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So, my son is 6 weeks today and I'm a little confused about his eating habits.

He eats every 2 hours during the day, but he can go 4-6 hours at night! So, am I feeding him too much during the day or is he just calorie-loading during the day and that is what allows him to go so long at night?

I'm so confused! I mean, am I making him eat so often or does he really need it? Should I start spreading it out a little or leave it alone?? :LOL
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If he is cueing yout to eat every 2 hours during the day, then I would agree with calorie loading for sleeping at night.

I let Kate cue me to her hunger, unless we reach the 3 hour mark since her last meal, then I wake her to feed her usually after 3.5 hrs. She's also gone at almost a 6 hour streach ONCE at night...that was Monday night.
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Babies know when they need to eat and how much. Nurse when baby wants, as long as they want.

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I wish I had this problem! dd wants to eat every 1-2 hrs. at night!

I'd leave it alone if I were you...I'm sure he's just cluster feeding so you can get some sleep...good boy!
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Most nights my guys sleep from 9-4:30 without waking to eat. I just leave it alone and think I am sooo lucky to get the sleep!
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Holy cow Sarah! Yeah you are lucky! and with twins none the less. don't go around bragging too much
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Sarah, I am jealous of you! Allissa feeds at very irregular intervals. Sometimes it is every 2 hrs, but it can be as frequent as every 45 minutes, or as long as about 5 hours {that is mostly at night, mostly}. I think it is because she has been growing so much so fast. Hopefully soon she will slow down a little and get into a more established routine.
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Well, since I opened my mouth, he's eating about every 2.5-3 hours during the day now, but eating more! :LOL Either way is fine with me, just so long as he keeps doing the 9pm-230am (or later, haha) thing at night!
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As long as you're feeding on cue, not over using a paci, baby is wetting/soiling enough, and baby is gaining well, I wouldn't worry about how long he goes between feedings day or night.

My DS probably eats every 2hours or so during the day, but will go much long at night sometimes (not entirely sure b/c we cosleep and don't have to change dipes at night very much). Last night, I only remeber nursing him for a long time before he fell asleep at around 8, then again at midnight, and once more at 6 am. If I fed him between midnight and 6, I don't remember it. LOL. I would jump for joy if this one started sleeping "through the night" so early. DD didn't sleep throught the night by the medical definition for at least 2 years, then not completely through the night until several months ago (she turned 3 June 21).
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