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Anyone having good days?

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I had a really good day as far as not feeling sick today. Anyone else have this yet? Kind of freaked me out. I've had a couple days of feeling ok. I'm trying to tell myself that it doesn't mean anythings wrong. Oh I hate the first trimester.
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Me me!! I had two days this weekend where I lived on the couch.. mainly cause I was beat from the week.. but lots of off and on nausea. Today.. really hungry.. but nausea was almost gone. I worked for 6 hours, then had a massage (love the benefits of my job!) then took a bath. I even sauteed the meat for spaghetti without feeling grossed out!
Trying not to worry.. Partially hoping to feel crappy tomorrow.. partially hoping that as I move into the 7th week, that I'll be feeling good more often.
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If you tend to feel well, is that a sign that something could be wrong? I have had NO nausea... and haven't been that tired. I've been thinking it is strange because I don't really feel pregnant, even though I'm over 7 weeks now.

But then again, with my first I didn't have much m/s either...
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Augustine - I haven't had any nausea yet either, and I'm about 6 weeks, so I'm sure we are fine and we should just count our blessings! But it does feel weird to not feel so different than usual/pre-pg. Mostly I feel the same as before pregnancy, only as if I was getting 3 hours a sleep a night (when I'm really getting 8 or more most nights).

I can deal with the fatigue if the m/s stays away! And the fatigue goes on and off, so YES i've had good days.
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I don't usually start the MS until about 8 weeks...so I have about three to go I guess.
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Me too! After the food poisoning last week, it was hard to tell what were preg symptoms and what were food poisoning symptoms. This week I've been sleeping a lot better and have generally felt more normal, and my DH has noticed I've been more "giggly" as he puts it...I've been obsessing about if everything is ok, too, I'm really glad I'm not the only one.

The only symptoms I have are a)bigger boobs as of today and ouch, sore! and b) i pass out early, but don't feel exhausted all day, you know? It might help that yesterday and today are fall break from school! That doesn't mean I'm in the mood to do more housework, so my house is still a pit! :LOL
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It's just weird. Sunday night I didn't feel good. Felt like I was going to throw up but didn't nor have I yet with this pregnancy. Then yesterday I felt good, no icky stomach no heartburn. I feel fine today too. I just keep telling myself to trust my body and that things with be ok, easier said then done. I don't have another appointment until Nov. 9th!
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Just hopping on to answer AugustineM's question -- it's a myth that if you don't feel crappy during the first trimester, something's wrong. The receptionist at my FP group told me I should be worried because I didn't have morning sickness when I was pregnant with Qualia; after a very freaked out visit with my FP, I wanted to go back out and smack her.

I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 10 weeks in. I had one negative pregnancy test at 4 weeks and a positive at 10 weeks (leading me to think I was only a few weeks along -- boy, was THAT a surprising u/s! :LOL ).

No morning sickness, no breast soreness . . . I felt fine. It happens sometimes.

. . .

Y'all are going to throw things at me now, aren't you?
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Originally Posted by earthmama369
Y'all are going to throw things at me now, aren't you?
Nah. I agree that sometimes your body just deals with things differently. This has been a VERY different pregnancy for me so far. I've never felt this sick before... With my 1st I was tired, with my second I had sore nips, but I think your body reacts individually with each pregnancy. Being healthy and feeling well doesn't mean something is wrong necessarily, any more than feeling like you got run over by a train means everything is just fine. Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can!
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OK I feel like crap tonight. Dh is out of town and my stomach is feeling mighty yucky!
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Just had my first midwife appointment and she said everything looks and seems fine. She said some women just don't get m/s, and it's totally fine. I'm 7 weeks and one day. My mom never got m/s with any of the three of us kids, so, I'm hoping I'm the same, since with DS1 I only ever felt a tiny bit yucky during the evenings for about a week. Crossing my fingers. Still feel fine but tired and extra hungry.
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feeling good here too. I wouldnt know that I was pregnant except for feeling a little tired. I have been babying myself and taking an almost daily nap. No really naseau except for today....ate way too much two meals in a row...I think in one day Im ready for this kid to start showing...ugg no more sucking it in! Other then that no real symptoms (a little light headed every once in a while, but I think thats from over working myself). Hope all of you get to feeling better soon!
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I would love to have a "good" day! Hasn't happened yet, though. The past two nights I have suddenly gotten VERY nauseous and stomach crampy right at bedtime, which makes it really hard to fall asleep. ugh.
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I feel wonderful lately except for being a wee bit tired and having boobs that are a wee bit sore. And it freaks me out. I know those of you with morning sickness are like "cry me a river", so I'm sorry for even complaining I don't have any reason to believe that anything's wrong with the baby, but I feel so normal that it is freaky.
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