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Anyone regret getting rid of internet/Cable TV

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I am really considering getting rid of our cable services, TV and internet. I always hate when we use them but keep doing it, I know we would be more creative, learn more and spend more time together, Yeah we would give up some things, Me Oprah and Gilmore Girls, DH sports and DS seasame street, but I think it would be worth it,
Any one done this, what were your thoughts experiences?
( don't worry I'd keep in on MDC at the library)
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Short answer -- we did it for 2 months, hated it, got it all back. We added the DVR and now watch about 50% of what we used to, plus spend probably 50% less time online. So a hiatus did us good, and the hiatus was a year ago so it has stuck.
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We had a small hiatus also. We could technically live without the tv (DH doesn't think he can :LOL ) but the internet we can NOT. Besides entertainment purposes (and MDC, of course), my older children need something almost daily for schoolwork or to look up times/meetings etc for sports events, cancellations, church functions etc. and it just isn't feasible to run to the library everytime.

We get a HUGE discount because of having both cable tv and internet, so much that the cable tv is almost free compared to what we'd spend on just the internet.
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we recently (a couple of months ago) got rid of our satellite dish service and I have not regretted it one single bit! I originally got it thinking that my son could have access to a lot of good educational programming (we're homeschoolers), and he did - but it also brought a lot of crappy, commercial-laden, questionable-values kind of kids' programming into the house and I didn't like that at all!

when we cancelled the dish we ordered a netflix subscription and it is just as good as, if not better than, having the dish. it is $40.00 less per month than what we were paying the dish company and we still have access to any educational programming we could want - without the commercials and crappy shows - and we get to watch what we want, when we want to. it's a great compromise for me with my 7 year old, who wants to watch some of his favorite shows......I still get control over what he is choosing to watch and we get to discuss it together before we ever order it, or if it is something I don't know about I can research it before it comes into the house. I really would recommend that if you are looking for a way to save $ on cable or satellite.
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we got rid of cable in the spring. Now we have 4 very fuzzy local channels. It was dh's idea as we don't watch it much in the summer anyway. Now he wants it back but we can't afford the hook-up fee. Honestly, I'm not missing it AT ALL. We rent movies about 3 times a month and dd is too young to really get kids programs yet. I am going to try to hold off getting it back for as long as I can.

One thing we noticed was that tv commercials are utterly rediculous. You get desensitized to it when you don't see them all the time. They are lound, obnoxious and send blatently obvious sexual, violent, morrally questionable messsages. For that alone I'll fight getting tv back.

kept the internet, though

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We got rid of TV last spring, don't miss it one bit. I don't think I can get rid of internet though, no uh uh. I really am inspired by this site (and a couple of others - craftster, for example) and it's such an inexpensive way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the country.

I agree re. the commercials - holy moley, I never realized how bad (and frequent) they are until I gave up TV. I sometimes get tempted to start watching TV again, so I tune the channels in again but that usually lasts all of 10 minutes and then I am ready to scream.
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We don't have cable or satellite. All we have are 5 terrestrial channels here in the UK (i.e. those that are not cable or satellite).

We hardly ever watch TV, sometimes, we rent DVDs (maybe 5 or so a month).

I coud never live without my Internet though. For one, I have an online business and I write/ edit for several online publications, so my work is mostly directly linked to the Internet.
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I wouldn't get rid of the cable unless absolutely necessary, but I would happily cancel it if it meant being able to keep my internet. I'm sure I'd be fine without the TV but I would really miss it.
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I have never had cable TV as an adult, and watching it is... weird now.

Even the Disney channel is TOOLOUD TOOBRIGHT TOOEVERYTHING when I see it at the ped's office. I can't imagine trying to live around that racket. And as pps mention, the commercials so soooo obviously out of line and manipulative that it's pathetic. But I didn't notice it till I quit watching for awhile.

I also dislike the portrayal of women as invariably 5'7'' and 115 pounds. And overwhelmingly white. People on TV look unbelievably fake to me now.

But the Internet is my downfall... it's too easy to leave my window open, drop by and chat, piddle elsewhere, chat, change a dipe, chat... :LOL But I figure we all need a bad habit in this life.
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We gave up cable TV in 1988 and have no regrets. I wouldn't give up my internet now, though. Maybe someday I will be able to do that.
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We've been cable-free for about 7 yrs and I've zero regrets. Can't stand tv anymore. We do watch dvds only on weekends & I love our internet. Probably ought to cut back on it tho. :LOL
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We're TV-free and have been since June (tho we just got a big projector and movie screen to watch DVDs and we subscribe to a service similar to netflix, so we watch a lot of movies) and I LOVE IT!!!!! So does my football obsessed husband. (He was worried. But he's been listening to the games on the 'net radio). Not having cable/ TV is wonderful. I am actually grateful to myself and my DH that we made this step! (Watching TV now when we're at someone else's home or in airports or whatever is just weird... it's such a lesson in how we get used to so much .)

OTOH, it'd be very very hard for me to give up the internet. I would probably benefit from it, but it would be awful at first and I would miss my friends. I don't think I'd ever do it, but you never know. I do know that when the babe comes, I don't want to spend as much time online then as I do now... but I think that'll be a natural effect of parenthood.

Though I did have an OK time when my computer broke and I had to go to the library to check email. It was frustrating in some respects, but it was also a nice vacation of sorts... that's something to think about. Maybe give yourself a week or two weeks where you don't use the computer at home, but go to the library. See how that works out...
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Not sure if I could handle no internet. Mind you I have access at work so maybe I could handle not having it at home but I don't think dh could!

But cable we haven't had in years. I don't watch much tv and what I do like to watch I can watch on the few channels we do still get. We also get a couple of channels that show programs that ds watches. I know a few people who get NO channels but they still rent and buy dvd's/videos.

ds 5/8/02
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We've been cable free for over a year now. Initially I dropped it because it was just SO expensive for us to get. (almost a hundred bucks for digital cable alone plus another 70 for the internet, no other options around for us) So we dropped the cable and switched our internet provider to a lower cost one. I cannot live without the internet and it does need to be DSL because we're a houseful of gamers here.

I don't miss cable at all... well, honestly only sometimes. When someone on here mentions watching Discovery, Babystory, or something else like that. I remember that I can't watch those anymore. We do get 6 channels with an antenna so I can still watch my favorite local shows. What I DO miss? The DVR.. but honestly, we didn't watch enough tv to constitute almost 200 bucks a month!
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we got rid of cable when we bought our house. haven't looked back since. I refuse to give up internet though as I use it to do all kinds (school, pay bills, chat, etc) but its only dial up. Not only does it save us $$ but more time to do things as a family and the kids use their brains more
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I don't have cable and wouldn't want it in my house. As far as I'm concerned, the less TV, the better, so even if it were free, I wouldn't want it.

The net is another story--I'd be lost without it.
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I would love to get rid of cable, but couldn't live without the net. However, the MIL needs cable to survive, so I'm stuck. : I just keep praying and hoping for her house to sell so we can move into a house big enough for the different lifestyles.
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I wish we would. Dh works for the cable/internet company though, so we get it for free. Just before he began to work there, I was thinking about throwing our tv away, and reducing our internet to a few hours a month (for emails only). Now dh even plays poker (with real money) on the net.
But that's another story...
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We gave up cable and started up net flix. We like it way better this way because now we only watch what we really want to watch, not just vegging infront of the TV out of bordem. I just had to get rid of the cable, I have little self control so I just have to cut my self free sometimes. I'm really glad we did it. Now we only watch about 6-8 hrs of TV a week, mostly movies and some news with the rabbit ears.
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We've been cable free several years now, and I have not regretted it. I do miss it, but only at certain times. I miss channels like Discovery, history channel, Animal planet, etc. If I knew I could get certain channels without getting other ones (NO cartoon network, NO disney channel) I would do it. My kids are calmer without cable, and since they don't have the constant barrage of "you need this, you need that" from the commercials, they are content with what they have, and much, MUCH more creative.

I couldn't do without internet, the luxury of finding any information I need with the click of a mouse is fantastic. I've learned so much on here, esp. about raising my children.
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