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Ask her, "am I ok?" "is my baby ok?" and even if she dances around the issue with what "might" or "could" happen, just know that if you and your baby are ok, there's no reason to induce!

I hope you can find your inner strength and let her know how you feel. Best wishes!
I second this! My older son was born at 46 weeks and I am eternally grateful to my doctor at the time for being a naturalist and understanding that babies come when they are ready (for the most part). He kept a close eye on us, but told me that as long as both the baby and I are healthy and okay, he would allow the labor to come when my body was ready to labor. It did and my son was born healthy and happy, despite being FAR "overdue" according to mainstream docs.
Let your body do as it will - as long as you are both healthy and okay, your body and baby know what to do and when!