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I am huge!!

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Ok, so I am only 7 weeks and can't fit into anything. My belly looks as though I am 4 or 5 mos along. Also, I am extremely tired. I have been sleeping over 10 hours every night. I used to be fine with 7. I don't know what I am going to do when ds starts school again next week. I have not been out of bed before 9:30. I will have to have all 5 of us out the door by 8:30. This is really making me want to HS: .

So, how do I know if I am having twins? I do have my first prenatal with the midwives this Saturday, can they hear heartbeats at 8 weeks? Would they be able to tell if there were 2 this early?

Stephanie mom to 4 (5 in August)
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I'm glad you are resting and listening to your body! We were able to hear the heartbeat at about 9 weeks, if memory serves. However, it will probably be next to impossible for your midwife to diagnose twins this early without an ultrasound. Have other early pregnancy symptoms been dramatic also? Good luck Saturday!
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I'm huge too!!! Either a big baby, twins, or my belly just knows to stretch??? I am looking like I did at 5 mts with Soleil...It's unbelievable!!! I am SUPER tired too, but have not been able to indulge in sleep due to hectic xmas work schedule!!!

Let me know if you are having twins...I'll then have an u/s...


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I am huge too!

I am 31 weeks pg with twins. . . I measure 42 cm, so I'm bigger than most women are when they deliver, and I still have weeks of growing ahead of me!

I know that with second babies women tend to pooch out earlier, and thus feel "huge" earlier in their pregnancies. I guess that the uterus just remembers what it's all about and gets a little over-excited. So that could explain why you feel like you're bigger than you should be. Or. . . You could be having twins! I think 8 weeks is too soon to hear a heartbeat. . . I believe most heartbeats can be heard at 11-13 weeks. We first heard both heartbeats at 13 weeks. At this point in your pregnancy, ultrasound would be the only way to know for sure how many babies you are carrying, and I think it's the only "for sure" way to know for quite some time into the pregnancy (heartbeats alone are not a proven method for diagnosing twins).

I hope you keep getting the rest you need!

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This is my first midwife HB. I have used an OB for all the others. I love her. I have not told them that I am pg and planning to do a HB(If they know, they can not treat you during the pg). This practice usually does an ultrasound(trans-vag) at 9 weeks. Should I call and pretend I am gouing to stay with them and get the US done and then tell them I have decided to switch? Or do I just wait a while. I am planning on having US at 20 weeks but do not want to wonder til then. I am very impatient. I would love to be having twins. I don't want to get excited about the fact that I may and then be disappointed at 20weeks when they say no.
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As for other signs, I am feeling sick with this one, but not terrible. The exhaustion is the biggest part. I knew to expect to pooch quick but being that this is #5 I didn't expect to be so much bigger than with #4.
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Personally, I would wait. I know it's HARD! , but you don't want to have more u/s than necessary right????
Anyway...let us know what you decide!!!

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