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When oh when will my belly come out??

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I know this is silly... but I am dying to actually LOOK pregnant. I've been wearing these maternity pants for a few weeks now because my shape shifted a bit and my normal pants don't fit anymore, but I have to wear long shirts to cover the band thing, as I look like a total DORK.
I Just look like I'm a little pudgy in the tummy area compared to my pre-pg self - like i ate too much and havn't done any tummy exercises in a while. Its particularly prevalent in my gym clothes, i wear those "cheerleader" shorts and a tank top- and it really just looks like I could spend some time in an ab class. I keep thinking - next week, I will see a real belly...

I know its different for everyone.. And it takes longer for first timers...
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Don't rush it. Before long you will be huge and saying will my belly ever stop growing I didn't show with dd until 7 1/2 months but in that last month and a half wow baby it was scarey how much my stomach grew.
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Hi, kellykins! If I remember correctly, you and I have the same due date. I'm just now starting to pop out a little...I'm sure you won't be far behind!

This is #2 for me, and I think yours is #1, right? It's normal to take a little longer for your first. Especially if you're in shape, which I bet you are, if you're at the gym regularly. You've got some nice tight muscles that aren't ready to give up yet.

But I totally know how you feel. With #1 I COULD NOT WAIT to look pregnant. I sorta feel that way this time, too -- wanting a little visual payback for all the nausea hell I've been through.

Don't worry...coming soon to an abdomen near you...rapidly growing uterus!
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People keep asking me, "Are you sure you're pregnant?" But when I am naked my belly is HUGE! My midwife was amazed. =)

I discovered today I really, REALLY cannot fit into my prepregnancy pants anymore. Bad choice. Ugh - I feel like a sausage.
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I feel the same way. Every morning i wake up with a slightly pudgy belly. As i eat through out the day it gets bigger. I long for the day that it will stay and i can look pregnant other that when i am eating. I am glad that i am not alone, otherwise i feel like something is wrong with me!
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I felt the same way with #1. I didn't really start to pop out until month 6 and didn't feel like I looked pregnant until well into my 7th month.

I know that the maternity pants with the big band have a place, but in the beginning I'd much rather have pants that sit under the belly--when you don't have a big belly I don't think that giant panel does anyone any fashion favors. :LOL

Soon enough that belly will be a force unto itself--for now enjoy the many things that you can still do (bend, see your toes, lay on your stomach)
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Aminah, I think it's gravity doing its work throughout the day! =) I sure do feel more pregnant at the end of the day.
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Originally Posted by nubianamy
Aminah, I think it's gravity doing its work throughout the day! =) I sure do feel more pregnant at the end of the day.

I think I look like I'm showing, but really, the majority of it is rearranged fat moving up higher. The bulge down low is really, really small. If I hadn't started with a little padding I probably wouldn't be showing at all.
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yeah, i'm so glad you all wrote such informative info...i thought i was just really late or not normal. I'm glad to hear all of your stories, thanks for sharing. i'm at 4 1/2 months and have a tiny buldge in my belly and am still wearing all of my normal clothes, whewwwwwwww.
thanks everyone!!!!
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well, that is link to my first pregnancy. as you can see, at 20 weeks, i barely had a tummy, no one knew i was pregnant. i started showing soon after.

this pregnancy, i have the tummy, but no weight gain, well had gained 5 lbs, but now am up only 2 after being sick for a week, and i am almost 20 weeks.
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I spoke a week too soon I think!!!
All of a sudden, over the past few days, my tummy seems to have grown a good deal! I'm wearing a fairly fitted sweater to work today and a few people have mentioned it, actually! My boss hadn't seen me since last Wednesday and was like WOW! where'd that come from!!!
Cute, big ol mama belly, here it comes!
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20 weeks must be the trick...I got asked twice today and before this no one even had a clue.
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I actually had 2 people, both of whom know I'm pg, ask me if I'm LOSING weight! Um, no. I've definitely been gaining (14 pounds so far). And I even have a belly, even if it's still rather small. Weird, huh?
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I'm about 18 weeks and I only notice a belly at night but by morning I look pretty normal again. Though I have a friend who sees me every couple of days and he tells me how much bigger I am every time... I remember I was definitely showing between 5 and 6 months with my first pregnancy, I figured I'd be showing by now with this one! A lady I know who is a week ahead of me already has an obvious belly. my back hurts from sticking my belly out so that people notice
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Kellykins, that's exactly what I was thinking....everyone is asking me-are you sure you're 21 weeks pregnant?? I have chub-but it's not hard likle a real preg belly yet so when people ask that or say they never wou;d've guessed then i wonder......were they just thinking about how chubby i've gotten? haha I can feel the baby like crazy, esp when her daddy starts talking but I wanna have the tummy to prove it!!!!!! Plus I'm scared to buy small maternity clothes because with my luck i will pop out the very next day
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I can't wait to start wearing my maternity clothes, but am still awaiting the arrival of the long-anticipated belly. I am hopeful, though, on hearing that kellykins is starting to show, since we are due-date buddies. Maybe my belly isn't far off now! (*fingers crossed*)

The wife of one of my massage clients is pregnant, with the same due date as me (and kellykins!) . . . but she is having TRIPLETS! Needless to say, the comparison between our two bellies is comical.
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Birth junkie-I'll hopefully be taking pix this weekend, and hopefully getting a baby/preg blog going soon... Then maybe youll have a belly to REALLY compare to

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Belly only barely popping @ 22 wks. today - & that's following a twin pg!
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Still nothing, and I will be 19 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe I am almost halfway done with this pregnancy and STILL no sign of a belly! I went to bed last night hoping that I would be "popping" this morning; I have a pair of maternity jeans with a green&white striped panel around the belly, and a great orange maternity top that I thought would make the perfect outfit for Halloween. This morning . . . nothing.

Oh, well . . . I suppose I should be grateful for every day that I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, considering that I will probably be sick of maternity clothes by the time I give birth. Still, I am really looking forward to finally LOOKING pregnant, after months of feeling pregnant and now even starting to feel baby movement.

(*sigh*) Good to start developing my patience now, I guess. I'll need it as a mama!
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you will pop soon!! with my first it took awhile. did you see my pics? http://www.theaguilarfamily.com/pregnancypics/Chapter1/

have hope! one day you will look pregnant. i totally remember wanting to look preggos with abby. i even wore maternity clothes when i really didn't need them.
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