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~^~^~^~^~STICKY~^~^~^~^~ to you to stafl.

I made up a chart in excel and it looks pretty good (I've always wanted to use that smilie!!). I can format it myself, so I think I'll like it better than the one in the software. I'm going to transfer my cycles data tonight and compare them (geek ).

You made me laugh with the 10 dpo, that is so something I will do!!

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Hi Everyone!
I have been a lurker here for a long time and finally decided to post. We have been ttc for 8 mo, complicated by the facts that I don't o every (LOOOONNNGG) cycle and my dh is a pilot and is gone 4 days a week.
Today is the first time since we've started trying that OPK was positive and dh is home!
I am afraid to be too hopeful, but I can't help it. I don't know how I will ever make it through the 2ww.
Good luck to everyone else who is struggling to be patient this month!!
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9dpo here. The last 2 nights, I've had pretty major indigestion after dinner--burning acidic feeling and lots of gas! The first night I'd eaten spicy greasy Chinese food, but last night I ate much milder food in a combination that's never given me trouble before, and last night was worse than before. Is this a preg symptom?? {fingers crossed...}

A friend who came over last night told me his sister is expecting...twins! I managed to suppress the "you're just telling me this to torment me" reaction--he doesn't even know we're TTC--but mentally heaved a sigh.

I've been remembering more dreams than usual in the past week. A recurring character is a tall and handsome rabbit. (I mean that he's tall for a rabbit--including ears he's about my height.) He is in a tuxedo at the cocktail party, or signing bills in the Oval Office, always behaving impeccably. Perhaps he's some sort of omen???
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I would like to join in the 2ww! This month I am not going to obsess about every twinge and every symptom being a sure sign of pregnancy
And I am not going to test until the 25th! Being that pregnacy tests are $13 each here, that should be easy...

Good luck to all!
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I'm out! AF showed up today.

Good luck to all the rest of you! See you in the next 2ww...
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CD 5 for me. But I'm not getting my hopes up too high. My luteal phase has been really short. I'm taking extra b6 which is suppose to help, am also thinking about the progesterone creams that are out there, but am just holding my breath for now. Last time I went to Costco I bought 3 boxes of ovulation predictor kits, hoping I won't have to use them all
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Yay, Ummnuh and LisaLynn
I have my fingers crossed for the rest of us patiently (: ) waiting.
I am not sure, again, exactly how many dpo I am since I didn't temp 3 days in a row when I really should have been. I'm gonna guess 6.
On the positive side, breakfast didn't appeal to me this am and my boobs hurt somethin' awful. And I haven't had the heartburn I usually get around this time. I swear I am the only one I know who finally gets relief from heartburn during pg!!:
I forgot to do the Robitussin this month like I was gonna. So if this isn't the one, I will try to remember next month.
Hugs and crossed fingers for everyone!!!

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You are giving me a little bit of hope. I am 4dpo and my breasts, my nipples in particular are very tender and I am also experiencing relief of my usual heartburn. Wierd.
I am so afaid to hope after all these months of disappointment!
I wish there was some way I could fast forward 10 days, or sleep until then or something. The suspense is killing me!!!
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Does anyone use eggwhite rather than take Robitussin?

Just wondering...
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I'm not getting my hopes up too high...

...but I got the faintest of partial lines this morning. No line at all at 3 min. but the window still looked very pink; at 5 min. from just the right angle I could see only the end points of the line; at 10 min. I could see a little more of the ends and from every angle, but they still didn't meet in the middle and the color was still very light. I didn't look after 10 min. because the directions say that doesn't mean anything.

It might just be a faulty test. The control line showed up brightly but was way off-center and slightly crooked in its window. Maybe the test-assembling robot was drunk!

I've had the feeling that I didn't really ovulate, or really more the feeling that for whatever reason it's not happening this time, so my instinct is to not take this too seriously. OTOH, a couple of months ago when I felt totally sure I was pregnant, I wasn't. So maybe I just have no intuition about this. :

I'm weighing my options. I think I might pee on the same test again tomorrow morning and see what that does--cost-effective, anyway! And tonight I'll look at the sale flyers and see if I'm going to Target this week (wouldn't go JUST for preg test, tho they have the best everyday price; there has to be some other reason to go out there and freeze myself waiting for the bus back!) and if drugstores near home have sales on preg tests, and that will help me decide whether to get an "early" test or get another regular test to use next week. So pragmatic. We'll see if I can stay that way!
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Tons of BFP dust to you EnviroBecca!!!!!!! How many dpo are you?

I am 9dpo today and not very hopeful, I guess I just don't expect to get preg. anymore. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! I am having a pity party today.:

Lots of love and baby dust to you all!!
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Checking in....

My chart has been really screwy this month. I thought I O'd on 1/6, but my temps didn't go up until 1/9. Now my high temp is low for me, and is the same every morning. : Not sure what's going on. I'm either 7 or 9 dpo.

Now, on the positive side, I have had very tender nipples lately. I can't stand to have my dd nurse much. So, I'm hoping that this is a good sign that this will be our month!

Aurora, I know how you feel. Hang in there...it'll hapen!
Congratulation to everyone who got BFP this month.
EnviroBecca, I'm keeping you in my thoughts. As i've said before, my sister had an extremely faint line and now her dd is 8 months old! I don't know how you can stand the wait! I'd be down getting a free pregnancy test ASAP. I know that we give them out here (the birth center I work at).

Good luck to all of us still waiting!
my chart
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I'm 14dpo, I think...Ovulens and CM gave me different ideas about which was the most likely day, so I decided to count from the later day since that was Jan. 1 and easy to remember! Therefore, I *ought* to be able to get a nice clear result by now! This maybe-ness is so frustrating.

I haven't mentioned the test to MrBecca. I know he'd be irritated that I'm discussing it with a bunch of "strangers" online when I haven't told him...but he just doesn't understand!! When I've been sad about BFN he's been very sweet, but when I then test again a week later (I have infrequent periods, so my 2ww often becomes a 6ww or longer!) he doesn't get it: "Why don't you just wait until you have some kind of obvious symptom? What's the big hurry? You'll find out eventually!" Yes, but...but...ooohhh!!!

Thanks for the good wishes! Babydust to everyone!!
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Checking in myself at 8 dpo, I guess I have some symptoms in that CM is still there, and cervix is still a bit open. My temps are up but just barely, I seem to be a slow plodding lazy riser . However, I should preface by saying I don't know what I'm doing yet :

I would really like this having to pee every 20 mins to be because of a little babe though!!

dust to you EnviroBecca! My dh would just as soon not hear about it until it was a sure thing, so I spend a lot of time here with you ladies!

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Oh, EnviroBecca, I really have my fingers crossed for you.
Jennay, let's hope there is a very good reason for all that peeing!!
I am feeling a bit confused. My temp was up to 98.9, very high for me, this am, and my boobs are still sore. But last night I was spotting after a bit of a frolick with dh. (sorry if that is tmi: ) I mentioned before that I am not entirely sure when I o'd. I may have to just go get a test and see if there is any hope. Argh, but I hate to go spend the money.
Why is ttc so frustrating?!?!?

Yeah, I don't know what my dh would say to me sitting around discussing this with all of you. But I know he has no interest in riding my roller coaster. So, Thanks for being here y'all!
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Well, I tried peeing on the same test again, but that didn't cause any noticeable change--the line was all the way there, but faint, when I took it out of the wastebasket, and it was still faint later. I think I'll wait several days before testing again to give HCG a chance to build up, if that's in fact what's happening....

I've had vivid dreams for a week or so now--is it a pregnancy symptom, or is it because super-cold weather is causing the furnace to come on in the middle of the night and I'm getting overheated? : That tall rabbit was back; he had a message from MrBecca but wouldn't tell me what it was.

Last night while making love I noticed some odd tenderness in my abdomen and cervix; I sometimes have that w/PMS, but it's usually more of a cramping whereas this was just a swollen kind of feeling. This morning I had a strong craving for salsa, which usually means rising progesterone for me--it was a Pill thing that ever since has been a PMS thing, but prog. rises in pregnancy too.... Aargh, such obsessing!

RasJane, maybe that was implantation bleeding?? I hope so!
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I'm new here (TTC #1) but I've been checking in with this thread for a couple of weeks...definitely in the right place.

3dpo -- trying SO hard not to obsess (but not doing a very good job). My dh is very patient with my constant list of "symptoms" -- this morning I was sure my breasts are just a little bit bigger than usual, this afternoon it's heartburn. He's a good sport but wishes I could just relax and be patient. Argh. Glad you all know how next to impossible that is!

Good Luck!!
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RasJane, I would guess that the spotting is from a friable cervix. A lot of women's cervix's are friable when they are pre-menstrual or are pregnant. Lets hope its the latter!
(In addition to the seemingly full-time job of ttc, I am also a midwife)
EnviroBecca- I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I would be taking another test right away! You definately have more patience that I do.
Wannabe, my husband is the same way. I think he sometimes gets tired of my obsessing. This is a nice safe place to come and listen to other people obsess-makes you feel normal.
Baby dust to all!!!

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Well, 9dpo of possible the longest 2ww yet. Ok, so there've been only 2. How can two weeks take so long? When I'm on holidays it doesn't take nearly this long.

I keep hearing the test in my drawer; "Jennaaaaaayyyyy, come and get meeeeee".

Are hallucinations a sign of pg?

I rubbed a pregnant belly today, so here goes:

Just put your bellies up to the monitor for some healthy baby vibes!!
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