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January 2ww, anyone?

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I was already over at the Dec 2ww, and now I'm starting my next 2ww. Thought it was time for a new thread - ok?

Anyway, fertility friend is not recognizing today's high temp, but cm dried up and cp went firm so I'm pretty sure this isn't yet another anov cycle for me even with my crazy temps, and that I o'd a couple days ago when I had a splitting hormone headache that just wouldn't go away.
Well, that makes me cd18, 2dpo.

I'm having a real hard time trying not to obsess so much! But it seems all I can think about is getting pregnant, being pregnant, having another baby, etc. Help!
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I am cd14 today. Think I am ovulating. I am not doing temps. etc. right now. Just "going with the flow" I also am trying not to obsess but would really like to have a + test in January. BD to you! Good luck!
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I'm a little early, cd8 and no O yet, but I thought I'd sign in. This is my second month temping, but I keep irregular hours, so I've armed myself with an OPK this month and despite ample cm, OPK was negative. Hey, look at me with the acronyms! I sound like I know what I'm doing!!

Stafl, FF didn't observe O last month, but Ovusoft did, I like it better

Babydust to us this month!!
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Well, now I'm just not so sure anymore! This could be another anov cycle for me, I just don't know! I didn't get a good temp this am, baby woke me up wanting to nurse...blah blah blah... I think I might just stop charting the rest of this cycle, and POAS on cd 35, if af doesn't show up before then. I'm just so disillusioned with the whole ttc thing right now! I'm trying to convince myself that it's just because I'm still nursing DD a few times a day, and that once she is weaned I will be able to get pregnant. It's just so discouraging, BFN after BFN each month!
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CD 21 here, I have no idea what is going on, I'm on 2 DPO if you go by temp increase, but I have a sinus infection and on med that is drying everything up.
This is also cycle 1 after miscarriage, I really think I O'd though, I've never not.

Baby dust to everyone.
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CD22, 7dpo I think. I don't do temps because of dd's waking at night. This is my second cycle after miscarrying and my first cycle trying progesterone supplements.

Best wishes to all!!
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I'm on day 32 now, 8 dpo I think. Kinda wacky temps and wacky cm, so dh and I are still bd'ing as much as possible because last month I missed O when Fertility Friend said it occured when it hadn't. I think I need to tell Dh we're still in trying mode (well tell him AGAIN...), I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, he wasn't in bed, so I checked on him and he was... aher.... busy in the other room I already asked him to please reserve all his swimmers for me during 'fertile time'. :LOL Ok sorry if that was WAY TMI!

If anyone wants to perhaps help out with decyphering my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/17c87/

I've only been charting since August, so this is still kinda confusing to me....
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OK - I'm in. I'm CD7 - first cycle after m/c. Suprisingly AF was almost totally normal which was unexpected (AF is fairly light and only 4 days - expected heavier and longer 1st cycle after m/c). I guess technically I'm in the 3ww?!?

Baby dust to all - may the new year be the year for all of us!
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Stafl, I can relate to the broken sleep, between dd freaking out and then being asleep when I get there, and dh snoring when I get back to bed, I rarely get 3 hours unbroken, never mind at the end of the night!!

I'm trying an OPK this cycle myself, mostly to assure myself that I do O. I've become so obsessed!! With dd we just went with it, no charts no tests...:

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I'm cd17 and think I'm gonna O any day. I am temping this cycle. Getting sorta crampy and ewcm, temps took a big dip this am too.
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Got a high temp today! (and no, I didn't drink anything last night either) Had to lie to FF about yesterday's temp, but they did give me that eggie! I still think I'm one day ahead of what they say, 4dpo instead of 3, but it doesn't make that much of a difference does it? I'm still going to stop with the charting the rest of this cycle, it's making me too crazy! I will try my best to hold out on POAS until Jan 16th, that would be cd35 and when I'd expect AF if I weren't charting at all.

Jennay - I always temp the first time I wake up needing to pee, which is after right at 3.5 hours of sleep. Usually DD sleeps all night, and it isn't a problem. I wasn't really charting, but I was temping and watching my fertility signs when ttc the first time... after 7 or 8 months with no definite temp rise, I just quit bothering with it. We got pregnant the month after I quit paying any attention to my cycle whatsoever!
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cd 14. OPK are negative, can't really tell cervical position well, no ewcm and no temp shift.. I'm hoping for something to happen soon !!!

Hate this waiting. I wish there was a little light that would go on to let us know we were fertile and then another to let us know we were pregnant. would be so much easier... But then what would I have to obsess about.

go eggies!!!!
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I would also like an indicator light :LOL

Thanks stafl, I hadn't thought of temping in the middle of the night, but that would work much better for me. I hope those temps stay up up up!!

I ordered tcoyf, and now I'm just waiting for it to get here. Argh.

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OK< well AF showed so another anovulatory cycle for me. so cd1 here. at first I thought it could be mid cycle spotting, but cramping and heavier than would be midcycle.
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I am feeling a lot more optimistic since I've decided not to chart the rest of this cycle!
I do have an indicator light, well, not a light, but a wet-down-there-I-wanna-BD kind of feeling that happens right before I ovulate!
I figure the best I can do is bd whenever I have ewcm since I never know when or if I'm going to ovulate. I think charting works better for those lucky enough to have perfectly regular cycles!

Good luck everyone!!

Here's some extra ~^~^~STICKY VIBES~^~^~ for all of us!
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cd5 for me. Been ttc for 1 1/2 yrs - I was temping and charting (I am one of the lucky ones and have a regular cycle) but stopped 6 months ago, I figured I was obsessing too much and maybe if I "relaxed" a little more it would help get pg. So far no such luck, I think I may start the charting thing again. I'm feeling really positive about this new year - I think it's finally going to happen this year. Good luck to everyone.
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5dpo- approximately and I have got major hormones running through my body. I feel like I am suffering from the worst bad-mood-pms symptoms of my life (and that's saying a lot). Of course I am hopeful that this is an early indicator of pg, but if I think about that I start crying.....anyhoo, sorry for joining this thread at a full whine :

Arduinna, have you looked into accupressure/accupuncture to regulate your cycles? Your cycles sound just like mine were (up until this August). I went in once a week for 3 months and it made an amazing difference. It's been almost 2 months since I quit treatment and my cycles have remained regular. Except for today, it has just about completely eradicated my PMS, and my cramps have been totally minimal. That concludes my advertisement for accu

*~*~baby dust and blessings to us all~*~*
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My lmp was 26 November. Before that, 20 Oct, 21 Sept, 17 Aug, 22 July, 19 June, 3 May. That's all I've had since ds.

I have not tested b/c with ds I felt sooooo pg a week before AF was due. I don't feel sick or fatigued, my mouth is not watering, my nipples are just fine, my gi tract is normal...and I hate spending $$ on tests and will not buy them online.

Some woman needs to develop a kitchen recipe for a home pg test. You know, a little baking powder and something--that would really help me.
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Oh--and every time I nurse ds now, I can feel my uterus contracting. This, I must say, is new.

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Things are looking good for me! Ovulens gave me ferns starting Sat., EWCM started Tue., and I had some cramping yesterday...so I decided, in an effort to prevent testing too early which gets me so depressed, to consider yesterday my O date. It's so easy to remember! I won't test until the 15th. I have one test left from a 3-pack, and I'm determined this will be the one!

Does anybody know if it's dangerous to have chiropractic during very early pregnancy? I have an appointment next week. (I'm hoping that will get rid of my frequent terrible headaches.)
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