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My 8 mo old dd seems to be sleepcrawling and pulling herself up to standing in her sleep. We have a crib/sidecar arrangement. She is on the verge of walking and has seemed a little clingier lately too. Any ideas? Should I call the pedi? She is easy to settle back down but she seems really young for sleepwalking!


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Dd would crawl forward, turn left and head for the markers on the desk. This obsession was easily explainable when she was awake but she would also do it several times during the night. She crawled early and was very excited about being able to move I think she just couldn't take a break even for sleep. heck she crawled off the bed at one point and broke her collar bne. Her biggest concern? "How am I gonna crawl with this thing on?" for 24 hours she wouldn't let me pick her hup untill she got it and yes, she is still like this today I wouldn't worry about it. some kids are just so impressed by thier new skills the can't wait to use them until they wake up. She will no doubt grow out of it in a few months/years
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DS DID THIS ALL THE TIME when he started crawling.

I would all of a sudden wake up in the middle of night, blindly reach out, and catch his foot before he crawled right off the bottom of the bed. He would take off in a dead sprint sound asleep.

As all things do, this too shall pass.

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My 9mo does that too! He'll sit up, crawl around the bed, lay his head on my stomach, try and stand up at the wall-nuts. I have noticed that he does this more when he is teething or has a belly ache or the like.
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Yes! Ds just started doing this, and we sleep with the mattress on the floor right against the wall. He will crawl/scooch forward then stop for a minute, sigh, then move forward again. It ends when hits his head on the wall and crys, or I pull him back and he crys. Needless to say, we haven't been getting much sleep.
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DS#2 is there now, too.

One thing is we sleep on the floor/ on futons and he crawls off the bed across the room.

Now, if we're not in the room with him and he crawls behind the door (if the door is closed) then we can't get the door open to get to him.

Yes, that happened once already.

So we've taken to putting a "fence" in front of the futons if he's napping or has gone to sleep earlier than anyone else, so that he can't get behind the closed door.

Exhausting, ain't they? :LOL

- Amy
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This is how we got our King-Crib--queen and twin mattresses on the floor, partitioned off with one of those outdoor play yards. It was the only way I could ever fall asleep all the way and not keep one eye/hand/ear on my sleepcrawler, so we came up with that. My dh hated every minute of it, though gave it its name and referred to it half-fondly for a while. Finally, I bought dh a "real" bed, which we now sleep on with the twin on the floor next to ours. But alas, ds2 creeped to the bottom of the bed last night, and we started reminiscing...
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strange isnt it?

my dear one year old does this at nap time as well. she will wake up, get on all fours and just start crawling in a stupor. sometimes her eyes are open and it is always followed with crying and a scared look on her face. for some reason she is an unbearably light sleeper. she is easy to settle down but just as easy to wake again with the turn in the bed or a small noise. has anyone read any literature about this sleepcrawling? hmmm....

all my love and light....aleathia
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