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what antibiotics are ok?

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okay, no saga, but ds is suddenly mainly weaning, I'm engorged, running a fever, and feeling like I have the flu.
So, seems like a breast infection. I'm going to the dr. tomorrow (not one I've used before -- we're rather new in town) and I think he will probably prescribe antibiotics (whichwill be welcome at this point)
anyone know what is/is not okay?
ds doesn't bf much lately, but I still want to be on the safe side, esp. bc there's a slim slim slim chance I'm pg.
(it's so hard to know when you don't get your period for 3 years)
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Amoxicillin is the safest for bf mothers. I'd also get some colloidal silver and take 1 tsp. 2-3 x a day. Colloidal Silver is a very effective, safe natural antibiotic w/ no side-effects. It's great at fighting tough infections- viral and bacterial. Oh, be sure to supplement w/ acidophilus if you take the amoxicillin.
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I have a sinus infection and have been fighting it for a week - I don't want to go to the Dr because she will perscibe an anitibiotic for sure. Will colloidal silver treat this type of infection too??? Is it a perscription or HFS item??

Thanks for any info - my head is about to fall off!

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The silver should work. It's gotten me better so quick when other stuff did nothing for me... try doing a search for it on the web, there's a bunch of really informative sites. Oh, and it's sold at most health food stores and coops. I can't remember the brand I use, but I know it's 500 ppms (method of measurement), and the dose size says 1/4 tsp. but I take 1 tsp. 3 x a day when fighting a real tough sickness, and I see results w/in 24 hours. Be sure to drink plenty of purified water too. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic. You may want to take them in conjunction... as well as vitamin C.
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If you ever want to get info about the effects of various drugs on breastmilk, Dr. Thomas Hale's reference book "Medications and Mothers’ Milk" 2000 Edition is a good resource. Many LC's have a copy, and will usually let you take a peek or do a lookup themselves for you.
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I'm heading down the the Coop to get some Silver and give it a try - can't hurt! I've been uping my garlic and Vit C already.


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