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UmmNuh - I still get contrx while nursing, too. I asked over at the extended bf forum about it, but last I checked had only one reply.

Becca - Be sure to tell your chiro that you may be preg. I had chiro adjustments all through my pregnancy, starting before I even knew I was preggo, and Jenny's existence is fact enough for me to say it's perfectly safe. I actually think seeing the chiro in the first place is what helped me to relax and let things happen! (and it definitely helps with my headaches!)
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i would recommend NOT having chiropractic adjustment during early preg.- could have been a factor in my m/c- had shouldewr adjusted and have since learned there is impt. meridian that should be left alone or something like this- my very fabulous and enlightened chir. didn't know about this but this masterful maseusse told me about it- in fact she does not do deep work on preg. women until 2nd trimester-
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So sorry, Gina! My chiro definitely did things different when he knew we were ttc and after I was pregnant. That's why I suggested telling him before having any sort of adjustment. A shoulder adjustment is a far cry from a neck adjustment, which is what I assume Becca would have for headaches. I will continue to see mine whenever I need him, whether I am pregnant or not.
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I just got a faint positive!!!! I'm still holding my breath cuz its faint... even though the test says faint still = pregnant. But I just had to share!!!!
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Congratulations, LisaLynn! I broke down, too, and got a line.

Thanks to all the ladies in the prayer project--I'm keeping you all in mine!
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Chiropractic is safe during any stage of pregnancy. It can even help if you are having problems conceiving. Just be sure to tell the doctor if you are pg. or may be pg. I am feeling I may be pg this month?! I am heading in for my adjustment right away! I want to make sure my body is working 100% if this is it!!

Congratulations Lisalynn an UmmNuh!
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Wow! Two grads already!!! CONGRATS!

Now for the rest of us.... right?
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When do you think is time to test?

I am at cd18 or 19 and ttc. I am leaving on a trip in 7 days (cd 25 or 26) and was thinking of testing that day. Do you think that is too early? I feel fullness just above my pubic symphysis and some "pains" over my uterus area, but am wondering if it is just wishful thinking. Should I wait until I miss af or should I test before? :
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naturegirl~ It depends somewhat on the test you use. Some tests are more sensitive than others at detecting hcg. My last pregnancy I got a positive at 13dpo.

UmmNuh and Lisa_Lynn~ Congratulations!!!

I am now 11dpo and nothing yet. I tested at 9dpo and got a big zilch. I'm such a big dope! What was my baby- obsessed brain thinking. LOL

Arduinna~ Sorry about AF showing up. Kinda think I'm going to be joining you soon.

Baby dust to all the rest of you!

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Hi ladies! Nothing new here. Still waiting for either AF or a BFP, whichever comes first. Just one more week to go!

Giving us a bump before we drop off the first page! How is everyone holding out?
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CONGRATULATIONS Lisa Lynn and UmmNuh!!!!

I hope to join the 2ww in a couple of days!

Much love and baby dust to everyone here!
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cd15 here, and I think I O'd yesterday. CM was textbook this cycle, and I had an OPK+, on Sunday, but no temp rise today:

How accurate are they anyway? I'm paranoid now I was seeing what I wanted to see: I thought the OPK might be a way for me to see if I ovulated or not.

Argh! There's so much I don't know about ovulation. I have a good feeling this month though, so baby dust all around!! And CONGRATULATIONS Lisa Lynn and UmmNuh!!!!

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Congratulations Ummnuh and Lisa Lynn!!!!!!

I was out of town last week and just realized I have lost track of my cd!!!! WoW!!! I think I'm at cd 24, I know I was planning on testing by Friday if no af.

So far I am ravenous and tired, but that could just be the western wa winter blues. Of course, I don't want my *symptoms* to go away cause then I'll know I'm not pg; so in effect, I want to stay sick. Sometimes I feel like a real nutjob! TTC induced dementia. Or is it early pg dementia? One can only hope.

naturegirl~ test before of course. That way you can post before hand and let us know! Or, if you want to be reasonable, and not risk wasting money, you should probably wait til you're at least 14 dpo. jmho

~*~* baby dust and blessings*~*~
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Problem is I don't know when exactly I ovulated! Dh and I have just been having ALOT of fun this month. Not taking it too seriously as we haven't been trying long. Actually this is the first month we really thought about it at all. Still feeling the baby vibes though. Once you get that in your mind...

I feel for all you ladies who have been ttc for months, even years, I don't know how you do it. You are all amazing women.
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Jennay - My temp usually doesn't rise until a couple days after I ovulate. It isn't that uncommon, I don't think. The temp rise just tells you that you did ovulate, not when.
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Hi stafl, well that's good to know thank you. I will try the OPK again next month, if necessary. Dh is still holding out on my buying the ovusoft software as it's almost $50 CDN!! My book hasn't shown up yet, still! How can I be expected to stay rational?

A funny thing is I keep seeing a December baby...I want to be pregnant now though, just so I know I can.

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Jennay - you can chart for free at http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ or http://www.babymed.com/
Personally, I have my own chart I made up on my spreadsheet program that has all the info (and then some) that I want to keep track of each cycle. TCOYF has definitely helped me understand these things so much better!
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Stafl, did you make the spreadsheet yourself? Maybe I could model something after the tcoyf chart. I like the program to tell me what's going on, but maybe that "encouragement" is part of what's stressing me out.

I got a temp above coverline though, woohoo!

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Here's some extra ~STICKY VIBES~ for you Aurora and you Jennay!

Yes, I just made the spreadsheet myself, after the charts in the book, and added a few extras, a little more detail when it comes to some things like cramps (since I have endo, it helps my doc if I chart what my cramps are like as well as when I get them) and such. Then I use Fertility Friend to share my charts with my online ttc buddies.

I got a BFN yesterday, though I realize 10 dpo is too early to test! I am convinced now that AF will be here in the next few days. It's weird though, my pms has gone away! What is up with that?
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