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Someone needs to be home with you after the retrieval. I slept all the way home in the car, and then I slept for several hours at home. You will be pretty looped for a while. You CANNOT drive yourself home. My clinic insisted that I have someone there, I couldn't have even called a cab.

I hurt after the retrieval, kinda felt like someone beat me up, but only in my ovaries. You will need to take it slow the day of, and you will be sore for a couple days after, but it diminishes rapidly.

What does your clinic ask for for bedrest? Mine asked for 5 days after the transfer. Which actually was a nice break. I could only get up to shower and fix myself food.

For me, I started feeling funky twinges - crampy, pinchy twinges about 3 or 4 days after transfer.
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Yup Mumm, we're close. I've been doing the stim drugs for a week now (Repronex and Follistim). My Dr. upped my Follistim to 375 the other day. And I've still felt basically nothing (which is good) since the beginning. My only thing is that I bruise easily so I'm black and blue all over my stomach and legs. My numbers seem to be going up nicely and everything is right where they're supposed to be. I go in again tomorrow morning for another u/s and, I assume, blood, even on Sunday. Yesterday, she said I had 10 follicles developing, all around 10mm so right on track for the number of days etc.

I'm with you too on the "life on hold" bit. We're looking at Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for retrieval. I'm hoping it's not Thursday since I have a performance commitment that my Dr. knew about from day 1 and we worked the whole start of the drugs to avoid that one day. Murphy's Law that it might be the ideal day. Yes, do whatever it takes to get pregnant, but sheesh. The not being able to pinpoint a day is difficult to plan around plus deal with babysitters for my DD. I like to be more organized.

I'm also feeling the pressure of this "needs to take". Man, I knew it would be expensive but the reality is really hard when insurance basically covers only 2 of the drugs. Big Whoop. We have our anniversary coming up and I keep saying "no presents. Our presents and vacation are going to my uterus this year". My DH is also going out of town around the 16th so I'm also going to be on my own a bit. My parents have volunteered to help (shocking and thank goodness) 'cause I'll definitely need it those first 2-3 days after transfer. Good to know that after that first 48 hours or so, it's okay to get moving again.

Good luck Mumm! I'm crossing my fingers, toes, etc. for both of us. Let's keep each other posted!
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No matter how you plan it. something will interfere! My husband had a presentation on the day of transfer, so my acupuncturist drove me to the appt, he stopped in for the moments before and after transfer and my massage therapist took me home and hung out with me. On Retrieval day, he had a huge meeting he had to miss, but once i was home and comfortable, i sent him to work for a bit. If your hubby can't be there, ask a friend.
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Yeah, I know. I'm less worried about the transfer since I could always have a friend or my parents take me. And yes, my DH might we working that day. I'm really crossing my fingers that the retrieval can be pushed to Friday because of my stupid concert. As of this morning, it definitely WON'T be Wednesday so that's one day we can cross off. It'll be Thursday or Friday and my Dr. knows that I'm pushing for Friday. We'll see how it all works out. I know it is what it is but back in September when I started rehearsals, I didn't anticipate the retrieval happening on the day of the concert. OY! LOL.
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Well, I did it. Had my retrieval this morning. Piece of cake. 17 little guys. Felt fine, but did take an hour nap since my mom was here watching the kids. Might as well get it while I can! Tonight I can feel that my ovaries exist, but not really pain. hockeylover- imo, it really was very simple and painless. The drugs were great! When I first woke up, it was heaven and felt so good to go back to slumber land. Perhaps I should skip parenting and become a junkie?

I'll be happy when I've got the first progest shot under my belt. (Or perhaps not!)

When we first started ttc this child, we planned carefully because we did not want an aug or sept child. That gives me hope this cycle will work and that is what we'll get!
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Glad your retrieval was so good Mumm! 17 is a great number!
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Mumm, I'm SO happy that it went smoothly for you. And yes 17 is a great number. Good for you. When's the transfer? Probably tomorrow or Friday?? Believe me, I'm crossing my fingers for you so we can go through this together.

I'm about 3 hours away from my HCG shot and I'm scheduled for the retrieval at 11AM on Friday. YAY, tomorrow. One whole day without a shot. LOL. As of this morning, I have 9 follicles all good to go and about 4-5 more that are really close to size that she's hoping will be big enough. We'll see. At my advanced age, my Dr. is very happy with the 9 so far so if we a couple more, then bonus for everyone. And thanks for letting me know that it was relatively painless. DH has to work that day so he'll be at the ART lab while I'm there (obviously) and then go back to work. My Mom will watch DD and Dad will do the driving. And yes, I'll be looking forward to that nap too. hee hee.

Please please, keep us posed and I'll do the same.
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9 is good. My nurse said the actually # doesn't matter so much as the quality. Out of my 17 I only have 3 that made it to yesterday. Perhaps fewer today, which is the day of my transfer.

I was the most nervous about the progesterone shots. Those big needles just scare me! My first attempt at getting the oil into the needle was a disaster. I was almost crying, while both kids sat and watched. I had oil everywhere but in the syringe. Take it slow. I've done 3 now without any pain except a little tenderness the next morning. I know we are supposed to massage the site, but I can't feel anything to massage.

Good luck with the retrieval, enjoy the drugged sleep and take advantage of your mom watching your dd and sleep at home. Thinking good thoughts for you. Let us know about your experience.
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Mumm. I would ice before the shot (my husband did them in my rump) and then put a hot pack on afterward and rub a little. I only had soreness a couple of times
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Oh Mumm, I'm sorry that so many didn't take. How strange is that? But I know, when my Dr. explained it to me, she said the same thing. It all depends on how many actually split and do their thing properly. Maybe that's why I had a few miscarriages. I hope your transfer goes well tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes for me as well.

And thanks Chiromama for the ice recommendation. With all the shots we've been taking, it doesn't seem so difficult yet if it's in the behind, that's totally different. I actually had trouble getting the HCG out of the vial since the needle wasn't long enough like with Repronex. Obviously, I figured it out but I kind of panicked for a moment with "how am I suppposed to do this??" And I woke up with a little bit of a cold so I might be really cranky by tomorrow, especially since I don't want to take any other drugs.

Crossing my fingers for you Mumm tomorrow.
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Mumm, Sorry so many didn't last till T-day. I'll keep my : that all you need is ONE good one. :
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Mumm - Out of my original 18, only 4 made it. And obviously one of them worked. Good luck.
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Okay, transfer sucked. I couldn't wait to get off the table and pee! I was in such pain! So much for relaxing! Two made it to that point, and they gave me photos, which I hid away and don't want to see. (both 8BF) I feel icky, and I'm really struggling to "take it easy".

It is snowing and a no school day, so I am trying to entertain the two kids allllllll day. I had turned down several playdates, cause my mom said she'd be here. But she isn't. I can't shovel and Dp is going to try to make it home very late tonight, but the flight schedules are sure to be messed up, and as a pilot she flies stand by, so who knows. When she does get home she'll be shoveling snow in the dark to pull the car in the drive! She's a trooper.

I've been thinking off you, hockeylover, with your retrieval today. Think how many women are doing this same thing. Yet, irl, no one even talks about it. At my facility it was like a puppy mill. There were at least 14 couples there on my day, and they do this 7 days a week. And that is just at one facility out of many in my area.

And I think of you, chiromama and Adina, since you prove it can be done! Also, my neighbor had twins this week, who were conceived at my facility.

30% chance of success. If successful, a 1 in 3 chance of twins. Okay- going to eat my pineapple.
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Mumm, I'm sorry transfer sucked for you... they gave me valium, so I felt GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD during mine. (made up for the retrieval I had!) I'll keep my : for you, and hope hope hope that you are a giant success story

I have found that I talk about doing IVF with everyone I tell I'm pregnant. I figure, the more I talk about it, the less taboo it is. And also... the more I talk about it, the more people who talk about their own experience.

: hockeylover. Hope your ER goes well today!
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My retrieval went well. She got 12 eggs which was 3 more than planned the other day. We'll know tomorrow how many are developing. Right now I feel perfectly fine. Just a little tired but I also have a cold so I feel like that's where the tiredness really is. I'll get a good night's sleep and be fine tomorrow. Thanks for all the good wishes and crossed fingers. I'll keep you all posted, of course.

Mumm, I'm sorry the transfer was so hellish but I'm really happy that 2 made it. I'll talk to my little fertility doll for you too. My facility will give me a valium too to "take the edge off". I had an HSG test months ago and that was REALLY painful and I'm told this catheter is much smaller so it couldn't be as bad as that first one.

There were a lot of people at my facility today too. Not sure exactly how many were all IVF because it's a surgical center but I'm sure it was a lot, especially with them trying to squeeze them all in before they shut down for 2 weeks for the holidays. And it's REALLY nice to have this MB and this thread to have people to talk to and commisserate with.
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Originally Posted by AdinaL
Mumm - Out of my original 18, only 4 made it. And obviously one of them worked. Good luck.
I think I had seventeen or so originally, and only three made it. They put two in, and now I have Henry!
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My Dr. called about an hour ago. I've got 8 developing and 2 maybe's. 2 definite no-go's. Still, we're really happy with 8 and hopefully, they'll continue to cruise along. The other 2, well, she took a couple of slightly less mature eggs (thus the 12 retrieved instead of the definite 9 going in) so maybe they'll continue and they'll be good. It was too early to tell. Now, we just wait until Monday to see how the 8 are doing, they'll biopsy them and then we'll determine how many get transferred back on Tuesday. Originally she told me 3 so I'm thinking that that's what the goal is. We'll see. Keep those positive thoughts as I know you will. You've all been awesome so far and I thank you for that.

How are you feeling Mumm?
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Great news Juls!
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Good luck today!
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Thanks for the good luck wishes. It's been a bit of a rough day actually.

When I spoke to my Dr. yesterday we had 8 embryos cruising along. They were going to do PGD and we'd know the results when i went in this morning. Well, the results weren't exactly what we were hoping for. 7 of the 8 had abnormalities. The last one has a possible abnormality but they can't say conclusively. They might have seen something on one of the chromosomes but they also acknowledge that it could be a shadow kind of thing so it could be a false-positive. So, after quite a few tears and a VERY uncomfortable full bladder (that was awful), we decided to transfer the one. Hopefully it will stick and then, assuming it does, we'll do a CVS test at 10 weeks to see what the real deal is and then make whatever decisions, if necessary, at that point.

The ultrasound Dr. was very sympathetic and he said we made the right decision. And my Dr. was great too. She was disappointed and never would've expected this but it also explains our previous difficulty in getting/staying pregnant. Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed. I'm having a little trouble coming to grips with this whole concept that basically my eggs are no longer "good". Makes me rethink my entire life and my age, etc but I'm also trying to take it one day at a time and be positive that this one sticks. So that's pretty much my story, as I'm laying here on my bed with my laptop.

Mumm, how are you feeling??
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