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There's an intact little guy curled up next to his sister in our Midwest bed tonight.

I haven't ever seen another intact boy yet either unfortunately. But my good friend will be birthing one in January and another good friend is willing to go to war with her DH over the issue when she gets pregnant again. Oh yeah. Her son will be intact, over her DH's dead body if necessary. :LOL

We are few and far between here. I left a MOMS club over this (the ignorance was truly frightening voer this issue) and the stupid Jesus forwards.

Way back when I first started CDing, I thought another AP mom was so cool and her infant sons were circ'd because she didn't want some women making fun of them when they were older. That should have been my first clue that I was dealing with a wackadoo.
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My two intact boys are playing Uno in the living room while my intact husband is making dinner. Here in Sweden, it is the norm to be intact and the exception to be circumsised. My kind of country!
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Another Ohioan with a intact son, though he was born and kept whole in Missouri
Our DD was born in Ohio so I have no idea what the hospital here thinks of circ.
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Northwestern Oregon: I only know of one baby boy who is intact. My nephew and a three year old boy I babysit are both cut. That's all that I know of. (But if/when I have a baby boy, you can be sure he'll be added to the list!)
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Originally Posted by MicheleQ
i see a good number of intact boys -- including my own -- but i live in san francisco. i'm sure there's a higher percentage than many other cities/towns.
We're on the peninsula and I'm happy to report that intactness seems to be on the rise down this way as well. According to a doula friend of mine in the Stanford area, there's been a trend away from circ in the last 5 years.

From what I can tell, and what I have heard, intactness in San Francisco really started taking off about 15 years ago and nowadays the majority of youngsters in the city are whole - and we're talking white middle class professional types. The times they are a changin', at least in some places.
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That's pretty much the national trend. The circumcision rate plateaued in the early 1990's and took a reverse trend in the late '90's and has been in free fall since. It's been very localized with some areas showing differences in the 15% less range and other localities showing 50% or more decreases.

This same effect can be seen in other formerly circumcising countries such as Canada and Australia where in some areas the circumcision rate is in the 20% range and in others it's in the 1% range. I believe all of these countries will eventually equalize with a less than 5% rate for all provinces/states and a national rate around 1%. This includes the US.

ETA: California got a jump on everyone else when they defunded Medicaid circumcision 25 years ago. I think we will see the same effect in 10 years or less in the states that have defunded circumcision in the last few years. I can actually see it happening much sooner. When California defunded it, there was no internet and no organizations to provide information about circumcision and certainly no intactivist movement.

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Lots of intact boys here in Alberta. I only know of 2 that got circed, all the rest I've seen were intact, including my nepews (who definitely would have been cut if it were covered, my bil even thought about having it done when they were 4 and 2)
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My children and all my friend's children are intact here in Ohio!
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Just chiming in from Florida...my little guy is intact and so are all but one of my girlfriends babies. Not sure what the actual rates are here.
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Aussie toddler intact here in Queensland.
I think the majority are around here, but I havn't actualy seen most of the boys at playgroup or my kids cousins that close up. so I'm asuming they are as any time I have, like my sil youngest who is 5, they have been intact. Only boy who I have seen to be circd was my friends son, when I changed his nappy, but this was 15 years ago!
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count three more for idaho!
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