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Congrats on your exercise program and progress towards better health.
I'm a big time runner. I love to get out on rocky, hilly, narrow trails and "get lost" just ambling around on different routes every day. I also do yoga and lift weights. I figured out I was pregnant when my runs started feeling "off". My breathing was more difficult, I didn't feel as steady and I was getting a slight nauseous feeling for about and hour after my run. This was probalby about 2 days after conception (OK so a bit later than that but it was before I missed my period).
My goal now is to run as much as I feel comfortable doing. My runs are slower, shorter and regretfully, I am choosing trails that have better footing and are more populated. I do get sore more often. I do have to push myself to get going sometimes. I listen to my body. If I am sore, I stop. I have always believed in that , pregnant or not. If I REALLY do not feel like going out, I listen to that. I have found in the past that I am more likely to sustain and injury on a day that I have forced myself out for a run. Your body is the best friend you have to gauge exercise intensity. Talk to your care provider about exercise and and your exercise partners. Both should be helpful with this but remember to listen to your body and the little life inside you. Side cramps mean too little oxygen. Slow down, breathe deliberately (in through your nose and out your mouth). Drink plenty of water, this will keep you cooler and feeling better.
I suspect that running will not be part of my life for too much longer during this pregnancy. I hope that I can continue through the autumn as it has always been my favorite time of year to run. I plan to increase my yoga as the running decreases. My weight training has slowed already. I decided not to push the weights any higher but to try to do a few more reps per set or sometimes slip in an extra set. This seems to be what my body seems to be happiest doing right now.
My advice, continue with your exercise. Listen to your body. If you are just making excuses not to do your exercise, try to motivate yourself. If you really don't feel like doing something or your body is sore, out of breath or heating up: slow down, take a break or stop. Be flexible in your exercise choices. Stationary bikes or other lower impact exercises may be a better choice if running becomes a problem. Doing something is key, increasing intensity may have to take a back seat while your body does other wonderful things.
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Originally Posted by akmeg
... If anyone would be interested in keeping sort of a running thread about exercising (no pun intended ) I'd be happy to have other people to share workout ideas with and ask questions to.

Happy healthy pregnancy!

If you do weight training, there's an article somewhere on here about training & pregnancy:

I'm planning on weight training for as long as I can this time around. See about getting a personal trainer at your gym who's experienced with weight training (or exercising in general) & pregnant women, particularly during the 2nd trimester. I'm planning on doing that. There's a female trainer at my gym who's OBVIOUSLY done a LOT of steroids in the past...so she obviously knows a lot about training...(maybe she hasn't used the best judgement in her past...) I've talked to her about training pregnant women & she's had lots of experience training them, so I'll get in touch w/her in about 8wks.

Of course, don't start something new & strenuous that you've never done before - i.e. begin weight training when you're a runner, or start training for a runner's marathon when you've only run after the ice cream truck. Yoga, stretching exercises, gentle dance classes (like bellydance), walking...all *should* be fine.

There might be a thread under "Fitness & Weight Management", and/or you can start a running thread about pregnancy & exercise there. I'll join in if you start one!
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[QUOTE=mountainsun]I heard a rec for GAIAM Prenatal Yoga - I have one of their videos, AM/PM yoga and it is great.


Shiva Rea also has a great prenatal yoga video...or if you search the yoga mama threads on the fitness board (I think we were discussing prenatal in the Sept. thread) several women had great reccommendations.

On a side note - my main concern w/ Curves is that the franchises vary widely in the knowledgability of their staffs. They generally (I have seen exceptions) don't require their staff to have any exercise certifications or training. They are basically just salespeople. Just my $0.02
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I have an eliptical machine at home which I will continue using. That along with walks with the dog and some yoga will be my program.
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With my last pregnancy I did Jazzercise 5 days a week. I started to do the low impact around month 7 because I was too tired to do the high. I stopped excerising completely around week 37...sleep was so much more important to me
With this pregnancy, I have been walking about a mile or so. Nothing too great. I feel like I need to get off my tush though & do something that makes me break a sweat...

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