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Help! 38w6d today and I think my DR wants to start talking induce next week.... - Page 2

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I went to my Dr appt today with dh and dd. Today is my due date by the way - 40 weeks. She checked me and said I'm still the same, no progress. Then she said, "Well, let's go ahead and get you an appt for Monday to get this baby out!" So I said, "Actually, I don't mind waiting another week or two. I don't really want to be induced if I can help it."

She looked at me like I was crazy for a second. I don't think she hears that very often. : ) But then she said, "I can let you go for another week but not two. The longest I can let you wait is 41w 6d." Then she told me it was because of having less amniotic fluid and a higher chance of meconium. I just looked at her and nodded and smiled.

So I have an appt for next Wednesday. If the baby doesn't come by then, she will want to schedule me for an induction sometime before 41w 6d. I just think it is so funny that she set the limit like that, like hitting 42 weeks is magically going to make the baby poop!! :LOL

I hope that the baby comes on her own before then! I really would love to have her come now on her own, and I really would love to avoid the inducing. Anyone have tips on how to help her come on her own? I really need her to get lower, she is head down but not dropped. Anyone have great tips on getting her to drop and engage? I've been walking and the DR recommended sex again. It's just a little difficult at this point to get in a position that feels like the "deposit" is near the cervix.
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Just wanted to add that my first bio was 3.4 weeks early, my next was 3 weeks early, and my last was 10 days early.

Babies come when they are ready.
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wooooo...that dr. just hit on one of my pet peeves...the "I will LET you go 41wks etc. etc."

Hey...guess what doc..it's not up to you or anyone else. When someone asks me how long they will "let" me go I say in a confused manner "who?" and they say the Dr. and I say..."it's not up to them now is it? and I will never get induced without a medical reason" most times they kind of look like a light bulb went on...they had never considered that it's NOT up to the Dr. and once I state it that way generally they say "good for you"

My last baby was born at 42wks 2 days...no meconium...my second was born at 40wks1day..meconium ws present but not aspirated.
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Remember, you do NOT have to agree to an induction. What are they going to do if you don't show up? Babies come when they're ready. Kicking them out before they're ready just gives you an early baby.

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As long as there is nothing wrong with you or the baby there is no reason for induction.

Start walking alot & the best remedy is sex, sex, sex, sex
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Lurking from Dec EDD. Just wanted to say, good for you for sticking up for yourself and your baby!

AND, that many times second plus babies don't drop/engage until labor. First babies usually do before labor, but after that they tend to float until the fat lady sings so to speak.

Wishing you a peaceful gentle labor and birth to happen before that crazy magical date your care provider set.
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Oh & go to your local GNC & get some herbal rasberry tea. I hear that it tastes very bad...I'll be starting mine tomorrow to get my uterus ready, but I hear that this can also naturally induce you.

You may also want to go to the Homebirthing or midwife forum to ask for natural ways to induce
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RRL tea tastes just fine to me, not very much different from normal tea. If you check out the following link, it will give lots of natural induction techniques; just keep in mind that nothing's going to work if the baby isn't ready:


Opinions on the safety/efficacy of both the cohoshes & even castor oil (which, btw, I have only found at Wal-Mart) vary somewhat, but I figure if nothing else, cumin tea can't hurt, though I'm pretty sure it's nasty. You can also try the other classic nonsexual techniques, like scrubbing the floor on your hands & knees or swinging if there's a playground nearby.
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So.........how did it go?

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I'm feeling more optimistic now that this baby is going to come before my DR appt Wed.! I had lots of gooey mucous yest. morn., though not bloody. I've been having bits for a couple of weeks but this was a LOT. Then I went for 2 long walks today and the baby dropped a lot! Then I started having a few stronger ctrx, lower belly and back pressure and pain, and could hardly walk while nesting. But this morning I am more rested, less dropped, less pressure and pain. Still, dh is making a couple of "deposits" this morning and I am going to nest and walk again today, and maybe even crawl around on my hands and knees a bit. I'm feeling really excited that she will probably be here in a couple of days and avoid the dreaded inducement!!!!!
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Make some eggplant parmesian for dinner tonight too.

If she doesnt come on Wed, try to delay it one more week...tell her that you want to go home & think about it & just dont call back
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My baby girl came on her own!!

When I went in last Wednesday, my Dr gave me an appt for an inducement. But luckily, I went into labor that very night on my own!!!! I started having serious contractions at 11 pm and she was born at 2:50 am on October 27th! Talk about fast and furious! After all the waiting and worrying, when she was ready to come out, she flew!

We are proud to welcome Baby Ella Rose, 9 pounds, 20 inches. I'm so excited and so happy. Thanks everyone who helped me hold out. She's nursing like a little pro!
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Wow -- what a great thread -- what a story with a wonderful ending. Just visiting from the Nov. club (and I saw some other posters from my club chiming in) -- but WOW, congrats. Sounds like you got some great advice and you really stood up for yourselfs so no regrets. Welcome to your baby girl!!!!!
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congrats, way to stay strong for you and your baby!
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Just popping in . . . I was following the saga. Congratulations!!!
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Good for you mama, I'm so glad you found the strength to stand up for what you wanted...and congratulations on your new baby! What a great ending to the story.
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So, so happy for you! Yay!
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Just some input for future mamas needing this (cuz, duh, I didn't read the whole thread 'til after I posted this! ):

I gave birth to my first child at 43 weeks and he was healthy and thriving, although 10 lbs 6 oz.


Induced labor with Pitocin is much more painful than induction by breaking your water, or using Protiglandin gel (sp?), and many find the need for an epidural. With my 43 weeker, we just did the prost. gel and broke my water. I did it all naturally, even with such a big babe and it was my first baby. It was a lot of work, but nothing scary or super painful.

Congrats, by the way! Yay!
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