinking of you!!
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I think I'm getting close to the "big events"! I've been going in every other day for u/s and bloods, and will start going in every day now. Today I had 6 on each side, for a total of 4 at 14 mm, 4 at 12 mm, and 4 at 11 mm. I thought there would be more. I stopped the Repronex and am just taking the 5 Units of Lupron and 150 IU Gonal-f.

And I can't make arrangements for childcare for the kids or a ride for me until I know the actual day of the retrieval. How out of it will I be after the retrieval? Once I get home, will I be able to take care of the kids? Could I really just drive myself? After the transfer I want take it easy just to let everything settle in and make a comfy home, but I will feel fine physically, right? When does implantation actually occur? And how? I really need to get my books out from when I was TTC the first time 6 years ago.

I am at a large center, and am just a number to the staff there, so I feel like I am flying a bit blind on this.

hockeylover- you must be planning for this next week too, no? I feel like everything is on hold for next week, since I don't know what will be going on each day. I have no playdates scheduled for the kids, no activities for me. I It could be an awfully looong, boring week if I go until wed or thursday before the retrieval.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and encouragement. Trying to keep my expectations and hope low, but I see my neighbor, very pg with twins via ivf with my doc, waddling around and I feel some hope. :
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WOW! Lots of questions there!
1. I was UNDER for the retrieval. There is no way I could have driven home... I was drugged up. And once we left the building, I was IN PAIN. Some people experience no pain after retrieval, i was miserable. I was on the couch in one position for hours... didn't get up except to pee, and that was very uncomfortable. The next day I felt pretty crampy, but was much better and moved around fine, although sore.
2. After transfer I felt fine, and was on bedrest for 2 days. Some clinics don't do bedrest, some do long bedrests. I ended up taking an extra couple of days because of the phyiscal nature of my job, but I felt fine (other than the mild cold I caught).
3. I noticed pinching (what I assume was implantation) about 3-5 days after transfer. It was nothing like menstrual cramps. very specifically pinchy for me.

and finally...good luck : you think this week will be long.. wait for the next two Keep us posted!!
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