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Yaaaah!!! Julia told me she had to go to the potty she sat down for a long time and peed! Then she even wiped herself! Of course I told her how good it was and as I gave her a pull-up I said if she needs to poop, she can tell me too. So she said she did. She sat on her potty again..and no poop..but she peed again!!! She also did this a couple days ago..told me she had to go..and she peed twice! She is 2 by the way. If anyone read my post about hubby being a creep...maybe I should remind him that Julia is learning to use the potty..he can't expect her to learn that, wean, and sleep in her own bed at the same time! What a turd. How can I be so happy and mad at the same time? Well, child=happy, hubby=mad I guess