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Midwife *and* ob/gyn??

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I've gotten in touch with a group fairly locally that assists with homebirths, and they have Certified Professional Midwives (first off, I'm assuming that's not a lay midwife, but not quite a CNM, am I right??)

But their literature says they work in conjunction with "your doctor", and that you still see your ob/gyn as you normally would but just prepare for a homebirth. Has anyone heard of this kind of set up? I mean, this group says they want to see you monthly, then biweekly, then weekly toward the end - the same as my ob/gyn would. So does this mean I'd be going to mucho appointments? That seems weird to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this kind of thing?

And I'm assuming I'm going to have problems finding a doc who's going to be supporting of homebirthing in the first place.

I'll be contacting this group again to get further information, but just wondering if anyone is familiar with this kind of arrangement.

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I got lucky. I saw a CNM with a OB/GYN office (I had High Blood Pressure prior to pregnancy). However, you see the midwife as you would for any OB/GYN visit. I only met the OB once or twice to get familiar with him in case there was a medical need later. My midwife was with me through the visits, delivery and post-delivery. I saw the OB once when he came in to do the discharge evaluation. BTW, he was the one who suggested the midwife!
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a CPM is considered a lay midwife, but not all lay midwifes are CPM. Does that make any sense?: CPM are lay midwifes that have passed exams and are goverened by an agency that standards of practice for lay midwifes. So, they are perfectly capable of catching a baby and handeling a crisis and have the papers to prove it but don't have any medical training.
They are generally looked down apon by CNM all though some work together quite harmonously.

I think the reason you are seeing a regular Dr. (and yes that is a lot of visits. you will be so poked and prodded your head will spin) Is kinda a smoke sceen to cover all you bases. That way iuf you have to have a hospital birth you will have a regular Dr.. you have been seeing. It may also cover the midwives leagally. I saw my Dr. once. He was kinda the undercover back up Dr. for a midwife that didn't legally exist. So the visit consisted of a lot of code words and lying essetially but I had to be seen at least once.
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