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advice please

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Ok, I wrote a couple of weeks ago complaining that I wasn't sick, and was worried about whether the fetus was ok or not. Hah!! I need't have worried as now I feel so sick I have only been sick once, but feel the need to all the time. My question is, how do you handle it when you have a 20 month old to entertain all day??? I feel so guilty about constantly sticking on the Teletubbies, but I can't handle much walking around. I am trying positive thinking to get over this, but it isn't working!!Help! BTW, I was sick with Gabe as well so have tried all the normal cures for MS (morning, hah, what bloke named it THAT???) and the only thing that kind of helped was eating crackers before I got up and black liquorice. Ok, I'm babbling.
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I don't have any fantastic miracle cure but I have tons of sympathy for you!!! I had terifically bad pregnancy sickness with DS and with this current pregnancy. It wasn't just in the morning for me either. Here are some of the things that helped a little, sometimes:

Eat often, small amounts. An empty stomach is a pukey stomach.

Eat some protein with every meal/snack. This was hard because protein did NOT appeal to me, but if I forced it down, it seemed to help sometimes.

Watch the food additives if you eat prepackaged food or eat out. I am soo sensitive to food additives and chemicals when pregnant and they would make me sick every time! Even seemingly innocuous stuff like dyes and preservatives would set me off.

I saw an acupuncturist a few times and it did take the edge off. I have a friend whose pregnancy sickness was totally wiped out by acupuncture, so its worth a try.

I have heard people swear by B vitamins (didn't help me) and by eating ginger (made me puke). So, give it a shot!

Good luck! I am sorry this is being so miserable for you!
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One of the things that helped me the most during this pregnancy was motion sickness bands. Also protein snacks helped a lot.

Hope you are feeling better.
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Some of the things that helped me were:

chewing minty gum (this was great for that sour icky taste in my mouth and just when I noticed nausea setting in)
peppermint tea
spicy foods (I have NO clue why, but it seemed to work)
eating small meals or snacks very frequently
water with a healthy squeeze of lemon and/or lime juice
lots of fresh fruit (I ate lots of kiwi and pineapple!)

Some of the "usual" things that work for other people that didn't work for me were:

anything ginger-candied ginger, ginger tea, real ginger ale
bland foods

Good luck! I went through a lot of trial and error but once I found that something worked to relieve or lessen the nausea, I was so much happier. Definitely keep the fluids in you b/c dehydration can exacerbate the "nasty nausea"!!

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I just wanted to add, you won't be sick forever (hopefully) so a few months of teletubbies, so you can rest isn't the worst thing in the world. You could also try coloring and reading.
Good luck with the morning sickness.
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This probably won't help, but might make you chuckle.....

For one baby it was bell peppers, the only thing that stopped me from being sick was chewing on a bell pepper.

For another, kippered herrings, of all things. Discovered them in the grocery store and fell in love with the smell. Ate them every morning.

For another, a leather change purse......the smell was so soothing!

For another, the water I cooked spinach in. Drank it to stop being sick.

For another, I had to carry around a jar of Vicks Vap-O-Rub to smell.

Really, what you must do is eat before going to bed. The dips in blood sugar can make you feel sick. Candied ginger is suppposed to work wonders, so does peppermint tea. Go to a marine supply store and get a sea band for your wrist, it hits a pressure point that stops nausea.
Get plenty of sleep! This too shall pass.......
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A couple of things that helped me a little this time were taking vitamins at night & eating some protein before going to bed. I think I had a cheese sandwich before bed for a month straight. Didn't help for the rest of the day, but I sure felt better in the morning.
As for teletubbies...I spent days on the couch with dd watching Treehouse TV. When she didn't want to do something she started sitting down with her head in her hands saying, "I'm sick"!! I guess I said it a lot, but it passed & we're back to normal (whatever that is!).
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the one thing that helped me through morning (?) sickness with both babies was a snack bag of cut up lemons to sniff. i practicaly tied them to my face feedbag style. if i so much as got up wind of ANY food i got washed over w/nausea. also, when i just couldn't put any food in my mouth i drank meal replacement shakes- on ice. they kind of coat your stomach so it isn't so acidy, then maybe you can eat something light. i also let my cravings take over me -baby#1 was roast beef sandwiches- i was a vegetarian for six years. it only lasted a few weeks and then i was back to my normal diet.
i feel for you - just reading your thread brought back memories!
hope some of this helps - good luck
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thanks to you all- some good tips there- and sevenkids, thanks for making me giggle
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