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preparing diapers for use

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i have been building my stash of diapers. most are either new or gently used but they vary. i need to get these ready for wear.
i need to know specifically:
how many times do i need to wash these?
can anyone recommend a detergent (reasonably priced?)
can anyone recommend where to get lanolin for wool?
what do you recommend for drying?
what do i need to do for hemp? organic?

anything re: washing/cleaning that i haven't asked, please let me know. this is the first time ive used cd's in 15 years and never cared for cd's like these before.

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Wash 3x on as hot of water as you can get, no soap to begin with and dry in a hot dryer. I use Sportwash for my dipes, because it keeps them stripped and "smell-free". Can't help with the other questions, so bumping it up.
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You will need to use a small amount of detergent for anything new that is made from cotton or hemp. These materials have natural oils on them, that if they aren't stripped prior to using will reduce the efficiency of their absorption. A good test for new products is to sprinkle a few drops of water on them once they've been washed and dried. Are they absorbed quickly or slowly? Or does it still repell any liquid? My partner Nicole has a wealth of information regarding washing diapers, you can contact her through our website (message me for the URL - since I don't have an ad. signature yet, I don't want to accidently break any rules!!! :-) )
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I wash with pretty much anything- purex, tide, gain, surf, all, whatever I am in the mood for.
Cold rinse, no soap, hot wash with soap, extra rinse, Dry on hot, or if its warm, put on the line. Simple! No special care needed for any of my hemp or organics.

www.monkeysudz.com is a good wool wash, or kookaburra wool wash, I am not sure where to get it though.
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proposed procedure

i have read that others put vinegar in the tide ball during the wash cycle. is this during the hot wash cycle and is it each time?

thus far, i am thinking of this procedure. please let me know what you think since i want to start on this right away (babe about a month away and i want to have the diapers ready).

diapers - all
cold rinse no soap
hot wash w/ small amt. of soap
extra rinse
dry all except the organic, hemp and AIOs or others that i am concerned about fading, etc. intend to hang these in the basement on a dryer stand since we will not be getting any sun for a long time.

wool soakers:
lanolizing inititally
washing in wool wash periodically

please give me your thoughts.
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was hoping to get a response from someone
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I had hoped you would as well as I am in the same boat.
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I add a few drops of lavendar oil to my wash to keep them smelling fresh. Works for me with no issue.
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I always put vinegar in with my diapers and have never had any stink issues and they always come out clean and residue free, I have mostly hemp diapers. I think it makes them cleaner too but that is just my opinion. I use really hot water too, I think that is the most important thing about making sure they are broken in because it helps remove the natural oils and cleans them better.

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also, how many times would you wash diapers in the beginnign? i have read anywhere from 3 to 6...and is this just wash or is it wash and dry that many times?
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pls i need answers!!! time is Running ou!!!!
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I am lazy, so personally I'd just take all of the diapers, toss them in and wash in hot with a small amt of detergent once. I'd wash again in hot with no detergent, then I'd dry them and then wash one more time with no detergent and dry again. Then I'd use them! Not sure if this is the "right" way or if there even is one, but that's what I'd do.
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this is what i am going to do! thanks to all and i hope this is all i need! it kills me to think of all this energy being used! but oh well...environmentally, its better in the long run!
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I washed and dryed my dipes 3x before using as well. Good luck!!
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After this intial "break in" phase, your cloth washing routine won't take up much energy and water to maintain your dipes.
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