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Does anyone know, especially the midwives out there, if it is common practice to test for listeria if a pregnant woman has any kind of intestinal virus?

I know a lot of people have been having "stomach bugs" these last few weeks. I had one on Christmas, and now, of course, my paranoid imagination runs away....
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Here is a link to an article on listeria at ParentsPlace.com:


This will give you some idea of the causes, symptoms & when you should have them checked out.
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I wish it had been when I had my ds. I had a horribly ill intestine with a fever during labor that the attending nurse described as "stomach flu" but then I got a letter when my ds was 2 weeks old that the pasturized cheese I had been eating had been found to be contaminated w/listeria - unfortunately, at that time it was too late for a culture (as I was finally well) to verify if it had been that or something else - meaning I could not report my illness to the cheese manufacturer and they were later able to say that "no illness" had been reported from the cheese

Are you still sick? If you got over the illness without any trouble to your pg, I would stop worrying, I don't think I've read of listeria coming back or causing trouble after the initial symptoms. If you are still sick, definately check with your midwife, I believe they told me it was just a stool sample they needed for the test.

Edited to say: After reading the CDC page (linked off the above link) it seems that the hospital staff did the best thing they could by pumping me full of antibiotics (partiallly at my insistance, I was sure being that sick could not be good for my baby while I labored), and I am very thankful he came out healthy, although he was whisked to the NICU to check him over. Also that it was a blood test to look for listeria, guess I got confused with something else we thought I may have had.
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Thanks so much for replying.

It's probably my paranoia. I didn't have the fever, chills, or muscle aches, just vomitting and diarrhea, and it was just a 24 hour type thing.

I have a midwife appt Friday afternoon, so I'll bring it up, but I imagine it's nothing to really worry about. I'm definitely being MORE careful about what I'm eating, though.
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