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First professional visit yet?

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How many of you have already seen the doctor/midwife? How many are waiting? Just curious if I'm the odd one of not.

With DS I went at 8 weeks, did the blood work for the doctor then didn't make an apointment with my midwife till I was well into my second trimester. That's probably the way it will go again.

Luckily midwife said she doesn't need to see me unitl 16 weeks.
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I already met with my midwife and have a second meeting on the 1st of Nov. I am going to be moving out of state and will have a lag time while trying to find a midwife out there so I figured why not see my old one here.
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I have seen my doc. I met with her last week to talk about a cyst I have. I had a u/s done today to look at that cyst. all is well. it's a small one.

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I had my first meeting with my midwife today, but it was just the get-to-know-you meeting. I don't have my first 'real' appt. with her for another month. I liked her and her assistant though. I think I will be in good hands.
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I am waiting for my insurance referal number which probably won't get here for another week then I can make an appointment. I plan on waiting until around 11 or 12 weeks when we can hear a heartbeat.
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i'm waiting til the first trimester hurtle...
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I saw my new ob on Tuesday. She was very cool, and has a very midwifey outlook. During the exam she found that I have a tipped uterus (who knew?) which is no big deal, but she wanted to do an ultrasound to check stuff out and get the 'lay of the land.' So I got to see the yolk sac! I'm not even quite 5 weeks yet, so no embryo yet. I was glad, this is my first, and I'm still don't quite believe it's real yet.

I also got SIX vials of blood drawn (blah!) to get screened for all kinds of stuff (thyroid issues, cystic fibrosis, HIV, and a slew of others). And I had to pee in a cup TWICE.

But all in all, I feel better and sort of more "officially" pregnant having gone. Is that weird? I go back every four weeks for while I guess. I kind of like it - like to make sure things are going ok and everything's on track. And I have a zillion questions to ask her, so it just puts my mind at ease.

I'm sure by the time I have my next baby I'll wait a lot longer to go!
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I had my first OB appt at 3w6d, AF wasn't even late yet! :LOL I didn't have a choice though, had to get my Lovenox script. My next appt is the 27th at 7 weeks for an u/s to check for a and see how many we got this time.
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I go for the first time on the 25th, when I'll be 7 weeks along? That is to see the nurse practitioner and get blood drawn and yada yada. I see the OB at 9 weeks on November 11. I hope she can hear a heartbeat then!
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i go see my midwife on october 27 i'll be about 8 weeks. I got the same midwife..who i LOVE ..as i had for ds2.

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I'm interviewing several midwives next week. My GYN's office called the other day and asked who my OB was so they could pass along my records, and I got all freaked out that I didn't have a plan in place, but then I thought "I'm 5 weeks and change, what the heck would anyone exactly DO for me in the first trimester anyway?" I am in general good health and take vitamins and eat well.

My GYN already ran my rubella and CF screen as part of pre-conception bloodwork, and I know my blood type. So maybe I could use a blood count/anemia screen and a pee test? What's typical for first tri appointments for first-time pregnancies? Of course I would love to hear a heartbeat, but I am betting I'm early for that.
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