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am i having contractions?

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i feel like this is a ridiculous thing to be asking since this is my second child, you would think i would know the difference between real and b&h contrax, but i honestly can't tell if they are braxton hicks or real, or too many braxton hicks to ignore? i was in early labor for over a day with my first baby and didnt realize what i was feeling was real contrax because they werent too painful at all........

i've been having lots of intense tummy tightening feelings ever since i got up this morning, and for the past couple of hours they're feeling like they are coming every few minutes or so. they're not painful per say, but they are not comfortable, and i have been having those sharp stabbing pains in my cervix.........

how many of these can i have per day or hour or whatever without worrying? i'm only 34 weeks.
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I found true contractions to be more like intestinal cramps (like food poisoning) or menstrual cramps, not tightening. BH contractions, for me, are tightening sensations that can get uncomfortable. If laying down on your left side and drinking a couple big glasses of water doesn't make them ease up you might want to call your care provider...

PS- My midwife said to call her if I'm having more than 5 contractions in an hour. BUT, as long as I'm sure I'm only having BH contractions, I don't stick to that rule...
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My MW always says "no more than 5 per hour" or I should call her. I get 5 per hour every day though & never call because I always wait for some "real" sign of labor or something so I don't get sent to the hospital for no reason... ANYway, what I would do if I were you is try to time the cx & if they seem worrisome at all (as in, coming regularly), hydrate yourself like crazy, try lying in different positions, & if all else fails, take a bath. If they get extremely regular, longer or stronger, & closer together, then I would call your caregiver.
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A weird thing that happened to me though is that the labor with my dd really did feel just like BH cx, they just kept coming more & more regularly (& I went into labor with her 3x that way ). That's why I didn't recognize that I was in labor with my son because I was expecting to feel lots of BH but instead felt super intestinal crampy. Soooo, you never know!
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Personally, I feel pretty dumb about BHX...like, I am supposed to be all in touch with my body and my babe but I really just feel movements. I don't know what is actually going on.

This is my first babe and I haven't been around a lot of preggos in my life where I actually listened to what they were going through. I read a lot though. But, I haven't had any pain related to when my stomach is tight. It's tight after I eat...don't think that counts though.

Sometimes I have very, very light little cramps that last briefly. I have killer menstraul cramps so these don't compare at all.
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That's exactly how my labor felt...just BH like cntx sort of more regularly up until a couple hours before the birth- so I would call your mw if all the other tactics (hydration, bath, etc) don't stop them! Although I'm sure episodes like this could happen lots of times for weeks ahead of time until the 'real' time comes! Good luck and let us know!
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My contrax feel the same as QofC - like bad diahhrea or something BH are just tightenings for me and rarely 'painful'.
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What zjande said- I try to slow them down with water (both drinking and bathing) and normally that works. If not, I normally try spending a while on all fours to get some pressure off my cervix and seeing if they're trying to just move baby somewhere, before I panic and phone the hospital.
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I recently had some painful, regular contractions due to a UTI - ended up in the hospital for a couple of days getting the contractions stopped and the infection under control. The doctors there told me that if there's something you can do to stop the contractions - lie down, drink water, whatever - then you don't need to worry about them, no matter how frequent they are. If they continue no matter what you do, then you need to worry.
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Originally Posted by Gunter

Personally, I feel pretty dumb about BHX...like, I am supposed to be all in touch with my body and my babe but I really just feel movements. I don't know what is actually going on.

Gunther, the only way I knew what a BHX was like was that I happened to have one in the middle of my MW exam. I feel most of the ones I notice from the outside. That is I'm rubbing my belly or poking Peanut and my stomach is tighter.

Sometimes if I am doing something slightly strenuous like walking up hill, and I get a BHX, I feel a slight "oof" sensation, like it's suddenly harder to breathe. I also get contractions mixed up with the feeling that I get when the Peanut pushes out with a foot, I'll even say "Hey take it easy on mama, and then realize it's a BHX"

So just remember they feel different for lots of women, and they can be really subtle. Someone in my birth class, who is due is now, asked me what they feel like, and see is as super crunchy in tune with her body as you can get.
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different strokes for different folks...

I've been wondering about BH. My mother and mil told me their birth stories (of my birth and dh's birth) and both said they had no BH and had delivered each of us within 3 hours of the first contrx!

I have been feeling "kicks" that are pretty painful (if only for a nanosecond) and feeling a "tightening" sensation in my very low abdomen (like it feels like it's in my actual birth canal and not my uterus). Could these be BH?
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