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Had A u/s Today!

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well, I went in for an u/s today to check on a cyst that has been bugging me since July and I got to see the baby, but just the gestational sack and yolk. I'm just 5 weeks and the tech said that I won't see a hb until at least 6 weeks, and no embryo intil about 5.5 weeks.

so so far, so good. I don't think that I'll go in for another u/s until way later, but I'm glad I got to take a peak at the bean.

as far as the cyst goes, it is small and not a big concern. phew!

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Congrats on the good news!
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Sounds like the best news you could have received! Yay!!!
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augustmom, I'm glad that the cyst isn't going to be a concern - that must be a big relief for you.

How cool you got to see your tiny little babe. When I think of all the big changes coming, it's just amazing, isn't it?

Best Wishes!
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yes, it is cool! thanks. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
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