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I can't believe I am the first to review this great company. (I searched for another post) I went to Deanna 's yahoo group and ordered three pairs of diaper pants. I asked for 1 fleece and two wool in fall colors. I wanted them within a month. She got the measurements from me and started one pair. She then sent them to me for sizing, just to make sure. After that she made the last two and mailed.

All three pairs are wonderful. The sizing could not be better and quality is excellent. She sent perfect colors for us. We are using the fleece and wool at night with no wicking or leaks. Ds has played outside in the wool and they still look new. (Very sturdy) I really could not be happier. I'm thinking about getting a few pairs for my 4 yr-old.

Deanne's customer service was excellent. She kept me informed on the progress every step of the way. Her communication was fantastic. The prices could also not be beat.