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Your "friend" could totally catch on! We used disposibles with ds#1 and switched to cloth with ds#2. Dh was VERY skeptical and said if ds was a girl, he really didn't want to switch because he'd have to learn new body parts and a new diapering system. :LOL

What we did, though, was start with a diaper service. It worked out to be about the same price as disposibles, but it let us get our feet wet with cloth (which I loved, and dh got used to quickly). I only used the service for 2 months, in which time I started buying my own prefolds, a few fitteds, and some covers (well, I had to buy the covers anyways).

I would probably start out with prefolds (mostly infant sized, but you can recommend some premie too if you think your "friend's" babe will be really little; they make great doublers and washcloths too), and some good covers - I liked proraps, bummis, and sugarpeas wool covers for the beginning. Your "friend" could probably learn to snappi a prefold on a teddy bear very quickly, and you'd be all set.

Your "friend" could also get some fitteds to try (I didn't use them but a lot of people love the Kissaluv's size 0 for newborns! I might try some this time). But really, I wouldn't go too fancy, especially in the beginning. You want to keep it simple and reliable - which to me, prefolds are. Your "friend" can use them afterwards for anything, so they are a great investment.

Does that help at all?
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Ok- the cats out of the bag- I'm the friend
So thankfully she came forward for me. So can you guys help me?? I did sposies w the first and now I want to cd the next one and I have 8 months to figure out what I need!!
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Hey Amy,

Don't worry ... we'll get you all set up before this baby is born!!! First you have to decide what you want: service (if that's even an option) at least for the beginning or to just jump in with your own. (Definitely pros and cons ... see my post above.)

It sounds like you want simple ... are you needing something for possible babysitters (even just grandparents or aunts/uncles)? Or will it be more or less just you and dh changing the babe?

As I said before, prefolds (usually Chinese - CPF - or Indian - IPF) are very simple, grow well with baby (typically buy infant for the first 4 months, then premiums for the next year and a half or so, and sometimes graduate into toddlers just before potty learning), and are VERY easy to get. In the bigger picture of cd's, they are also relatively cheap.

Another cool option (or something you could get alongside of prefolds) would be fitted prefolds or prefitteds (same thing, different names). They are basically a prefold that has had the legs trimmed in, elastic added, and sometimes a little "extension" on the wings. You get the simplicity of a prefold and the extra poopy protection of a fitted. (I love making fitted prefolds for ds, and my plan with this baby is to have half prefolds and have fitted prefolds.)

Then there are the fitteds ... there are a myriad of types and styles, but basically fall under the following: front snap, front aplix (velcro), side snap and side aplix. Side and front have slightly different fits and advantages; sometimes it takes a few different types before you find one that fits. They are great at keeping poopies in, but also can be expensive, depending on what kind you get. One fitted that gets a lot of use for newborns, or so it seems, is Kissaluv's size 0. Kissaluvs are unbelievably soft and squishy and really do work well at holding in bf poopies.

Finally, there are the pocket diapers (which are usually a waterproof outer and a microfleece inner, with an opening where you can stuff them for absorbancy). The more well-known ones are Fuzzi Bunz and Wonderoos, though there are also some wonderful WAHM ones out there too (I love Green Acre Designs ... we use them overnight for ds#1). And there are All-In-Ones (AIOs), which are an entire diaper (waterproof outer and absorbant inner) all in one. Out of the two, I prefer pockets as I can stuff them with how little or how much I need, and it all gets clean. Other moms swear by AIOs and use them exclusively. They are both more expensive than fitteds, but when you factor in the cost of covers, you can usually spend about as much in a full "stash" of pockets and/or AIOs as you would for fitteds and covers.

Oh and for covers, you basically have PUL (polyurethane laminate - a waterproofed poly/synthetic material), fleece, and wool. I use and like all three for different reasons. PUL is nice and trim, and works well especially under things like jeans. Fleece is squishy soft and typically gives you great protection but allows more air to circulate than you get with PUL. Wool is an awesome natural cover - breathes and protects from leaks, though has a more special wash routine (though I can wash mine in the washer on the wool setting and hang to dry). When we began cd'ing, I used proraps (a super industrial, standup to anything PUL cover; they have "gussets" and really help hold in any poopies that escaped the diaper), bummis (another really good PUL cover, and wool covers (I LOVE Sugarpeas wool flannel covers ... I've used those overnight since ds#2 came home from the hospital.

A couple cool sites to browse with a bunch of different products are:
Soft Cloth Bunz
DiaperCo *a fellow June '06 Mama
Natural Babies

All those sites have a bunch of diapers and covers on them. I love window shopping at them all. (When we have a little extra money, I'm going to have to get some more stuff at at least one of them as I managed to loan out all our nb/small covers.)

Whatcha think of all that information?
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders
Hey Amy,
Whatcha think of all that information?
I think its awesome! Thanks- this will help!!
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Thanks for the help as well, all! We failed miserably with cloth diapering DD. I had an c-section, nursing wasn't going well, & when the cloth diapers we were using from a service weren't working well on my skinny kid, we threw in the towel! I know so much more now! But, the cloth diapering forum has been scaring me! It just seems so much to go through. I'll brave it bit by bit, but appreciate everyone's help here. I just get overwhelmed sometimes!

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Amy - :LOL So glad to have friends to learn new skills with (and thankful to not be the only wanna-be-cd'ing mama who used disposables with her first)

Brit - THANK YOU! I even took notes and will be looking into this much more! "keep it simple and reliable" - you hit it! That's exactly what my buzz words are going to have to be with this whole cloth diapering thing, especially if I'm going to convince dh that cloth and the family bed can go hand in hand. I'm going to look into prefolds ... and maybe into seeing if I can knit my own wool covers. I do like the idea of the pocket diapers, too and being able to put as much or as little layering in as needed, especially for night time. I know nothing will be 100% accident free, but then again neither were dispoables.

SO glad I have months and months to learn and get ready for this! I'm still a little intimidated about adding a new skill and a new baby, but I'm confident I can at least give it a good try with all this time to prepare beforehand.

Thanks so much!!!!

(will probably be bugging you for months now with ? after ?)
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Wow, Mylittlewonders,
and thankful to not be the only wanna-be-cd'ing mama who used disposables with her first
Same Here :LOL
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Jumping over from the Nov thread... we CD'd ds from birth and he's now 20 months.

Best advice ever... honestly... spend a couple months (you have the time if you're due in June) browsing the ebay cloth diaper listings and the diaper trading post here on MDC. Just read the descriptions and look at the pictures. Make note of what you think you might want. You'll become pretty well versed in CD's and will know what's a good price when you see it. Also the moms selling/trading dipes here on MDC are pretty darn honest (at least all the ones I've dealt with) and will answer any questions in detail if you ask them to. I've found that some ebay moms just want to sell so they may not be as... forthcoming . I've only been taken advantage of on ebay like 3 times and it wasn't for much $... but that's my own fault anyway.

Also, try buying just a couple dipes of each kind you like. You never know what kind of dipes will be best for your baby and you don't want to be stuck with 3 dozen of a particular kind or brand that just don't work for you.

Best of Luck... once you get the hang of it you'll be glad you decided to CD!!!!

Oh, and buy INSURANCE when you pay for shipping your dipes... there is nothing like spending a hundred dollars on diapers that you never get : (experience talking here).
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I'm planning on CDing my group. I need to re-research my purchases becaus eI need a lot more dipes and smaller ones, too. I'll probably stock up on CPFs and covers with a few pockets for nights. I also want to get some contour or fitteds to use when my mom, my MIL, DH or whoever is helping. I figure they will be easy to do and have a lower learning curve so I won't need to watch. My main thing now is sizing. I'm figuring 4-5 pound babies to start so I need some small things!

With the research I did before, Diaperco has really good prices and on the homepage of the diapering forum is the code of 10% off. She also has a registry. I am so itching to shop!
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okay, Miriam, if YOU aren't intimidated by cloth than I *so* have no reason to be

Willemsmama - thanks for the advice about looking at ebay. I didn't even think of that (duh)
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Originally Posted by mimid
I'm planning on CDing my group. . I'm figuring 4-5 pound babies to start so I need some small things!
OK did I miss something? What is up with "group" please talk!

Oh and sorry about the Angels- well not really Thanks to them my hometown finally has a team going to the World Series!!!!!!
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I'm going to check the Trading Post too. I try to avoid Ebay since it could get to be a habit and then its more of a game with bidding.
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Originally Posted by Amys1st
OK did I miss something? What is up with "group" please talk!
amys1st - see this thread:

just piping in to say that we started off with sposies with my son and were finally all cloth around his 1st birthday ... my dh is still most comfortable with pockets, but i'm totally addicted to the cute fitteds, and i'm also now converted to flats. prefolds and i, well, we're still working out an arrangement, but i'm hoping to feel the love someday.

i got a great gift a while back from a friend who knew we were ttc: a whole bunch of new kissaluv 0s, infant prefolds & covers. also, some random fitteds.

i've been trying to figure out what would be best for a newborn, and i'm thinking fitteds for us, because i just don't think my dh will be happy about prefolds and snappis. i *might* be able to convince him he can just lay the prefold in a cover and snap it, but i don't think he'll take to snappis or pins.

my best advice to anyone new to cloth diapering would be to see what you can pick up used ... you can get some great deals and try stuff out without spending too much $$$ ... some people will then settle on a system they like, whereas others (like me ) will like one thing one day and something else the next. okay, i'll admit it, i'm a cloth diaper addict.

as for wipes, they just seemed to show up around here. from shower gifts (those little washcloths) to other washcloths i had hanging around that i cut up ... and i got some cheap terry wipes from somewhere ... i'll see if i can figure out where and post it.

good luck, mama! welcome to the cd world. :
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Originally Posted by KnittingKara
okay, Miriam, if YOU aren't intimidated by cloth than I *so* have no reason to be
:LOL I figure that and bfing are the 2 things I can do my way no matter what! Plus I use cloth and also cloth tp so why not for the kids? Also, as I tell everyone, they have great resale value and I cna always switch to sposies!

I picked up some kissaluvs, prowraps and wipes on ebay tonight for about 1/3 of the lowest online price I could find elsewhere. I would figure out what you want, hunt down good prices at stores and then search ebay and remember to add in shipping.

And Amy, I had an u/s at 7 weeks and have coming! The doc said all had good strong cardiac activity so he's pretty sure they'll all make it.
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And Amy, I had an u/s at 7 weeks and have coming! The doc said all had good strong cardiac activity so he's pretty sure they'll all make it.
Wow - congratulations!

And thanks again for all of the CD info. I guess my next step is to just take the plunge and actually buy a few things - Can't wait It sounds like ebay is a great place to start (as well as here on the tP)
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Miram- again congrats. I was trying to avoid your thread not thinking what it meant until after my first appt. Now I understand duhhh.

This thread is going to be my lifesave. When I go to order, you ladies can hold my hand. My dh is all for it. He is also PO at the $$ we gave to Proctr/Gamble for 36 plus months. Of course now the $ we are not spending is going in the gas tank anyway.
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Just let me know if you want some cding lessons...I would be happy to have some show and tell with you one day! I have a pretty good variety from fitteds to pockets to aios....I have one prefold and a snappi around here somewhere as well. It will just suck you in even more to cding....it really is addictive!
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Miriam ... I would get premie prefolds and some premie prorap covers ... they should fit your little ones at about 5lbs or so.

Amy ... I'm in Angel land (and fans here too); it's cool the Sox won, what with not having won since 1917. But, if the Angels had actually been playing how they should have, it would've been a different ballgame!!! (They stunk and didn't deserve to go ... : ) It should be a good series between the Sox and the Astros.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program!
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We might have to have a show & tell. Thankfully we have a few months.
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Anybody know what a "good" price would be for used but good condition fitted CD?

I am totally new to CD (first baby), although I spent a lot of time diapering my youngest brother in cloth when I was 11 and 12 years old! Back then, my mom just had the plain white rectangular diapers we folded to size and wool covers with velcro to keep them on (I think they were called "biobottoms") ... so the whole universe of "fitteds" "prefolds" etc etc variations I am just now hearing about is overwhelming! I'm right there at square one with you, Amy!

Anyway, a friend has some she wants to sell me, but I have no idea how many of which sizes I'd need to start off, and what is a good price. I will go back an re-read what all has been posted already and see what I can glean, but any pricing tips would be much-appreciated.

I think I should assign diaper-research to DP, she would probably make a spreadsheet of all the options ... I love that she's a geek like that.

**edited to add - I just googled and found this guide site: http://http://www.diaperbeagle.com/fin/c_options.asp , it helped explain the different options well, with pictures and sample brands for each**
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