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perineal massage??

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Does anyone do this to prepare themselves prior to giving birth to avoid unnecessary cut or rip while giving birth? My midwife explained to me to use oil and how to rub and stretch the area (if possible to have hubby do it as kinda hard to reach down there when so big).

I didnt do this the first pregnancy, I did have a small epi during the pushing stage (was in squat position at the time) as they said that my legs were so numb that I didnt have enough power to push the head out. I was surprised they didnt ask me or inform me what they were doing.

I am hoping this time that I wont need it.

Would like to hear if others have done this. I have heard using waterbath for contraction or giving birth helps reduces this. What about the massage...has it worked for others?

Thanks for sharing

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i did peri massage a little bit but my husband was in the military and we lived apart during my pregnancy so it was hard to do to myself. not because of the belly but because its not a comfortable feeling and you need someone that will get down there and just do the job. i have heard that its a must to do to get prepared and prevent tears and i have also heard that you dont want to strech it too much and that your body will strech when its suppose to. I tore a little bit and was strict about no episiotomy. you will never know but you may have not needed that episiotomy at all and never would have tore?

i think it doesnt hurt to do a little massage and get that area prepared for the streching that will occure.
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I didn't do it and didn't tear, we talked to the midwife about it and she said the little bit of streaching wouldn't make much difference when it comes to getting a head out.
The more important thing is to control the pushing and listen to your body.
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I have never done it and have never torn either. I think it is more important to have parenial suppot and gentle pushing also. Another thing that seems to factor in was position. my last two babies I was on my hands and knees and I really think this helped me not to tear.
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My dh and I just started doing perineal massage this week. He's been real helpful... I can't even see that area and a previous poster is correct - it's not pleasant. It has been helpful in teaching me to practice my relaxation while he does the stretching. I figure it can't hurt and can only help - not to mention the burning sensation is supposed to be similar to when the baby's coming out, so I figure it's good conditioning. He read his instructions in a book loaned to him from my doula "The Birth Partner". We bought a squirt bottle from Walmart and he filled it with olive oil. It's awkward at first, but good training for me having someone between my legs and I'm hoping it will help prepare me for birth and maybe even prevent a tear. My midwife and doula are a little disappointed that we didn't begin *much* earlier. I'm 36 weeks now.

expecting #1 2/01/03
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I don't want to sound too negative, but it didn't help me. My dh and I did it for four weeks prior to ds's birth and I still ended up with an episiotomy and a second-degree tear. Ugh. It was a nightmare.
I do agree with jogirl though - it did help me to at least get more comfortable with the idea of the pressure.

Good luck
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My midwives did the massage for me while in labor. The first used Astroglide, I delivered in a squat position with lots of Perinial support, small tear that didn't need stitches ~ 6lb 13oz baby. The second recommended Olive Oil, I delivered hands and knees, again with support, small tear that needed 2 stiches ~ 8lb 2oz baby. My labors were only 7 and 11 hours from first contraction to baby.
Position is a *major* factor (along with support and gentle pushes), you're more likely to need an episiotomy with the litho position than any other ~ I highly recommend the hands and knees position, as it really opens the pelvis and greatly reduces chance of shoulder dys....(SP?) as well.

~diana ild
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My midwives had dh and I do peri massage for 6 weeks before my due date with dd1. I didn't tear but had some "skidmarks" Ouch. With my next three babies I didn't bother with peri massage. With my second baby I had a few skidmarks again but my last two babies I didn't even get those. My last two babies were my biggest with my fourth being 9lb 4oz. The biggest differences I noticed as far as preventing the skidmarks was position and nutrition. With my first baby my midwives had me in a semi lithotomy position, I am so surprised I didn't tear! my second my dh was holding me in a supported squat but it wasn't very comfortable. and with my third I used a birth stool and my fourth two chairs pushed together with towels folded on them as they were wooden. I have delivered all my children at home so one of my biggest fears is tearing enough to have to go in for a repair. I am so grateful that has never happened!

Best Wishes!
Sarah sahm to
Eva 6, Noah 4, Eliza 2, Jonah 7 mos.
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