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thinking about changing from vegan to...

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drinking raw cow milk and eating organic free range eggs and cheese.......
i have been vegan for about 2 years and vegetarian for 7..........
i think i may have a soy allergy..........
has anyone else had a soy allergy?
i have had a bad rash on my face for months now..........
anyone make the switch from vegan to lacto ovo veggi?
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My son is allergic to soy. He gets excema really badly if he eats it

Soy is a well known allergen, unfortunately.

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Our family went from vegan (for 8 yrs) to sometimes eating dairy (about 2x a week) and eggs. Mainly it was because I realized I was allergic to soy - in a bad way. I felt exhausted so I ate more soy thinking I needed more protein. I had intestinal complaints and my period was way off and irregular. I happen also to be lactose intolerant so I avoid dairy..my oldest DS eats very little dairy (only on pizza) and no eggs, my youngest DS eats eggs and loves cheese and my husband is flexible. We never drink milk prefering my mucus from cheese :LOL because really soy cheese doesn't cut it.

Mothering had a great soy article a few issues back..it was really good. My boys do eat some soy in the form of tempeh and tofu since it doesn't bother them in the same way but we stay away from soy fake meat products.

We now use rice milk, eat lots of beans and seitan (we like the "chicken" variety..check pkgs sometimes have some soy) and lots of nuts (in the raw mostly - my kids love them.

Good luck on your journey...
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snailmama I realized I didn't even ask you about your situation and what made you become a vegan and what is happening for you now?

Excuse me...I was very into about myself.....
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Soymilk=stomach ache

If I drink more than 1 Cup of soymilk I get a horrible stomch ache. Your new way of eating sounds very healthy...we need to do what is best for our individual bodies...
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well, humans don't actually milk afterweaning. But I have chickens and therefore eat eggs sometime. just beware that truly organic free-range eggs cost $$$$. vegfamily.com is a good resource, there are folks on there with soy allergies.
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Are you thinking about stopping being vegan solely because of not wanting to eat soy? If so, know that it is entirely possible to be vegan without soy. Seitan and beans are great protein sources, and non-soy/non-dairy beverages include almond, hazelnut, oat, or rice milks.

I am predominantly vegan, and don't eat a ton of soy. I do eat plenty of the above, though--esp. beans & almond milk. Yum!

The Food Allergy Survival Guide has lots of great advice & vegan recipes that don't include the most common allergens, such as soy.
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I have a soy problem too. I think for a long time I ate waaayyyy too much of it, and I felt terrible. Reaaaalllly terrible.
I went cold turkey on soy, while still remaining vegan, and feel much better. After about 8 months or so of NO soy, I now have it occasionally (maybe once a week if that).
As kaydee said, there are lots of other alternatives if you are interested in staying vegan.

On another note, I know there have been brief times where I just felt I needed something more, so I've temporarily gone to including some eggs (from my neighbors chickens) in my diet. I do it for a while while I'm feeling I need it, then I go back to total veganism. Mild grosses me out, so I don't feel the need for that (although, I do sometimes miss cheese, I'll admit it!).
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