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how much is your baby moving at this stage?

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It's so interesting to me how different all babies are. Sam was a real mover and shaker, and this babe has always been more mellow. It also seems to like to sort of take a day off each week, where it doesn't move as much and then the next day it seems like it is in a new position and feels bigger (like, this week I could really start feeling knees, heels, etc). It's not super consistent in when it moves. I was counting movements for a while just to ease my own mind, and of course everything was fine and nothing feels wrong about it, just really different from what I had with Sam. Now when it moves it sometimes feels like it just doesn't have a lot of room, and it sort of goes from side to side in a way that it feels like its trying to bear down into position. Then I get my share of sharp kicks in the ribs.

Overall, it seems like a mellower baby than Sam was - and that's one more reason people are saying it's a girl. Whatever on that - we shall see.

What are your babes doing right now? Is it different now that we're near the end?
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Well, I am in the January tribe, but my other two babes were different from each other. My dd pushed her heels out a lot. My boys just generally rolled around.

At your stage I would think they have less room and so move less...
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It changed totally when it went breech- almost stopped moving full stop, at least as far as I could feel. Touch wood, since I think he's turned vertex again I'm getting strong, strong bouts of kicking, but only when I'm lying down- the rest of the time, it's just a sense of movement. And, of course, hiccups.
Alex was much calmer in utero than Isaac was, so don't assume a mellow baby is a girl He is, generally, still less physically active though.
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willem would poke his heels up under my right ribs so I couldn't breathe. This babe still hasn't done that. This babe is definitely a mover. s/he flips and flops from side to side especially when I am slightly reclined. My belly makes all sorts of weird shapes all the time. And I can't put my cup of hot tea on my belly as a cupholder because it wil get kicked off!!!
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Yes. Mine - a boy - feels more like rolling movements. Some days there is little movement, every once in a while the kicks to the right ribs. I figure he has sleepy days, just like me...
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My lil one is a girl and she just kicks and flips like she knows Kung-FU.
Everyday I'm counting movements too. Sometimes she gets SUPER quiet and I have to drink something cold to get her moving again. Shes definately out of room...I've got 2 new stretch marks to show for it. :
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My little girl does a lot of kicking at my right side and ribs, but she says in one position all day, never any rolls.
She also likes to grab with her hands which are very low and I feel little pokes on the inside of my hip bones.
Her butt is right under my left boob, and her feet are mostly right under my right boob.
I am really feeling the lack of Oxygen thing, but my MW says her head is nice and low, so maybe I have a lankey baby. I myself was 22 inches (6 lbs) at birth and my husband is 6ft 4in (20in at birth).
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My little man is DEFINITELY a Kung-Fu fighter! He loves to kick.
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"Everybody was kung-fu fightin'!"

:LOL (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
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Baby is really active.

DH asked last night if it was too active?

Butt is under my right ribs, and feet love to press into my left ribs. Baby seems to strech legs out a lot -- pushing butt to one side and feet tothe other. That is about all she or he can do right now and i rarely feel anything lower.

But it is very active. Very active.

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Originally Posted by beansavi
"Everybody was kung-fu fightin'!"

:LOL (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

That song is such an earworm. Thanks. Now I'll be humming/singing it under my breath all day. Always good to do when dropping off the kid at preschool...especially the sound effects part.
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Brynn is really active, moreso during the past 2-3 weeks than ever! She does a lot of stretching too, so her little behind sticks way out and makes me lopsided. :LOL I feel her rolling around from left to right a lot (she's vertex, but goes back and forth between ROA and LOA every couple of days), kicking, and moving her hands. I also sometimes feel this really gentle rhythmic movement way down low, and I'm wondering if maybe I am feeling her sucking her thumb?? It's definitely not hiccups, which are much more jarring and short. So I'm not sure what it is, but it's a really nice feeling in any case. She's especially active right after I eat, when I go to bed, and usually while I'm doing hypnobabies. Oh and she will usually start wiggling around when DH reads to my belly. It's really cute.
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Mine is a stretcher and a wiggler - not much room for kicking now. At thanksgiving dinner on Monday night she entertained the whole family with the belly-distending antics. Usually she's just like Sonja's baby, butt under left ribs, feet under right, but yesterday she flipped around so she was fully anterior with her butt poking out in front and her feet/arms off to both sides - I had a midwife appt and they had a good time poking at her, I guess she was pretty amusing for them! Today she's back to normal I think.

You know that scene in Alien where the little alien bursts out of that guy's abdomen? It doesn't seem so far-fetched now. And frankly, he incubated that thing for a day or so and the little exit operation took what, a minute? I think he got off lucky Men are such wusses :LOL
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the allien like tummy streches kinda bother my DH.

he says that if the baby pulls an allien i am on my own -- he is out of there. LOL

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Originally Posted by Aimee21972
the allien like tummy streches kinda bother my DH.

he says that if the baby pulls an allien i am on my own -- he is out of there. LOL

Well, no doubt. Because if it looks like it did in Alien (green, slimy, alien), then he's obviously not the father.

Or is he?!
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that is ajoke around here -- the father part, not the green and slimy part

his mom was in ICU when we told her about the pg......so she can't talk -- she points to him -- and he says "well that is wht she tells me" I almost killed him. the joke doesn't bother me -- BUT to say it to his drugged mom in ICU -- heck she may not have know it was a JOKE and i worry it may be planted in her bairn somewhere -- not that she really remembers -- and we may hear about it 10 years fome now.

But I love feeling baby Kate or Theo move.

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im nearing 36 weeks.. this baby still moves a lot. mostly low down stuff.. its little hands im assuming.. it sometimes even tickles almost. then i get the kicks and bum up in the ribbs.. i find that she will have a few really active days then a quiet day.. iom not sure if it has to do with growth spurts or what.. as far as i can tell she is still flippibg all over the place as well.. which id like her to stop doing! some movements really hurt these days.
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My little girl is kicking up a storm... right now infact! I am 34 weeks. She is head down, so all of the kicks are up top, and the occasional punch down below. Last week she was rolling a lot, from side to side and doing the butt thing. Oh that feels weird! I can feel that she is running out of room, because it's like she's wiggling for more space.
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The babe is head down with it's butt right at my belly button and legs/feet to my left side. I can feel the actual foot sometimes...very cool! The babe moves around sometimes early in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. There are times when the movement is sudden and strong; it surprises me! But it is not uncomfortable, yet. Just still very cool to experience!
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Isn't it the coolest thing when you can tell that it's a little foot pushing out your side??? No matter how uncomfortable it is, I love it!!!
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