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How does it work??

I had always assumed that a woman would get one or two distinct cravings, such as pickels and ice cream and just have to have that all the time. I have "cravings" but they are all different, I am not satisified until they are fulfilled, but they are always different and never the same thing twice.

I am only 7 wks (something like that). I didn't really have cravings with DS, I had one instance where I just HAD to have my mom's BBQ, but other than that nothing, I just kind of felt like having a certain food (nobody just grabs randomly from the fridge so that wasn't a craving).

I have morning sickness, and I am VERY picky about what I can eat, but it can go from hot dogs with saurkraut (sp?), to donuts, to eggs and ham sandwiches etc. But it tastes sooooooooo gooood once I finally get what I want.

Is these real cravings? It's not like I would be willing to go to 7-11 at 3 in morning for a slushie or anything desperate like that. Anyone else having the same food pickiness or cravings that I am?