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We have to remember that the circumcision rate for 10 year olds is very different than that of 5 year olds and they are very different than the rate for boys born this year.

As a national cultural trend, this one is moving at lightning speed and we have to look at a very narrow age range to get an idea of what is happening now.

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Well, I have 6 intact boys to add...LOL. But where I live it is very rare. I had a daycare for 8 years and I had one intact boy out of a lot of little boys. Very sad.

There have been 4 new baby boys born at our church in the last 2 months and all were circ. I tried to save them, but couldn't.

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Most of the boys in my AP group are intact. I don't really see naked babies outside of the group though. Here medicaid doesn't cover circumsicion (along with several other states) so I'm assuming a lot of low income families are opting not doing it as they can't afford $600 + (upfront) to get it done.
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Well, there are two (three if you count DH....shhhhh don't tell him I told you...no, he honestly does not care) in my bed right now.
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i live in europe and i have never even met anyone who is circumcised!
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plenty intact boys here in australia!
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There are quite a few in my church, one in my bed (dh) and a possible one in my belly I've seen a lot of intact little boys around here, but the rates here are pretty low (and at least that one hospital doesn't do them anymore so I'm sure that has helped a lot!).

love and peace.
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Another two here in Oz.
My boys are 10 & 7 and when they were babies I guess it was 50 - 50
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I'm German and ds was born in Germany. No doctor there will perform infant circumcision (boy or girl).

We live in the UK and circumcision is almost non-existent here too [I think it is around 5% -- mainly practised by Muslim immigrants].

ALL the little boys [and big boys, ahem ] I know are intact
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To the OP: you live in the midwest, which has the highest circ. rate in the nation; if memory serves me, over 81% of boys here are circ'ed. Here in Iowa, the circ. rate is still sky-high, too. I wouldn't be surprised if my 18 year old is the only intact male in his Senior class.
My 2 intact sons are grown now, but I've noticed that they have no trouble getting girlfriends!
I am happy to report that circ. is rare in the Pagan community. I attend a Pagan festival once a year and volunteer at their child-care center. Almost all baby and toddler boys are intact.
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totally OT

Originally Posted by zipworth
I am an early childhood educator, and I care for infants, and I have never seen a circed penis! Yay for Nova Scotia!!!
So funny you should say this - I just returned from my honeymoon in Parrsboro, NS, and the German couple that owned the bed & breakfast we stayed at was very AP....she was so happy that we turned down her offer for a crib for our son, and happily told me she was still nursing her 3 1/2 yr old after she asked me if I breastfed.

Your province is stunningly beautiful, by the way. We also saw Cape D'or...breathtaking.
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I live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY and in my village neighborhood, within a 4 block radius, there are 6 intact boys, and those are the ones I know of, I'm guessing that there are more. That's a lot for such a small area. The school nurse still insists that 99% are circ'd, but she is full of horse dung.

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There are 2 intact little boys right here playing with their toys in MA! Does anyone know how the circ rate is in MA?
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Originally Posted by Slingin'Momto4
There are 2 intact little boys right here playing with their toys in MA! Does anyone know how the circ rate is in MA?
I don't...I do know that around the Cambridge area it is really low. The hospital I delivered at was something like 20% circ, and there is a pretty good sized jewish and muslim population.
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I had planned to circ jsut because al the men and boys in our family are. Daddy said yes to it and I hadn't really thought much about it. My boy got lucky when he was born with a lot of fat padding down there and a penis hiding away inside. The doctor thought it was too small to circ "safely" (all you could really see was a little foreskin "cone" sticking out) So we left with an intact boy and I was so happy that he wasn't cut. That is when I realized that I had an opinion on circumcision!
So there is another intact boy here in CT.
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with me and darkhorsemama, you can add at least 3 more tennesseans. we're here. (btw, am i the only person who doesn't see baby penises waving around in the breeze on a regular basis? lol, the only ones i know of, are the ones i know of, if you get my drift. if i was helping at preschool or in civilized europe where people swim naked, it would be diferent i guess.)

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Hey dynamo,

Thanks, I love Nova Scotia! I am American and I used to live in Attelboro, Mass. I loved Massechusets too.

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Originally Posted by westernmamomma
Here in Mass, my intact guy's following in his daddy's footsteps!
Here too
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i know of one intact little boy and that would be my dentists one assitant. she breastfed too. thats here in PA
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