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I need advice...help

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My boyfriend and I had sex last night and the condom broke when he went into me. It wasn't in very far and he didn't ejaculate. He pulled out as soon as we felt the condom pop. It was a spermicide lubricated condom by Trojan. I wanted to know what the risk of pregnancy is due to any precum that might have been released. The condom broke after a while, so there was a lot of the lubricant already inside of me before this happened. Thanks so much for any help or advice you have to offer.

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You are probably fine. However, if you're concerned, you could go to Planned Parenthood for emergency contraception.
Where are you in your menstrual cycle? do you know approximately wehn you ovulate?
Best of luck... i applaud your attempts at safe sex maybe you need a new brand of condom!
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I really don't have a menstrual cycle. The only way I really get my period is if I take some sort of helper, like the pill or the patch. I recently went to the doctor and she said that I most likely had something calle Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. She mentioned how I'd be able to have kids, but it might be hard to.
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Sorry to hear you may have PCOS. There are a lot of women on this site who do, and can give you lots of info! It's not just something that can keep you from conceiving easily, it can also affect your diabetes risks.

So you're saying you NEVER start bleeing on your own? Well it's still (unlikely but) possible that you occasionally ovulate on your own, so if you are really concerned about getting pregnant, I'd get EC. It's not expensive and it's just like taking a lot of BCP. (At least that's what I know from others who have used it).

Again, good luck
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I honestly cannot remember the last time I bled on my own. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. I'm 21 now and I got my period when I was about 13.

Thank for all of your help!
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well then. it's probably very very unlikely.. but still remotely possible.
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If you have Pcos mostly likely you are not pregant....There are also only a few days during the month ovulating women can get pregnant anyway. It also sounds like there wasn't really spillage of any type and the spermicide for extra protection..

(I am trying to be positive down here
Worst case scenario, your pregnant. If you did not think you could have children maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

We are all here for you of you need support
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