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Originally Posted by mcimom
Yay! The first purchase is exciting!! Only 20-30 more purchases to go to achieve bliss

did I get it yet??

remember, some I won't use for a while in my stash but I think I'm set- am I missing anything??
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There's a variety of ways to wash wool. Here's a few off the top of my head:
1. Buy specific wool wash, usually from a wahm. Tends to smell very yummy, typically has lanolin already as part of the wash, but can be expensive, depending on how frequently you end up needing to wash your wool (we use wool at night, and often ds gets his cover dirty before I can get to him in the morning so I wash more frequently than if he only wore wool without poopy getting on it).

2. Use a gentle soap like Dr. Bronner's or Johnson & Johnson for the occasional wash, and then do a specific lanolizing every few months - you can just use Lansiloh or PureLan, melt it in a small cup of hot water, and add it to your wool laundry.

3. What I do - use SportWash/SensiClean. I have been using this for about the last year - year and a half, and don't lanolize my wool at all. It restores the natural lanolin in the wool. It's fairly cheap in the long run, easy to do (no extra steps), and actually doesn't smell like anything, which I kind of like.

Also, check your washing machine - you may be able to wash your wool in there. I have a wool setting, and put my covers in there with SportWash, with cold water, and then hang them to dry. They are typically dried overnight because most of the water is spun out in the spin cycle.

If your machine doesn't have a wool/handwash setting, then you'll have to use the sink. But I've heard of mamas using only the spin cycle to spin the water out (others have used salad spinners too!) - it definitely helps the dry time!
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Originally Posted by Amys1st
did I get it yet??

remember, some I won't use for a while in my stash but I think I'm set- am I missing anything??
That looks so fun - achieving bliss means you get in the middle and surround yourself with the freshly laundered fluff - do you feel satisfied or is something missing? If you feel like...if I only had... then you need to keep shopping. Otherwise, you're set!

Seriously, that sounds good to me...I'm not a fitted/cover person though - do you have enough covers? I'm not versed enough in that lingo to tell what's a cover and what's a fitted by namebrand.

Thanks for sharing!
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I'm happy to say that I think my diaper stash is complete through M/L. I don't have much exclusive L stuff, but I get to that later. I just want to get one more XL and M bummis tote. I started my collection over a year ago. I picked up an orange NB/SM Loveybums diaper and cover, and M citrus Benjamuffins (2 dipes, 1 cover) and 2 weeks ago on TP. I don't need anymore diapers, but I can be persuaded easily.

I'm really looking forward to cloth diapering. My mom is ready and my SIL seems to be impressed with the diapers I have. She assumed we were using flats and pins. I do like flats so I may get some to add to my collection.

Now I need to find a cloth friendly daycare. I haven't started the search yet, so I can't complain.
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Originally Posted by ds2003

Now I need to find a cloth friendly daycare. I haven't started the search yet, so I can't complain.
You might have to compromise on using disposable wipes with the cd in daycare.
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ok ladies, how do I care for all these wool covers I have now??? I have covers, longies, shorties you name it. I will take pics and post later for drooling sessions but now- how do I wash these and with what??
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here is a good video about lanolizing.


You only need to do that whenever you notice that your cover isn't hold the potty as well. Seems to be once a month for me.

I do wash my wool covers more often. I love love love kookaburra wool wash. You can get a sample here.
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Originally Posted by mountainsun
Or do you keep some moist in a tub or something? Just water - I think I would like to make a little solution maybe with some lavendar or something.
You guys rock!
Be careful with essential oils. Some (like lavendar) can be irritating or allergenic to young children. Go with very small amounts and ones with soothing, antibiotic or anteseptic properties, such as tea tree, witchhazel, aloe. Not echinacea, though. It is a relative of the ragweeds and can trigger allergies, as well.
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Thought I would revive this oldie but goodie thread!

I of course have to change course and I am getting premie dipes from Coleen at NAtural Babies -thanks Leighann for the lead on her!

I am doing xs fuzzi bunz. I also have some used prefolds from the tp and I might cut them down to size and sew the ends. I will also need a xs cover for those and hopefully my snappis fit them!

Mimid- today I saw 5 minute old triplets who are bunking near Maggie- they are all so beautiful and take your breath away! I doubt they will spend much time in there though since they are all good size and doing real well.
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reviving the diaper thread

So, mamas .... how are those diaper stashes coming along?

mine is teeny, tiny ... but it is suddenly dawning on me that this little man will be joining us in 3 months (or less!) and I'm feeling that nesting/getting ready for baby/preparing bug coming along - took long enough, eh?

I actually have a small amount of hand-me-down dipes and covers I haven't even gone through yet - can you believe it?

So, how are the rest of you CDing June mamas doing?
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I think my stash is complete I have been given SO MANY hand me downs it's sick! I have a whole bag of things still to go through and add to my ( don't laugh ) spreadsheet.
I know I have enough to get through the new born stage at least!
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I turned into a May mamas, but I still follow these thread...

I know that I have ENOUGH dipes since I like to wash every day (15 NB Kushies and 11 Small VB AIOs), but I am sorely tempted to get some NB fitteds to go under some grorgeous teensy wool I got in a swap. Girly wool is so much more fun than the "manly" wool I had for my son.

So... anybody who has overdone it on the NB fitteds should probably PM me, I am very weak.
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Originally Posted by KnittingKara
So, mamas .... how are those diaper stashes coming along?

I had plenty before. Now I have to add preemie so its way out of hand. way way out of hand.

I even weeded out the boyish stuff to other diaper loonies like myself. It literally took 10 minutes on the tp to get them out the door. And this is the yellow like stuff not the blue!
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my stash is complete. If I buy one more CD item, DH will have a cow. Now I'm started a soft sole show obsession.

ETA: I meant to type soft sole shoe
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I've gotten virtually nowhere. We've been in the slow season at DHs second job, so I've really not had the $$ to buy much of anything.

I've made 4 VB fitteds from the AIO pattern. I have 2 covers. And uhh... gosh I think that's it. Oh man, that's baaaad huh?

I just got 4 VB AIOs in the mail from the tp, but they're NB size and I'm looking at them and going "there's no way I'll ever have a baby small enough to fit in these..." Since DS was almost 11 pounds. What was I thinking buying those?
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Originally Posted by ds2003
my stash is complete. If I buy one more CD item, DH will have a cow. Now I'm started a soft sole show obsession.
now theres an idea....

Maybe one of us will end up on that show on A&E, Intervention. They will take the letters Natural Mama and jumble them up somehow to spell cloth diaper junkie or something. Where would we be sent for help? The pampers factory??
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i dont have any diapers yet. my mom is buying ds's stash for us I'm thinking ...

2doz infant pf's *up to 15lbs*
2doz premium pf's *15-30lbs*
6 Bumkin covers red puppy small *10-15lbs*
6 Bumkin covers red farm med *15-22lbs*
10 Bumkins AIO blue bug med *12-22lbs*
5 bumkin AIO zebra small *6-12lbs*
3 snappis

added my updated list its the list i sent to my mom, plus we can always buy more later figured this was good enough plus we also have 2packages of Newborn pampers we were given to use up also.

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I love this site, as I learned everything I needed to learn about CDing from it!

Also, we got this package, plus a couple extra Snappis and a dozen extra prefolds and a few doublers for nighttime:
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Wow, what a thread! I spent all morning reading this. Your stashes sound pretty impressive. Mine will all be homemade, except I may buy a few covers. So far I have everything cut out to make 24 small fitteds but I need to find my sewing machine before I can do anything (I don't actually sew, but my grandma got me a sewing machine a while back). Boy am I nervous about sewing all those diapers, but the price is right. My mom owns a fabric store and can give me all the materials I need. Even if she charged me (which she said she isn't going to) it'd be wholesale and would cost about $2/diaper to make! I do think I will buy some prefolds, too, which ironically (with shipping and currency exchange, since I'm from Canada) will probably end up being more expensive than my fitteds!

I'm also working on some liners. They seems pretty easy, I cut out all my left over diaper flannel (after cutting out enough for 24 diapers) into liner-shaped pieces and I think I'll sandwich a piece cut from an old towel between two flannel pieces for a nice doubler. I'm also making some breastpads (since I'm already leaking)
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Thread Starter 
I thought that I had my stash complete - now I am second guessing myself I think I am going to get a dozen preemie prefolds - do you guys think this is a good idea?? I have 24 infant pfs along with 6 KL 0s and 5 other fitteds. I am thinking the preemie size will come in handy for at least a few weeks -

I really also have to work on baby care stash! Like a good butt cream, powder and such. I got the Northern Essence wool wash (yum) and it looks like they have great (natrual) baby products, too - does anyone use their stuff??

I think I also need one special nb/ small soaker - but $$ is soooooooo tight right now, that just has to wait.

Oh yes, last thing, I want a changing pad for the diaper bag - any suggestions?

the list never ends!!!!!!!!!!!
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