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Ok, all of you absolutely ROCK--- I was afraid to peek if I got any responses and 19 in half a day............

Well, this info is all super helpful, and I plan on getting in the fishy pool, massage from dh, and just taking it one ctx at a time.........

in a way it seems like wine would be cool and in a way it seems like it could slow down labor/make me barf/lose "focus" (although I kind of want to lose focus....I dont know)

well as far as marijuana I worry about the baby being born---ummm stoned ------ and fear of transport/drug tests........could be a bad bad idea /also could be like spiritual midwifery-- i have seen some old 70's videos and some of those mamas were h i g h , and I am not judging one bit, but I am not on The Farm and I worry!

I might have looked more into the TENS thing but I am 39 1/2 weeks and its too late!

Well, heres to all of you and your helpful info and to me getting ready to have this baby! I know I can do it, I did it before, and this time I wont have anyone around me who is evil and who freaks me out, and that is going to be the biggest help of all!!!!!!
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It's not really taboo I'd say- but I do think that the type of 'drug' pain relief you're describing would interfere with the rhythm of labor and body feedback. I can't remember who said it but if labor 'hurts', if you have incredible amounts of pain, then it's a sign that something is wrong and that something needs to be changed.[/QUOTE]**

I just wanted to say that while i have heard this and believe that sometimes, maybe even most of the time, this might be true, it isn't always. I had horrific pain in my labor and it was a straightforward and uncomplicated as anything..and actually, statements like this were horribly detrimental to my labor experience, because I honestly thought it wouldn't be very painful if I did everything "right" and that is just plain bullcrappy! While usually pain is a signal something is wrong, Sometimes, even unbelieveable amounts of pain are.....just unbelievable amounts of pain.....I would just caution people to not get caught up in the "if it hurts something is wrong" mindset, because sometimes, it just ain't true!
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Originally Posted by MrsMoe
I wish I could use marijuana as an alternative to a narcotic shot to be frank - I find marijuana a wonderful painkiller and appreciate that it is a natural herb. I think it should for sure be used by the medical industry as a painkiller; It's very effective.
I know you're planning a hospital birth, but wouldn't you be able to take an (unlabelled) bottle of tincture in with you? Judging by Susun Weed, it seems to be quite effective- I think you might JUST have time to make some as well.
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AMEN to bullcrappy!!! My labor with ds#3 our homebirth, was astonishingly painful. It wasnt HUGS it wasnt RUSHES it wasnt INTERESTING SENSATIONS, it was bone shattering, flaming car-wreck unbearable shocking pain.

And ummm I take tylenol for a headache and drink a wine to "relax", so why wouldnt I want a little something for labor? (was my sort of original thought)

But I worried about messing up the baby when it came out, like depressing breathing or something. I also worry about if i transfered and they "found out" --- even tho the drugs they give ya at the hospital are like WAAAAY off the chart narcotics so how could they say anything.........

but yes to some of us, the whole bit about if it hurts something is "wrong" is what sends us off to the epidural man instead of within our selves to find the strength to go on.
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I know that in Germany women that homebirth are often taking "Buscopan", which is an OTC drug for period cramps. It only helps in early labor, but it is said (don't know if there is any actual evidence for it) that it helps relax the cervix and so supports dilation. It's also given in hospitals "to take the edge off", but it's non narcotic - more of a muscle relaxant.

It's available in Canada, but not in the US.
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There's always the option of acupuncture or acupressure.
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I had nothing for either of my homebirths but they were in the birthing tub and this was wonderful for pain relief.

I had back labor w/#1 and my mw had saline shots ready in case it happened again for #2.
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