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How do you deal with the stress of a twin pregnancy??

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Everything is going fine, and I'm almost 32 weeks!

So why do I feel totally stressed out?

I have to get blood drawn tomorrow for a liver profile, because my BP was a little high 2 weeks back. My doctor is quite careful --maybe even excessively so --with tracking suspicious things like pre-eclampsia and HELLP. I actually really appreciate this, because I don't feel comfortable with a doctor who doesn't take these things seriously. But I find myself freaking out for two days as I go for these tests, wait for results, wonder what is happening.

I HATE it!

I find myself unable to concentrate on other things, even baby-related things like setting up their room and everything.

Plus, my doctor says things like, "If this turns out to be a problem,we'll have to deliver." : So I feel like I have to get my body under control or the babies will be really early...but of course it's notmy fault or responsibility if I develop a serious situation like pre-e. KWIM?

Any advice on all this? How do you relax and enjoy?

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Hi Kiran! I don't have much advice for you, but I just wanted to say hi. I live in Mexico (but we are actually moving to MI in less than 2 weeks) and I am seeing a high risk OB/GYN but he sure doesn't feel like it. I will be 30 weeks on Friday and I am still on monthly appointments, I haven't had any tests down since 14 weeks and those were only iron and blood sugar. We were also planning a waterbirth and he does breech twins, too. I am actually kind of sad to leave him, but in MI I will get to have a homebirth with a midwife which is my first preference. I can see what you mean though. In some ways you want a cautious doctor who is making sure you are well taken care of, but where do you draw the line and it just becomes too much intervention?

Like I said, I don't have much advice except to think positively and just visulaize things in your head the way you want them to go. My goal is to carry to 40 weeks and have a home water birth, but fear does try to creep in alot. What if I go into pre-term labor, what if the babies are breech, what if something happens, etc. But I just push those thoughts out and keep the good ones-I think positive thinking is always important, but especially during a twin pregnancy.
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There was sooooo much stress during my twin pregnancy...if you go over to the Mother's Writing Group forum and click on where it says "The Birth Story" you can read my story and see what I mean. Also, it might help give you some perspective. During all the tests and everything else that went on with me, I just repeated the mantra "I am doing this for my babies. I will stay pregnant as long as I can to give them the best start." Just think of your babies momma!! The goal is to get them here healthy and well...so just think on that and let everything else become secondary. If you want to talk, just PM me.
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This might have just been my peculiar personality, but I approached my twin pregnancy like a job. I did research, assembled my "team" of caregivers, made informed decisions, didn't slack off (even when I really didn't think I could possibly drink 4 litres of water a day or eat another gram of protein), and rested even when I didn't want to if the babies were "telling" me to.

And once I knew I had done my job for the day, I let it go . . . until it was time to go back to "work" tomorrow".

At 32 weeks, if your doctor says things that are a little alarmist, don't worry too much . . . you've done great already and there's no reason to think that will change! Good luck and take it easy!
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The last weeks of a twin preg are stressful since everyone, even your doctor thinks or feels you will deliver before the 40 week mark. I think I was too tired to let most of that testing stuff get to me. I also, took comfort that if the girls needed to be born early they would do well, my doctor was always positive. Sleep as much as you can and take care of your self.

Ps. my girls were induced (per my request) at 40 weeks and they were born vaginally, weighing 8 pounds each.
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So - um - let's see. You're 32 weeks pregnant. With TWINS. You are being closely monitored (using invasive procedures like blood draws) for pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Your doctor is telling you that you may have these babies any time now. You are attempting to set up a household that will accomodate them (while being, again, 32 weeks pregnant - with TWINS).

Holy friggin' moly mama, my girls are two years old and I thought I'd forgotten the stress of those last weeks until I read your post - you brought it all back! :LOL

It's crazy, it's outa control, it's terrifying, it's wonderful, it's a roller coaster, it's the best thing, it's the worst thing, and you get to go through it all with a belly that causes open stares and comment in public I betcha!

My point (and I do have one): it's normal to feel crazy in crazy situations. And, you will survive. Your babies are lucky to have you for their mama. You're gonna do great! Really!

Come here and scream if you need to, OK? More to you.
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You mommies are so nice!! I really cannot explain the stress and uncertainty of all this to anyone else. My mom keeps pushing me to imagine that the babies are coming at 38-40 weeks, and just keep my mind set on that, instead of on all the bad things that could happen before then. But, at the same time, I keep thinking of all the things we need to do, and being "ready" (whatever that means!) in case the babies are early!

And you're totally right, Amy, about the looks people give. I don't feel like pregnant women should be holed up at home.....but the other week, walking around our busy neighborhood with my DH, I felt like everyone was staring at me. I almost cried. And that was at 30 weeks, with 10 weeks to go! It's really not helpful. And it makes me feel weird about going out.

Anyway, I just gave my 4 vials of blood (!!), so somehow a weight is off my shoulders. Whatever's in there, they'll find out...and I'll deal with the consequences at that point.

And for now, I'm going to try thinking about this as my job, and focus on working hard today on these twins. Let's see how that works!

Thanks for all the fabulous advice.

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