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ear wax in babies?

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Our (almost) 8 month old DS has been scratching at his ears for a while now - enough so that the inside of the ear is pretty raw.

DH has looked at his ears and they are not infected, however there seems to be a collection of ear wax.

My question: what is the best way to remove ear wax in babies? Warm olive oil? Mullein oil? I haven't done ears before and I'm a bit nervous.


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kiddy ear wax

both of my kids are waxy. My son (almost 3) is especially bad... I check his ears frequently (at least once a month) with an otoscope and then I use an otiloop (you can get plastic ones from the pharmacist at Walmart for ~$5.) and use the loop to pull th e wax out of the ear. His wax comes out in dark orange strings - very bizzarre!

My daughter is not as bad, but I still check her ears every month or so.

I am very wary about putting drops in their ears, so I like the loop. Good Luck! Mir:
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That loop thing sounds interesting...will have to check into that.

My son had a lot of earwax as a baby and his naturopath told us to use nothing but garlic/muellin oil drops (he sells a good one, http://www.westernbotanicals.com), that clears up the wax. Works well and prevents ear infections too. But I don't think the wax in itself is anything to worry about, other than being icky. If you son is scratching his ears a lot he might have yeast or some infection so I would have a doctor look at them.
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Barbara, How can you tell if a baby has an ear infection by just looking? I'm also interested in this as my dd (same age as yours) has also started scratching her ear and it seems red but only on the outside, not near the opening to her ear canal. I don't know what to look for. For the wax can you just use warmed up olive oil? I'm in France and I'm sure can't the other stuff.

Maman to Eva (71/2 months)
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not Barbara, but...

To check the ear you need an otoscope. You lightly pull the external ear upwards and backwards and use your scope to look into the ear canal. Look for the tympanic membrane at the back of the ear. If it is red, bulging, has a serous (water) line, or if it has a pus exudate, then you need to take your child to the doctor for further examination. If you ask your pediatrician, they often have cards that show you what to look for so that you know how to compare a healthy ear to a problem one.
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hey, thanks all for the responses.

DH is a md - we have an otoscope at home, althouth the battery right now isn't very strong (long story) He hasn't seen signs of infection (I can't look - have to hold DS) but DS sure is concerned about his ears ... had a very restless night, finally this am pulling at his ears again.

DS is just getting over a cold ... why do second children get colds so much earlier than first children??? and I'm concerned that this is a lingering sign of something. Sigh. I didn't have to do anything with DS #1 so this is totally unfamiliar territory for me.

If it's yeast, would gentian violet be appropriate for the outer ear? It sure works on the diaper yeasties.

Barbara (for Nathaniel)
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All 3 of mine are very waxy. I usually use either Debrox drops (from the grocery store or pharmacy) or plain old peroxide. Oils alone have never been terribly effective for us. The peroxide seems to do better job of breaking it up. The Debrox is an oil-peroxide drop. For outer ear infections I just use vinegar. If he's been congested for a while I wouldn't be surprised if he were having pressure in those ears.
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How do you use Dubrox? Ds has one waxy ear from using too many ear drop oils, I guess.: But, dr. tried to get it out and it was really stuck in there. So, he suggested Dubrox. But, we can't seem to get it to work or we aren't using enough. Do you simply put a few drops inand just leave it?

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It takes a while for Debrox to work on really hardened wax. You just put in a couple of drops (I use before bathtime) for several days in a row...like at least a week. I actually use them regularly now to prevent big buildup. I think it works better at preventing buildup than getting rid of it once it's there.

If that doesn't work, I go for the straight peroxide. Completely fill the ear canal, let it bubble away, wipe bubble mess, massage base of ear to gush it around in there, keep adding more peroxide & wiping away bubbled out wax mess (takes a while if it's really yucky). Once it breaks down enough, if there's a chunk in there, it will float up to the top.
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