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Thanks for continuing to reply to my thread!

I did the recliner 1 night when dh was out of town and I didn't want to have to wake my sil (who stayed for the weekend) to help me. It did not work for us. The proximity to my breasts caused them to just latch on and off all night long. It was really uncomfortable for me (I'm a super light sleeper).

We are at this point, part-time co-sleeping and it is working well. Ben starts the night in a crib (in our room) and Gus in a bassinet next to our bed. Gus wakes up after 3-4 hours and I just reach over, bring him into bed, latch him on and lie down to sleep. Ben will sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours. When he wakes up, I put Gus back in the bassinet,or if Gus is wakeful I sit up with the nursing pillow and nurse them both. Ben usually stays in bed with us for the rest of the night, and I try to put Gus back in the bassinet since he will just want to snack at the all night mommy buffet if he is too close. Sometimes he really won't settle in the bassinet, so he stays in bed too. The 3-6 am time seems to be the hardest (when both babies have a harder time staying asleep), but if I don't stay up too much later than they do in the evening I can often get several hours of sleep in a row.

Being a mom to twins is so different than to a singleton. I beat myself up for not full-time co-sleeping with dd (dd inherited my light-sleeping tendencies and we were a poor co-sleeping couple). Now I am definitely in the "go with what works" camp! This works for now and I'm sure it will change.

Thanks again, and DaryLLL I am honored that you replied to my thread! I always enjoy your insightful posts!