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Are you finding out the sex of the babe? - Page 2

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I don't want to find out this time. We did not with our first two, and did with our last two. It was mainly convience, I had got rid of my boy stuff after my first, so my second I have nothing anyway. WIth my third I had all girl stuff, so we found out. Another girl, so more girl stuff. FOund out wuth the fourth, and he was a boy, so now we are good for any sex! This one will be a surprise!

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We're finding out, but we will not tell others. We talked about it, and decided it will make it feel more real once we can refer to the baby with a real name. But I don't want to do some pink or blue nursery or anything. Not our style.
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Nope! We like surprises And I honestly don't care. Yep, a girl would be fun, because I like pink but I just love my little boys too, so either way is ok with me.
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We're going to find out.
We've always agreed that until we had at least one girl and one boy we would find out. I cannot stand surpises and I would have myself worked into a tizzy if I didn't know. I'm a crazy planner and not being able to plan would make me crazy
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I'm not going to find out!! But DH is. LOL

I do not want to find out but he wants to and as of right now is planning on finding out so we'll see how this works out!

We found out with DD and that was nice since she was our first to "prepare" for things but we have everything we need this time around so I don't want to!!!
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I can't stand secrets and want to know...but, there is a small side of me that would love to take part in this surprise.
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ITA, Jo. It would be nice to have a surprise but there is no way I could do it. I'm convinced one is a girl. I know it somewhere deep inside of me and it is probably that same place that told me I was having more than 1. In all honestly, I would like to have 1 girl, I boy and 1 surprise. That way I could have everyhting! :LOL
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Well, we were TTC a girl (Shettle's Method) and we have two boys that keep asking for a little sister. So, we're going to find out this time.

I'm excited, I know I will love the bun no matter what gender, but this time I want to know ahead of the birth since we feel like we have a little at stake emotionally about it.

This will probably be the last babe, and unlike my aunt, I am not going to have 6 kids before I give up trying to have a girl!!! LOL
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i told myself i wouldn't find out... we found out with ds but this time i felt i would go into it without knowing, so i wouldn't be upset if it's one versus the other... but i think i finally came to terms with the whole, wanting the other sex thing and i am okay either way. but if it is a girl, i don't want anyone buying pink so that maybe it's best not to know, KWIM?
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We're planning on finding out if we're having a boy or girl. I can't imagine having a baby being less thrilling because we know about the baby's plumbing in advance.

Besides, I'm a major planner, and DH is a bit conservative, so the sex will determine how I'm "allowed" to decorate the nursery. Nothing froo-froo in a boy's room, you know?
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brendamr--i found that when i found out with my ds i didn't quite believe it. i still didn't buy anything that screamed boy--kept the nursery a nuetral yellow and green with baby animals (not that he ever sleeps in there.... but darn it, it looks good!) and bought nuetral colored sleepers as well. so i guess if we have a boy or a girl next, i can reuse some of the clothes
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Paddington - I think I might be like you. If the pics saying we're having a boy, it may take me a while to accept that reality. It's not that I particulalrly want a girl, it's just that I've never been able to imagine having a boy. It took me a while, but I finally decided it was because I was always trying to picture raising my child(ren) alone, and how would I know what to do with a boy? Even after marrying DH, that particular block hasn't completely dissolved. I try to remind myself that it's extremely unlikely that I'll ever be a single mom, but since that was my experience, it's all I can reference. Odd, no?

Luckily, DH isn't offended, he just laughs it off and tries to be reassuring. I have to say, if we are gifted with a boy, DH is so in charge of explaining stand-up peeing.
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