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A ? for NT users

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I am trying to make the creme fraiche, but I don't know exactly what she means by a warm spot. Does that mean warm in the oven, or warm as in room temp.? I am new to all of this, so sorry if it is a dumb question . TIA!!!
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I have no idea, sorry! But I can tell you, it's not a stupid question. . . the more you use that cookbook, the more you'll realize she doesn't make herself clear!

And that goes for _The Maker's Diet_, too! Typos, errors, etc. . . it's so unfair to those of us who are culinarily challenged.

I'm impressed you're making creme fraish (sp?) Please tell us how you did it when you get it figured out.

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"warm spot" would refer to about 80 degrees temp. So that could be room temp if you live in a warm climate, but for most people you'll have to find a suitable place. Try in the oven with just the light on, on top of a water heater, someplace that gets warm but not blazingly hot otherwise you'll kill all the enzymes.
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Thanks !!! I put it in the microwave above the stove. I am cooking stock right now, so it should stay nice and warm in there overnight. I can't wait till tomorrow, so I can check out my creation .
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For your micro above the stove -- is it an above the range deal, with the fan and light on the bottom of it? I discovered by accident that the microwave gets nice and warm if you leave the light under it on. That's where I soak my oats over night. They are nicely warm to the touch in the morning.
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Thanks for the help everyone . It turned out great! I am really loving this NT cookbook. I went a little crazy with all the dairy ideas. I have made yogurt, kefir, butter, and creme fraiche, all in the past 2 days :LOL . Dh thinks I have gone , we are running out of room in our fridge!
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WOW! That is so cool that you have made all that! I have NT, read it, and have made some of it, but I have not been brave enough to try those things. You just may have inspired me! Thanks!!
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I put it in my oven. On my counter it took too long. Make some cultured butter with it. Sooooo goooood. Take whatever you want to use and then put the rest of it in the blender or mix master. Watch carefully and once the butter seperates from the milk stop the machine. Squeeze out all the buttermilk and the run the butter through cold water while squishing it to get all the milk out. SAVE the buttermilk. It will be nice and thick and makes great pancakes or waffles. I just made some today. I have been making 1L of creme friache and taking out about 1/2 c to use and turning the rest into butter and buttermilk. It's awsome. Cultured butter is very expensive here but I can make a nice organic cultured butter for about $1.50 less plus I get 2c of buttermilk.
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