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I just found out I get to join you!

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DH and I struggled with IF for 5 years and have spent the last 3 doing assorted drugs, tests and losing weight per drs orders. After our 1st cycle on injectible meds and an IUI, we got a ! We went in today for our 7 week u/s and found out we are having triplets! All 3 have good cardiac development and are good sizes so the dr is pretty sure they will all make it, but we won't know for certain for a while.

Now, of course, I am full of questions and concerns. I have a couple friends with twins but how different is a triplet pg? Also, do I need to invest in a book about being pg with them or can I get by with my regular books? How do you bf 3? or sling 3? And is it more reasonable to room-in with 3 or can co-sleeping still be done easily? Do I need 3x the diapers?

Can you tell I am totally flummoxed?
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Congrats Mimid!

I know exactly how excited -- and terrified -- you must be! I'll take a stab at your prelim list o' qs

1. Twins v. Trips. Pretty diff. A couple basic differences -- Lots of twins pgs go full term and are natural. The most I've heard trips carried is 35 weeks - and never heard of a natural delivery. Don't be scared though - my babes came at 34, no NICU and home w/momma in 5 days.

2. Books. Found them lacking. But many will tell you about Dr. Barbara Luke's book on PG dieting. Its a must. The diet is insane (HUGE AMOUNTS OF FOOD) - but good goal to try and get that weight gained and gained early (you'll learn more about front-loading weight gain as you go).

3. BF, even EBF is doable. I know many that do it for a good portion of the 1st year (TBH - I don't know many BF'ing beyond though). Most EBM for some portion of the day - but know lots of trip babes that never got formula - most got bottles of EBM, but no formula. BTW -- EBF'ing or Exclusing BF and EBM triplets will make you as skinny as you were in high school (even if you've struggled with weight most of your life) -- all this while having to "gorge" yourself just to keep up.

4. Slings. Can't sling 3 at a time (am I wrong?) - but can do 2. And can rotate.

5. Co-sleeping. Plenty of co-sleeping twins families. Trips is a little different b/c you are outnumbered. Lots of people - including us - "rotate". In our house this means everyone starts in their own bed - when someone wakes and wants to co-sleep we bring 'em in - if someone else wake, we swap 'em out. Never more than 1 in the bed at a time. That's just us.

6. Diapers -- From the time you take 'em home, plan on changing each baby 8 to 10 times per day = 24 to 30 diapers a day!

Some more stuff to know early . . .

Two organizations you should get in touch with -- M.O.S.T. is Mothers of Super Twins and Triplet Connection. They have a wealth of info and resources - and chat boards where you can post questions. Your gonna have LOTS of questions about stuff you never heard about before (cerclages? and Mag Sulfate? and, I don't know - crazy stuff) -- here and on those boards, none of your Qs will be new -- you'll find the answer!

Feel free to PM me any time! I think i am one of the only Triplet mommas on these boards? Mine will be a year in December - so all this stuff is FRESH in my mind! Also -- I see you are in LA -- I have a triplet momma friend in LA too, who emails alot - would be happy to connect you.

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Hi Miriam, I think I know you from the Jewish Scrappers list? If it's you - mazel tov!!

if not - congrats! LOL

I also recommend Dr. Luke's book!! Yes you can BF triplets, you'll just have to do some rotating :LOL

we co-slept with our twins and our other son who is just a year younger

diapers - my three were in diapers together & I only had about 3 dozen diapers - couldn't fit much more in the machine lol! I just washed more often if I needed to...
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Just prego with twins here, but wanted to pop in and say congratulations!!!
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just wanted to add congrats also
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Thanks everyone! I've ordered Dr. Luke's book and it should get here in the next couple of days. I have another book on pregnancy diets and it has a small chapter on multiples and says 4000 cals a day for trips and that just freaks me out! Hopefully this new book will give me better guidelines.

As for co-sleeping, I went brain dead for a bit there. DH and I are religous jews and so the 6-7 weeks after birth (while I'm bleeding and 7 days after) we'll be in separate beds. I can just put the mattress on the floor and co-sleep and then dh and I can figure out what to do. It'll probably be a little easier after having some hands-on experience with it.

Yes, Andrea, I am on the Jewish Scrappers list though I've been no-mail since last June when we went to Israel. December on will be my scrapping months as I figure that is a good way to stay off my feet and feel productive at the same time. We're going to be buying a house before they arrive and will need to get a new washer so I'll make sure to get the biggest I can. I really don't want to wash every day although I suppose they might get funky...
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There's a Jewish mama's thread in fining your tribe - many moms there observe niddah and can help you out better on that - do you use two beds or two twins pushed together?

you can just keep switching... dad in bed with one babe, you with two and after you nurse the two get up and switch with dad... is that an option?
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Am totally out of place here, but just wanted to send a sticky smile to mimid and hopes for a calm & healthy pregnancy ...

Also to let you know that friends of ours (coincidentally a frum rabbi & his wife) are parents of triplets that are about 2yo now b'H ... they've moved out of state, but last I spoke to them, they were stressing about the parenting stuff they'd been dealing with till then and had just found Dr. Sears' Baby Book and the whole AP thing ... they had called us for advice on the family bed, etc., since they knew we did all that stuff, but I felt helpless advising them when they had triplets and mine are all singletons ... but they seemed very determined to learn about it ... anyway, it's a ways down the road, but perhaps after all is said and done and everybody's all where they're supposed to be and well if you PM me I'll give you their e-mail address, just for the connection's sake ...

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Originally Posted by mimid
Thanks everyone! I've ordered Dr. Luke's book and it should get here in the next couple of days. I have another book on pregnancy diets and it has a small chapter on multiples and says 4000 cals a day for trips and that just freaks me out! Hopefully this new book will give me better guidelines.
Wait until you see Dr. Luke's diet! I am a "big eater" -- I can usually match my husband bite for bite -- but that diet was a major challenge. Used as a "goal" -- and got 3 babes all over 5 lbs!
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Congratulations!! It is good you are finding out so early. My friend was told she was having boy/girl twins (even had 4 ultrasounds) but when they did the c-section, out came 3 BOYS! Luckily she took excellent care of herself and she carried past 35 weeks, all boys weighing over 5 lbs. She did breastfeed a little but got overwhelmed and quit after a few months. But I know a "friend through a friend" who breastfed her triplets for 15 months. I think she weaned them when she got pregnant again. I think it is possible to sling triplets, but if it doesn't mean you have to do all 3 at once unless you want to.
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I agree that the Barbara Luke diet will make your jaw drop!!

But there is also a lot of great encouragement in that book, like the diagram on p. 160 that shows how big a baby's head is at different gestations. You look at that diagram and suddenly feel motivated to down another protein shake, or spend another hour off your feet

Good luck!!

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Congratulations, Momma!
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isorry for butting in here when i don't even have triplets. i'm feeling a bit out of place but hoping i may have some advice i only have twins but i used to sling them in one sling in the front with my 2yo on my back in a soft carrier. it's not exactly slinging but may be an option for you.

i breastfed the twins along with the two year old (not all at the same time mind you :LOL ). again, not the same as triplets so i'm not sure that is helpful for you.

mazel tov .
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Thanks everyone! I just got Dr. Luke's book from Amazon yesterday and did a quick skim through and am now sitting down to read it more in-depth. I went and bought some of those protein shakes she talks about and it really seems to help because I don't feel like I'm eating but I know I'm getting something in. I also found the foot prints really inspiring. My dad and his girl-friend are coming to visit Sunday and she's an NICU nurse in San Diego so I'm going to talk with her on the condition that she doesn't tell me a bunch of horror stories. I'm making my shopping list and am actually just about on track with weight gain according to her book. I should gain 3 more pounds in the next 2 weeks and it'll be good. I'm not 100% sure what my pre-weight was, but I know what it was 1 month before so I'm shooting for the high end of Dr. Luke's target range now and then I'll move to the middle.
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i don't know what she said for triplets but for twins she says "24 pounds by 24 weeks" and I know a lot of moms who had full term babies and feel that was part of the reason..

I know you don't want to hear the horror stories but when my twins were in the NICU I sort of really regretted my "it will never happen to me" thinking....
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Hey Mimid -

Been thinking about you. How is it going?
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It's going great! I just had my 2nd ultrasound this morning and the doctor said that they all look great and the little one has caught up. I got Dr. Luke's book and have a bunch of pages marked. I also made a checklist to try and get all the food in--I never thought it would be so hard! He's also calling my OB and the perintologist that works with my OB (who is apparently pretty famous in that community). He thinks I'll be seeing them in 2-3 more weeks.
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Just wanted to boost your confidence . . . a "friend of a friend" just had trips that were 37 weeks and over 6 lbs each! It can be done . . . take care of yourself and take it really, really easy. Good Luck!
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37 week trips - wow. I've never heard that before - and all over 6 lbs -- never heard that before either!

Mimid - glad to hear all is going well! Sounds like you and Doc Luke are off to a good start. Keep the info coming - we are rooting for you.
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Congratulations!! :

Take good care of yourself mama!

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy,
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